Luke Hemmings | You&Me.

He took hold of my arm, like i was some kind of criminal.
His grip was hard and impossible to wrip me free from.
I guess this was just how my life was, i'd learned to live with the bruises and marks.
No matter what i said to my mom, she wouldnt believe her husband could be such a horrible man.
I couldnt do anything about it, until i met Lucas Robert Hemmings.
He showed me how life was suppose to be, how love felt.
I'd never let anyone in, he just kinda find a way by himself....


12. 13.



>Everything will be okay now<

I smiled, as my grandma hugged me and smiled.



The other end of Australia.

So far away from Luke...


I missed him so much, but i also hated him for doing what he did.

I wondered how he was doing.

I had no idea, who i wanted to be now.

The bad chapter of my life was over.

I actually felt save for once in 10 years.


I looke at myself in my huge mirror in my new yellow room.

It was covered in butterflies...

I liked butterflies, and yellow so i guess my room wasnt that bad.

I needed a makeover.

I'd looked the same for almost 11 years now.

I needed some kind of change.


I took hold of a little piece of my strawberry blond hair and sighed.

I needed a new hair color.


I walked downstairs and walked into the kitchen were my grandpa was reading his news paper.

>Frank? Can i borrow 25 bucks?<

My grandpa looked up at me and smiled.

He pulled his wallet up from his back pocket and pulled out a 50 bucks.

I shoke my head.

>Oh no no no no, i just need a haircut and some color<

He smiled at me.

>Its okay Jadalynn, you can have the 50 dollars and please call me grandpa<

I nodded, smiled and took the 50 bucks from the table.

<Thank you grandpa<

He smiled, nodded and went back to reading his paper.


I sighed, as i walked out the frontdoor, and towards my new bike, my grandparents had bought for me.

It was blue.

I actually liked it.


I got to the mall, and locked my bike.

I sighed, as i looked at the building filled with strangers.

I walked inside and found a cheap hairdresser.


I got inside and sat down in a chair, as a yound lady walked towards me and smiled.

>What can i help you with today miss?"

I smiled and showered her, a hairstyle.

It looked like the one that girl hazel grace in the fault in our stars had. 

The lady smiled and nodded at me as she ran her fingers threw my strawberry blond hair.

>You know what? I think it would look perfect to you with some dark brown hair< 

I smiled at her.

>Go for it<

She smiled at me and started cutting my hair.

I looked at every single hair fall to the floor, as my hair got shortter and shortter.


After a few mintues the woman looked at me.

>I havent seen you here before. are you new or something?<

I smiled.

>Yeah, i just moved her. Im Jadalynn<

The woman smiled again and kept cutting my hair.

>Im Wonnie<

I nodded, and looked down at my phone.

 5SOS had updated on twitter.


I was glad, that Luke and his friends finally had been seen.

Cus they played amazing.


It had been 2 weeks since i'd seen Luke for the last time.

I really wanted to see how he was doing, but then again i still hated and hated and hated him for taking me away from my mom.

I mean it was all my fault.

I wondered how my mom was doing.

Maybe she missed me as much as i missed her.

I hoped so.

I wanted to call her when i got home.

It couldnt be that long.


After an hour, the lady smiled at me and nodded.

>Youre done<

I smiled and looked in the mirror.


I looked amazing.

I'd never known that i would look good with short hair.

I was happy about this change.

Maybe i could be a better person in his town.

Do something good for someone.


I paid and walked out towards my bike again.

I looked around the huge parkingload as i sighed and breathe the clear air.


I got back to Frank and Lola's place in a hurry.

I really wanted them to see my hair and my mom too.

I was going to facetime her after i showed my grandparents.


I got inside and ran towards the livingroom.

The house was quiet.


I got into the livingroom and smiled as much as i could over my new hair,

but then i saw the look on my grandparents face.

I stopped feeling good.


My grandma was crying.


>Whats going on?<

Frank looked at me and sighed.

>Jadalynn, sit down<

I walked towards them and sat down in a huge chair.

>What happened?<

My grandpa looked at my grandma and sighed.

He took hold of her hand and looked back at me.

>You're mom is dead<


Right in that second.

My heart stopped.






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