Moon in the day

Short story: what do you see when you look up? The sun, clouds, stars. Well i see through that past sky and into the soles of the people around me. When I'm with some one I can see right through them, I try not to but I can't help it.


1. Talking to the crystal girl

Her mind was so sad. It screamed at people to leave her alone and to see her at the same time. Her contradiction ripped her apart slowly thread by thread. Her cheeks where sunken in and her eye where glazed over, a sure sign of her daly overdoes of weed and crystal meth. You didn't even need to be a mind reader like me to see that.

People gave the girl a wide birth as if she could spit venom at the passers bye at any minuet. No one looked at her or smiled or hleped, she just sat there and looked at nothing in particular.

I watched the girl from my window seat in a cafe and I tried to understand her as much as possible without reading her thoughts. As I watched, the teenage girl got up from the doorway she was sitting in and walk across the street and into the cafe in which I sit. She plunges her hand into her pocket and pulls out a fist full of coppers. Slowly she counts the looking up at the prices for a cup of tea and then sighs when finds she doesn't have enough.

"I have a few pennys spear if you need them" I say just as she's about to walk out. She stops and frowns

" are you talking to me"

"Yes" I rummage through my bag and pull out two twenty pound notes and hand them to the girl

"Why would you give me this" she say eyeing the money carefully as if it would disappear if she took her eyes off it

"You need it more than me" I say and wave the money a bit telling her to take it. Gingerly she take the money and then says

"Do you want anything"

"Hot chocolate" I say with a grin and I watch as she orders two hot chocolates and lemon and poppyseed muffin. She then pays for her order and comes to sit at my table

"Seriously though" she says passing me one of the hot chocolates "why". I look down at my mountain of whipped cream that floats on the molten chocolate beneath and smile.

" If I told you the truth you would not believe me" I say and she frowns as she take I sip of her drink

"Try me"

"Okay... I can read your mind". The girl nods as if she's contemplating the fact

"Your right I don't believe you" she says and we both smile " okay if you can read my mined what am I thinking" I look deep on her eyes and I see her life

"Right now you are questioning my saintly but I seen in the back of your mine a great sadness. You are relived that now you have acquired forty pound you can get you'd next fix of Meth and weed. You where squatting in an abandoned flat a week ago with a boy two years older that you but you where court so your back on the streets. You get what money you can by begging and selling your body. Your mother is dead and your farther is a drunk" tears well up in the girls eyes but I carry on. " you have a brother that loves you dearly and you know it but won't go to him for help because you are embarrassed that you never got a job and a home like he did. You know he would help you but you don't want his money, you don't want his pity" a tear falls down the girls face and she stairs wide eyed at me

"Who are you!" She whispers

"I'm not mad I promise you that. What I am is a person who is trying to help you but I can't help you if you don't help yourself" he face doesn't move at all like she's paralysed "I know what you want to do with that forty pounds but what you need to do is take that forty quid and take the train to Scotland. Go to your brother." I take an two envelope from my pocket and put them on the table.

"I'm sorry if I upset you but you must listen to me" I slide one of the envelope to the girl "this contains your brothers address and one thousand pounds" her eyes widen even more and she places her hand over her mouth "and this" I say tapping the other that had a star drawn on it "I don't want you to open this envelope until you archive what you want in life and then contact me my email address is in there along with some other things you don't need to know yet"

"I can't- I can't"

"Yes you can" I say and physically put the envelops in the girls hand "please find your brother he will help"

"Thank you" she says "thank you so much" she takes the envelops and them she runs out the cafe call her thanks again and again

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