Don't Forget Where You Belong

Ashley and her bestfriend were in a 5sos consert and her bestfriend was going to the bathroom and never came back, and she wasn't there when Ashley checked out where her bestfriend was, and then some clumsy guy spilled soda all over Ashley. It's not enough words to describe this fanfiction! Okay this is pretty drama mama fanfic ;)


3. Chapter 3

Ashleys Pov

Ashton asked the taxi chauffeur to drive us back where our tour bus was, I couldn't be without thinking what happend or where my parents are.

Luke comes to sit beside me. " Hey Ashley, I'm sure they are okay" he said smiling

I kind of just smiled back to him,

"Hey guys I'm going out to get some fresh air"

"Okay" all the boys answered... Except Michael because he was so focussed on what he was playing.

I went outside, there was a park pretty close, so I went there. And sat on the bench just sitting there thinking.

Then I heard someone coming, It was... It was my mom..?!!?"

"MOM??!" I went to hug her.

She didn't answer anything so i asked if everything was okay.

"Everything is okay, now that I know you're fine" she said tears falling of her eyes.

"Where have you been?" My mom said really worried, actually I could ask her the same thing... -.-

"Oh umm I was with the boys of 5 seconds of summer, you know? The bands concert I was in"

"Could I please see these boys?"

"Okay,sure why not"

I showed where the boys tour bus was and she asked me to wait outside, so I just... Agreed

Calums Pov

"Hi I'm Ashleys mom"

"Hi I'm Ashton the drummer"

"And I'm Lu..."

"I don't give a fuck who you guys are! Okay? So just stay aw..." Ashleys mom said when Michael cut her of

"Okay listen, We didn't do anything" Michael said slowly.

"We were just trying to help your daugher" I said little scared she would start to yell at us...

Ashleys Pov

I was going to in to see how my mom got along with the boys and then I hear yelling "you guys stay away from my daughter you are never gonna talk to her or ta..."

I couldn't handle it anymore I had to tell mom that they didn't do anything wrong, So I got in and said.

"Mom!! Listen th.."

"Ashley I told to you to wait outside!!" She said with her head getting red like a tomatoooh

"Mom listen they didn't do anyth..."

"Okay boys stay away from her, come on Ashley lets go"

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