Luke Hemmings | You&Me.

He took hold of my arm, like i was some kind of criminal.
His grip was hard and impossible to wrip me free from.
I guess this was just how my life was, i'd learned to live with the bruises and marks.
No matter what i said to my mom, she wouldnt believe her husband could be such a horrible man.
I couldnt do anything about it, until i met Lucas Robert Hemmings.
He showed me how life was suppose to be, how love felt.
I'd never let anyone in, he just kinda find a way by himself....


18. 19.


Today was 5 seconds of summer’s last show in Perth, before continuing their tour.

I had no idea how to feel anymore.

I’d said no to Luke, I think with his charm he had already found someone new.

Maybe I wasn’t meant to be with him, I mean I really was messed and fucked up.

Why would he want me?

A rape victim, a mess and a disaster as a human.

He deserved so much better than what I had to offer him.


Maybe I should go to the concert, just to say goodbye for good.

I mean I could at least be there and say goodbye for real.

My head was yelling no, but my heart was screaming yes…


I had to go.


I quickly looked at the time and felt like I was late.

7.30 pm.

The show started in 30 minutes!


I quickly hurried to get some human clothes on and brushed my hair.

The short hair was easy to style, cus I just kinda had to push it back.

I looked into the mirror, and saw the same little scared girl I saw before I had to move to Perth and leave Luke for good.

Or I thought I had to.

I guess now it really was the end.


I quickly got to the concert and looked at the time.

8.15 pm.

The show had already started…

How was I supposed to get in now?

The doors were closed, and the sound of screaming fans wasn’t making anything better.

Right when I thought it was too late, a guy walked towards me.

>Jadalynn, right? <

I quickly looked at the man and smiled.

>Ashton, Michael and Calum told me to wait out here for you, they knew you would show up<

I smiled and breathe.

The man showed me the back door and told me to go wait in Luke’s dressing room.

I smiled and thanked the man before going into the room with LUKE standing on the door.



I looked around the room, as I thought about what to say to Luke.

How did you tell the only guy you’ve ever loved, that you had to say goodbye?

Maybe I shouldn’t say goodbye, but just ask him to be my friend?

But then again, I couldn’t trust him; he turned Bruce in to the police and made me move away…


I looked at a picture Luke had hanging on his mirror.

It was a picture of me, him and the guys.

I think it was the only picture I’ve ever taken with them all.

I caught myself smiling, and pushed some of my hair behind my left ear.


I quickly turned around, and saw a sweaty and tired Luke standing in front of the door with a smile on his face.


He smiled and wiped his forehead with a towel.

He threw the towel on a chair, and walked closer towards me.

>I didn’t think I would ever see you again<

I slowly nodded and tried to pull a smile.

>Ash, and the other guys got someone to get me in<

Luke smirked and walked faster towards me, as he wrapped his arms around my waist and held me tight.

I could smell him sweating, but it didn’t matter.

I wasn’t going to judge.


>Luke I have to talk to you<

Now was the time.

I had to say goodbye.

>What is it? You know you can tell me anything, I love you<

In the same second he said that, everything I’d been thinking about since that other day where we fought, disappeared.

>I love you too<

I looked into his eyes, and forgot all the bad things that had happened between us.


All the reasons why I shouldn’t be with him.

>Go with me on tour<

My heart stopped.


Could I actually go with him on tour?

What if I would just get in his way of having fun?

I didn’t want to be the reason; he hated the tour they had been dreaming about for years.

>Luke, i...<

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