The life of Soup

This was my entry for a creative writing competition at school. We could basically write anything, but the theme had to be soup. Feedback is greatly appreciated, if possible!
*The two humans mentioned in this story are not my own characters, but belong to DragonSoulJess. You got your first fanfiction (kind of)!*


1. In which the narrator shall narrate

He had quite a good life, considering his situation. Every day, he would spend his time swimming around with his other friends, watching his world go by. Not that time went very quickly.

For most of his life, that was it – all day and every day. However, every now and then, something out of the ordinary would occur; an earthquake-like shudder, shaking everything about; noises from outside his confined home, scaring all who heard it; the smell of something unknown, which snuck through any gaps in the home, one which had failed to be completely sealed.

Needless to say, this caused quite some stress from his friends, but not him. No, it was clearly just a part of life something that was destined to happen. So, he went on with his average, repetitive life.

But then, one day, something happened. Something huge. It had been normal so far, in his house where time was non-existent, when they had another interruption – the biggest one yet, in fact. Though, this time, it didn’t stop. Instead, it went one step further, which they knew from the moment they could hear the sharp sound of something slicing into and damaging their home. He found out to what extent this damage was, when their roof was suddenly pried off by some invincible force.

Then, light illuminated the once-dark room, rendering everyone almost blind from this change. What was this unworldly occurrence? What would happen to him and his friends? Silence fell around him, as everyone waited to see if anything else would occur. The small shard of hope began to grow bigger inside of him. Could this whole ordeal be over? But, it was smashed to pieces when something peered at them. This being was like anything many of them had seen before, though some of them remembered these creatures from the past.

Humans, they were called. He remembered his earliest memories, living on the farm. The only other time he’d been exposed to this sort of light was after some of these humans had moved him from his home place, to the significantly smaller area he lived in now. How miserable they’d looked, drenched in a substance known as ‘rain’.

Yet, this human seemed to be different, with hair like white fire, contrasting with its golden eyes. Unlike those miserable beings on the farm, it had a fairly relaxed expression on its face. Quite surprising when it was currently cruelly separating him from his other friends, putting them in separate bowls.

He tried calling out to them, the others who had stayed with his for most of his life, but it was too late. He could practically hear them pleading and screaming for help, as they entered a box-like machine, but he couldn’t help. Then, silence from them. He could hear the beeping of the machine, but not his friends; he could only assume the worst.

As the human took it out, another one entered. He was a complete contrast of the first, with black hair, dark eyes and absolutely no expression. The first human handed the bowl with his friends in to the other one and it was taken away. Once the second one had left, the human turned to the bowl with him in it and picked it up.

He knew what was coming, as he drew nearer to the murder machine. Did he deserve this? Was this how everyone else he’d ever known would meet their demise? As the bowl he was in was put down inside and heat surrounded him, he just closed his eyes and waited for the end. Well, what could he do?

He was just a piece of carrot, in a bowl of soup.

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