Take me with you (harry styles love story)

Bethany has grown up with harry her whole life. Her brother braden and harry have been friends since they where five and she was four. Shes had a crush on him since they were kids and thinks he may have one on her to but doesnt want to push it. Harrys leaving for tour again in a week and he and braden go out to a party. After a tragic accident takes her brothers life she falls apart. Harry being her only true friend and having to leave her side when she needs him the most. With her father dead her brother now dead and her mom gone all the time she has no one left. Harry offers her to come along with him on tour. She quickly agrees. With harry along with zahn niall louis and liam she finds out what having true friends means and feels like she finally has a family while falling in love along the way.


1. chapter 1

 I wake up to screaming in the next room. All I could hear was screaming jumping and laughing. I looked at my clock to see that it was only three in the morning. I groaned and got up making my way to my brothers room. I open his door to see my brother and harry jumping on his bed smacking eachother with pillows. I can tell they are a little drunk.

 "Hey girls I'm sorry to interrupt your little sleepover but some of us are trying to sleep" I yell at them causing them to both look at me.

 "Aw only if I get to sleep with you tonight" harry says winking at me making me blush. 

My brother glares at him before knocking him with the pillow sending him off the bed and on the ground with a loud thump. I fell to the floor laughing as harry lay groaning on my brothers floor.

 "Stop flirting with my sister" my brother says laughing getting off his bed to open another beer.

 I was still on the floor laughing when harry got himself up grabbing a pillow sending me a mischievous look. Uh oh.

 I quickly get up as he dashes at me. Just as I was about to reach my door two strong arms wrap themselves around my waist. Harry smiles as he pushes me into the wall across from my room blocking off all of my exits. He places his hand on either side of the wall by my head smiling in triumph.

 "Move I want to go to bed" I say pouting. He just smiles and leans closer.

 "What do I get if I do" he asks leaning in closer making my breath hitch.

 He locks eyes with me as he slowly moves closer to me. I feel my heart skyrocket as his lips move so they are now centimeters from mine. I look up to meet his beautiful green eyes. His breath hits my lips which makes me shiver. He places his hands on my hips before pressing his forehead to mine. I close my eyes as he brushes his lips across mine. I let out a soft moan as volts of pleasure shoot through my body.

 I open my eyes for just a second to see his closed too. I shut my eyes as his lips came towards my lips. Just as his lips start to move onto mine I feel him pushed away by something. I open my eyes  to see harry groaning on the ground rubbing the spot where a pillow was just thrown at it and my brother standing down the hall laughing at his wonderful interruption.


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