i dont even know me

Dani's just a regular 14 year old girl; or so that's what she thinks. As many secrets that Dani has-she doesn't know the biggest one of all.....one that could change her life forever. Who is Dani? She doesn't know the tiniest bit about herself that she thinks she does.......


2. ||two||

Well to be honest i don't know why I'm still living in an attic. I've always wanted to go out and find my parents, I don't remember anything about them. When I think of family, all I hear is crying and I'm not sure why.

Anyway I've seen the people who live in the house below me. I stay directly on top of a little girls bedroom. I've always had the urge to go down and play with her because we like all the same things and she seems nice. Whenever they go out to drop their little girl to school, I quickly run out the door and get to school. If your wondering I cloned the house key so I can get in and out. My school doesn't have uniform so I'm lucky enough to get away without buying anything. I always miss parents evenings but it's not like anyone cares so I don't get caught.

You're probably wondering why I'm living in an attic anyway so here's why: Ever since I can remember I've always lived in this same attic, I'm not sure why and how but that's all I really know. The family obviously don't know I'm up here because if they did they'd probably throw me out. I'm quite scared of them already-I can always here shouting and loud sobs.

Once someone tried to get into the attic. I was so frightened, all I could hear was footsteps. I blocked the door off with some dusty boxes and hid behind some picture frames. Luckily I didn't get caught, although I did cough due to the dust that was sitting amongst the frames. I don't think they heard me tho because they just carried on talking to each other. I slowly took a peek of who they were and what they were doing. They seemed to be the parents of the little girl.

Then I suddenly saw a hand reaching towards me and out of shock I screamed. I realised what I had done and....I'm not sure but I think I fainted.

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