i dont even know me

Dani's just a regular 14 year old girl; or so that's what she thinks. As many secrets that Dani has-she doesn't know the biggest one of all.....one that could change her life forever. Who is Dani? She doesn't know the tiniest bit about herself that she thinks she does.......


1. ||one||

My names Dani if you didn't already know me-not that anyone really knows me anyway. I go to bridge-wood high but I hate it, I mean it is a good school but every time I walk in; I can just feel this shiver run across my body. I'm not sure why but I feel like I've been at bridge-wood high for ages when I only started last Tuesday. You know when people say they have no friends, they usually mean they only have a few but me on the other hand :$ well this is really embarrassing but I have no friends AT ALL....not even one. I feel like everyone ignores me(they probably do) but why? It's always been like that ever since year 1....actually I can't really remember year 1...I can only remember as far as year 9. Don't even ask I can't remember anything before year 9 and I'm in year 10 now. I think I just have a really bad memory.

I'm at school writing this(my journal-not a diary by the way; I just write in here when I have time). Last lesson was super embarrassing I felt like crying and I know you might think I'm a baby but seriously it was so awkward and ugh I can't even explain how I felt. We were in art and everyone had to get in groups to make a poster. I bet you can guess what happened....yeah I was in a group....with myself......is that even a thing. Anyway when I tried to tell my teacher that I didn't have a group, she totally ignored me! I mean I'm used to it but I don't get why everyone ignores me....even teachers! Am I that bad? I stood right in front of her and she looked right past me. I guess that's just how my new school was, they never even read out the register in lessons.

There's one thing you don't know about me though.......i live in a random family's attic.......and they don't know I'm there.

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