mystery house ??????:/

On a usual Tuesday night a 13 year old girl was walking home from the cinema alone. She decides to take the long way home and go through the woods.when she comes across an old abandoned , isolated house . What should she do? Should she go and explore? Or walk home ? Leave comments below


1. usual day at secondary school

It was just a usual Tuesday at secondary school when Lola got on the bus and sat next to her best friend ( Cathrin ). " hi Cathrin how is your day going?"said Lola with a sigh on her face." Not too bad " Cathrin replied. When they arrived at school , they went to since class . " oh no we have Mr. Boscastry " said Cathrin with a bit of anger in her eye . " It will be alright Cathrin " replied Lola

The two girls walked into the class room casually. "SIT DOWN IN YOUR SEETS GIRLS!!!!!" Screamed Mr. Boscasrty. The girls sat down at there wooden desks. After a hole hour of since Lola and Cathrin got there lunch. " well that the a bit dramatic " said Cathrin. " yeah, he'd never shouted at me like that before" said Lola with a sigh.

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