Luke Hemmings | You&Me.

He took hold of my arm, like i was some kind of criminal.
His grip was hard and impossible to wrip me free from.
I guess this was just how my life was, i'd learned to live with the bruises and marks.
No matter what i said to my mom, she wouldnt believe her husband could be such a horrible man.
I couldnt do anything about it, until i met Lucas Robert Hemmings.
He showed me how life was suppose to be, how love felt.
I'd never let anyone in, he just kinda find a way by himself....


15. 16.


I didn't know if I was ready for this gig / concert thing...

I had to sing Amnesia, the song that reminded me of Jadalynn, the most...


I walked down the halls, of the concert thing as I looked down. trying to get my shit together.

Suddently I bumped into something.

and whatever it was, It fell.


I shoke my head and looked down at the girl lying on the floor.

She had short brown hair and she was wearing a dark blue dress with flowers on it.

I reached out for her hand, and she looked up at me.


I couldn't believe it!?

It was her!

but what had happened to her beautiful long strawberry blond hair?


>Are you okay?<

I helped her up, and starred at her.

>I'm fine, Luke.<

She looked up at me and sniffed like she had a cold or something.

>What happened to your hair?<

She smiled.

>I got a haircut and a coloring just after I moved to town<

I ran my right hand through her hair and smiled at her.

>You look beautiful<

She looked down.

>I'm sorry I didn't say goodbye, before I left...<

I moved my hand to her chin and lifted her head up, so she was facing me again.

I couldn't stop smiling.

>J. I'm the one who should say that I was sorry. I ruined everything<

She shoke her head.

>Luke, you didn't ruin anything. You saved me<

I looked down.

>You're my hero<

She took my hand and held tight around it.


>How is your mother doing? I haven't seen her in Sydney lately<

She looked down, and sighed.

>She uhm, she past away<

I held even tigther around her hand.

>Im sorry J.<

She smirked.

>Its okay, im over it<

I nodded.


>Its amazing, how you guys got so far with the band, I never doubted you<

I giggled and pulled her into my arms, so I was hugging her.

>What happened to your hand?<

She took hold of my hand and looked weird up at me.

>Oh uhm, I smashed it into a light pole right after you left<

She started laughing.

>God, I've missed your cute british laugh so much<

She looked up at me and smiled.

>I've missed you too<

She wrapped her arms around my neck as I wrapped mine around her waist.

I held her tight into my chest, as if I never had to let her go again.


She smelled so amazing.

I don't think i'd ever met a girl who smelled that much as vanilla.

I could just stay right here, all day.



I looked at Jadalynn and sighed.

>I better go get ready<

She nodded.

>Hey, I just had an idea! Come with me backstage!<

She smiled.

>Uhm, I have a friend with me?<

I giggled.

>Go get her!<

Before I knew it, Jadalynn came back with a black haired girl who wouldn't stop smiling and starring at me.


I looked scared at Jadalynn.

She took hold of her friend's shoulder and made her calm down.

>Yes I'm Luke, and whats your name?<

She took a deep breath.

>My name is Mary<

I smiled.

>Its nice to meet you Mary, now lets get you guys backstage<

Mary made some weird iiiiiih noice and followed me and Jadalynn behind the stage.


I couldn't believe I had actually found Jadalynn again...

She was right here, in Australia.

I thought she would be over all the seas now...


Maybe I should ask her to go with me on tour?

Maybe she would love to come with me, but then again..

What if she hated the idea of traveling the world and playing music?


I guess I just had to let the time show me what to do.


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