Don't Forget Where You Belong

Ashley and her bestfriend were in a 5sos consert and her bestfriend was going to the bathroom and never came back, and she wasn't there when Ashley checked out where her bestfriend was, and then some clumsy guy spilled soda all over Ashley. It's not enough words to describe this fanfiction! Okay this is pretty drama mama fanfic ;)


4. Chapter 4

When we got home I just wanted to run into my room but hell nooh "Ashley? Come here" my mom says trying to sound calm.

"No leave me alone"

"Ashley I won't ask you again"


"Don't ever do that again!!"

"Mom I'm not a freaking baby anymore, Get over it"

"Do you think this is funny??"

"Nah, I'm just too tired to have a fight" by the way my mom yells of every random shit.

"Okay Ashley first things first I'm just thinking of your best"

"Yeah right, by yelling at me all the time?! Uh-hu?? Suuure"

"Ashley I never yell at you, I may just say with a little louder voice there is a difference!!"

"Not when it's youuh" oh damn why did I say that she is going to crack okay now it comes...


"Okay mommy gotta calm dooown, Ash not like iiit"


*Phone Rings*

"Oh why now!! Hello?" My mom says with her red tomato head.

I went to my room and locked the door, and it started to come tears, because my whole life I have been yelled, And I couldn't take it anymore.

"You've got to be who you are, and not be scared... Be strong"

It felt like he tweeted just for me, The clock was only 3.41AM

I logged in my we heart it @FangirlAndGoingCrazy, my name is little weird but I don't really care.

I went to see if there was some new interesting pictures then I saw a photo of me and calum, it was a photo taken just before all the soda was spilled all over me.

And the next thing the photo is everywhere in we heart it.

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