mystery house ??????:/

On a usual Tuesday night a 13 year old girl was walking home from the cinema alone. She decides to take the long way home and go through the woods.when she comes across an old abandoned , isolated house . What should she do? Should she go and explore? Or walk home ? Leave comments below


2. To the cinema

After Lola and Cathrin finished school they decided to go to the cinema. " Hey Cathrin do you want to go to the cinema with me?, I don't have to go straight home ." Asked Lola with a sigh of hope . " um...... Well ok then " replied Cathrin . Then they both went to the cinema. They decided to watch a comedy because they felt like it . They both came out of the cinema bursting out with laughter." HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!That was sooooo funny " said Cathrin while she was crying in laughter.

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