Luke Hemmings | You&Me.

He took hold of my arm, like i was some kind of criminal.
His grip was hard and impossible to wrip me free from.
I guess this was just how my life was, i'd learned to live with the bruises and marks.
No matter what i said to my mom, she wouldnt believe her husband could be such a horrible man.
I couldnt do anything about it, until i met Lucas Robert Hemmings.
He showed me how life was suppose to be, how love felt.
I'd never let anyone in, he just kinda find a way by himself....


27. 28.

>>Jadalynn’s POV<<

I woke up.

A weird beeping noise was the only sound in the room.

Where was I?

This wasn’t the hotel room?

The last thing I remember is Luke coming in and I fell asleep on his chest.


The door opened up, and a man in a white kittle smiled at me.

>Oh great, you’re awake<

I looked weird at him.

>Where am I? <

The man giggled.

>You’re in a hospital, my name is Erik Queens, I’m a doctor<

I got huge eyes, looked around the room again.

My stomach started hurting, and the cramps came back.

>Auch! <

Erik walked closer, and put a hand on my stomach.

My stomach started burning.

>Stop, it hurts really bad<

He sighed, and looked at my papers.

>We ran some tests, and the results will be ready later today. Don’t worry miss<

 He smiled, and walked out of the room.


The window in the wall, made it possible for me to watch as people walked pass my room.


I spotted Michael, and waved my hands.

He noticed, and looked through the window as he smiled and then ran away.

>No wait! Urgh<

I sighed, as I ran my fingers through my hair.

Before I knew it.

Luke, Calum, Ashton and Michael came running into the room.


>Jadalynn! <

Luke lighted up and smiled at me as he ran towards my bed and kissed my forehead.

>Hey guys<

The other guys walked closer and hugged me tight.

>You scared us so bad<

I looked weird at them.

>What happened? I can’t remember anything after I fell asleep last night<

Luke sat down next to me in a chair, while the other guys sat down on a bench arcos the room.


>I woke up from the sound of you throwing up and ran to the bathroom. Your mouth was covered in blood, and so was the toilet<

I looked scared at Luke.

>I tried to keep you calm, but then you pasted out in my arms<

I took hold of Luke’s hand.

>The ambulance got there in time, and we all went to the hospital<

Luke picked up our hands, and kissed the top of my paw.

>Do you want some Water, Juice or something? <

Luke smiled at me.

I nodded.

>Some Apple Juice please<

Luke nodded, as he walked out the room and closed the door behind him.


Ash, Calum and Michael looked at me.

>Luke hasn’t been asleep since we got to the hospital 3 days ago<

Michael looked down.

I got huge eyes, and ran my fingers through my hair.

>Is he okay? <

Calum pulled his shoulders.

>We have no idea<


After that, Luke came back with a whole bottle of apple juice.

>Here you go baby<

He handed me the bottle, and kissed my cheek before he sat down in the chair again.


I looked at him.

>Luke, are you okay? <

Luke smiled and nodded.

>I am now<

I smirked, as I opened up the bottle and took a zip.


The door opened up, and in came Erik the doctor.

>I have the results here<

I smiled and looked up at him.


>You have Cancer, and I’m sorry but at the moment there is nothing we can do to help<

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