Luke Hemmings | You&Me.

He took hold of my arm, like i was some kind of criminal.
His grip was hard and impossible to wrip me free from.
I guess this was just how my life was, i'd learned to live with the bruises and marks.
No matter what i said to my mom, she wouldnt believe her husband could be such a horrible man.
I couldnt do anything about it, until i met Lucas Robert Hemmings.
He showed me how life was suppose to be, how love felt.
I'd never let anyone in, he just kinda find a way by himself....


21. 22.


>Where is Jadalynn? <

I sighed as I took hold of my guitar and looked at Calum.


Michael looked weird at me.

>It got late last night<

Ashton looked at me with a dirty look on his face.

>Oh did you guys have sex? <

I shoke my head fast.


Calum looked weird at me.

>You guys have been together for a while now, and you still haven’t had sex? <

I shoke my head slowly.

>Is she a virgin? <

I ran my fingers through my hair and sat down in a beanbag chair.

>In a way<

The other guys sat down and looked at me.

>She uhm got raped a bunch of times by her mom’s husband<

The guys got huge eyes.

>What? <

I looked down and sighed.

>So what happened last night? <

I took a deep breath and looked up at the guys looking at me with all their attention.

>We started kissing, and I starting fingering her and all that, and uhm then she suddenly starting screaming telling me to stop and go away and she cried<

Calum looked at me with huge eyes.

>I paniced and stopped touched her<

Ashton ran his fingers through his hair, and looked at me.

>Wait, so you guys will never have sex? <

I lifted my shoulder, cus to be honest, I didn’t know if she would ever be able to have sex ever again.


After a few hours of practice, I chose to go back to check up on Jadalynn.

I got into the room, and looked at the bed.

She wasn’t there.

I looked around the room, but I couldn’t find her.

>J? <

No respond.

>Jada? <

Still no answer, as I ran around the room looking for her…

>Jadalynn!? <

I couldn’t find her anywhere in the room.

Maybe she was downstairs?

I sighed, as I walked out of the room and as I was about to walk down the stairs, I remembered where to find her.


I walked towards the balcony, and watched Jadalynn standing up against the fence.

I slowly kissed her on the shoulder, and wrapped my arms around her waist from behind.

>I’m so sorry Luke<

I shoke my head a little.

>Don’t be, we talked about this. It’s fine<

She turned around, and looked up at me.

>I love you so much Luke, and I want to be able to have sex with you<

I smiled.

>But I was serious when I told you that I wasn’t ready for sex yet<

I nodded, and pressed my lips against hers.

>Wanna do something? <

She smiled, and nodded as I pulled her with me inside our room again.

We cuddled up in the bed, and tried to relax.

>Have you talked to your grandparents? <

She sighed.

>No, Frank and Lola are on vacation, in Italy. I don’t think they will be back for a while<

I smirked, as I kissed Jadalynn’s forehead.


The TV filled the room with sound, as I ran my hands up and down Jadalynn’s forehead as she was laying in my chest.

>Do you know how much I love you Jadalynn? <

She didn’t answer, so I stopped touching her.

>Jada? <

I lifted my head a little so I could look at her face.

She was asleep.

She fell asleep on my chest, she must really have been tired.


Someone knocked on the front door, and before I could even say anything.

Michael walked in.

>Hey I was thinking…<

He smiled, as he walked towards me.

>Shhh be quiet, Jada just fell asleep<

Michael looked confused at me and whispered.

>Are you guys joining us for dinner later? <

I smirked.

>Yeah, I guess we are<

Michael looked down at Jadalynn sleeping on my chest.

>She looks just as beautiful as when she is awake<

I smiled and stroke her hair.


Michael smiled and walked closer.

>You really love her, huh? <

I smirked and moved some of her hair from her forehead.

>She Is my everything<

Michael smiled and nodded.

>I sure hope she feels the same way<

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