Luke Hemmings | You&Me.

He took hold of my arm, like i was some kind of criminal.
His grip was hard and impossible to wrip me free from.
I guess this was just how my life was, i'd learned to live with the bruises and marks.
No matter what i said to my mom, she wouldnt believe her husband could be such a horrible man.
I couldnt do anything about it, until i met Lucas Robert Hemmings.
He showed me how life was suppose to be, how love felt.
I'd never let anyone in, he just kinda find a way by himself....


4. 5.



He held me tight into his chest.

We didnt say anything for a few minutes.

I just kept sniffing and crying, like i was some little girl.

I took a step back as he let go of me.

I looked up at him.

>I cant take it anymore, i dont want him in my life, but i want to stay with my mom as well<

He took my right hand, and smiled.

>Everything will be okay now, im here<

I smiled and hugged him as he put his left hand om my hair and held me tight again.

I was about to pull away, when i looked up at him and fell into a deep trance in his blue eyes.

He let his hand fell a little down, so his thumb was stroke on my cheek a few times.

He smiled and moved his head closer as he looked down at my lips.

I breathe heavy and did the same.


He pressed his lips against mine, and started pushing his tongue inside my mouth.

I started fighting with his tongue and watched him close his eyes as i did the same.

He held my head tight, and moved his head a bit to the other side as he kept having a fight with my tongue.

I let go of his right hand, and wrapped both of my arms around his neck and kept on kissing him.


I opened my eyes, and pulled away as he did the same.

I slowly took a step back, and smiled as i pushed a bit of my hair behind my left ear.

>Come with me to the party<

i smiled.


i didnt even think about my mom in the second i said it.

I didnt even care, i wanted to be with him before my mom would pull me with her to a new house and start at a new school all over again.


>Lets go right now<

I kept smiling and nodded.

He took my hand and pulled me with him towards the party at his friend Ashton's house.


We got to a huge house with alot of drunk people and loud music.

Luke looked back at me, to chech if i was still with him.

He held tight around my hand and smiled as he pulled me with him through all the drunk people.

We got inside and walked towards the livingroom where i saw a few guys stand and drink a beer as they laughed.

Luke pulled me up besides him and help around my waist.

>Hey guys<

The 3 guys turned around and hugged Luke as they smiled.

>Uhm, this is Jadalynn<

They guys smiled at me and waved nicely.

>Jade, this is Ashton, Calum and the guy smiled like an idior at you is Michael<

I smiled at Michael and waved.


Ashton drank a huge sip of his beer and his smile got huge.

>Lets get you guys a drink!<

I looked worried around, and pulled in Luke's arm so he would look at me.

He turned his face towards me and smiled.

>Whats wrong?<

I sighed.

>I've never been to a party before<

He looked serious at me.

>Seriously? So you've never been drunk?<

I shoke my head, and looked down.


He held my chin and pushed up my head so i looked into his eyes.

>Its okay Jade, its not that bad<

I nodded and smiled as Ashton gave me a cup with beer in it, or i think it was beer. 


I couldnt stop thinking about the kiss.

It was my first ever kiss from someone who wasnt Bruce....

It felt weird, enjoying it i mean.

I'd never enjoyed a kiss before.




After 2 hours of something, i was pretty wasted.

cus you know, it was my first time drinking.

I couldnt think clear, and kept on dancing.


I stopped for a second, and looked at Luke.

He was sitting on a table, a few meters from me and he smiled.

He watched me, while i started dancing towards him.

He shoke his head, as i took his hand and pulled him with me towards the dancefloor.

>Nooo Jade, i cant dance<

I bite my lower lip and started dancing infront of him as i started dancing in a sexy way and rubbed my ass up against his penis several times.

He smiled, and giggled alittle.


>J, what are you doing?<

I giggled, and let myself grap his chest and slowly slide my hands down and grap his penis a bit.

He smiled.

>J, im not sure, thats a good idea<

I bite my lower lip and smiled at him.

>But i do<

I looked up at him and grapped a little harder, when he took a step back.

>No Jadalynn!<

I stopped dancing.

>Fine, you dont find me attractive<

He sighed and followed me as i started walking outside fast.

>Jadalynn, wait. I didnt mean it like that<


He grapped my hand, and made me turn around and face him.

He looked worried at me.

>Let me go Luke<

I looked down at his hand around my wrist and then up at him.

>Im sorry Jadalynn, i just didnt think it was the right time<

I looked down.

>For once in my life, i actually wanted to have sex with someone, instead of being threatend into it<

Luke looked scared and serious at me.

>What? J, have you been raped?<

I looked mad up at him and pulled my arm out of his hand.


>Have been? I am still being raped. Every single day. Against my will<

I turned around and suddently i felt Luke grapping my wrist again and this time he held tight.

>What? Jadalynn. You have to tell your mom ot the cops!<

I started crying and faced him again.

>I tried telling my mom, she thinks im a liar. She rather believes her boyfriend than her own daugther<

He looked into my eyes.

>Then tell the cops<

I shoke my head.

>No! If i do, Bruce will go to jail, and my mom will send me away. I dont want to lose her Luke, dont you get it?<

He didnt say anything.

>I dont want to get sended away from her, she is all i have left<

I pulled my arm out of his grip and ran home without looking back.



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