Don't Forget Where You Belong

Ashley and her bestfriend were in a 5sos consert and her bestfriend was going to the bathroom and never came back, and she wasn't there when Ashley checked out where her bestfriend was, and then some clumsy guy spilled soda all over Ashley. It's not enough words to describe this fanfiction! Okay this is pretty drama mama fanfic ;)


2. Chaper 2

After Calum helped me, I said

"I should probably go home, my mom must be really worried"

"Can't you just call her you are alright and then just say you come tomorrow morning" Luke said.

"Yea It's pretty late anyway" Ashton said, smiling.

Well you know you cant really so no to Ashtons cute smile and just agreed, but phones battery was dead.

"Umm... My phones battery is dead" I said with my eyes getting wet.

"Oh don't worry Michael can probably find a phone charger" Ashton said giggling.

Michael screams from the other room,

"Yes, what phone do you have???"

Next day

I woke up pretty early, first I kind of totally freaked out where was I, So I just started to look around.

And then I rememberd that I was on the 5sos boys tour bus, then I saw Ashton making a sandwich.

He just kind of sang there guietly "If you wanna be mah lovah you gottah get with mah freendsh"

I couldn't be without smiling, he was just so adorable.

Then he sat on the couch and took his phone and said "Hi keek, how ya doing? All the boys are just sleeping and.."

Then Ashton saw me trough the camera, then he just blushed and put his phone on the table and came over to me.

"How long have you been awake?" He said giggling.

"Well I just woke up"

"Alright cool, have your mom answered anything yet?"

"Surprising not..?" I answered worried.

"Well we can drive you home, or actually I can because the boys always wake up so late and it's only 9.53AM"

"Okay sure"

In the cab

"How old are you?" He asked

"Umm... Well 18, and uh... My birthday is tomorrow"

"Oh cool"

Ashton whispers something to the taxi chauffeur

"I'll be right back, It will just take a minute" he said to me.

I didn't really know why he had to go on the morning to the store, because he didn't say anything that he needed to go to the store.

He came with flowers, they were pink. Then he just came in the car, and smiled really big.

"Happy Birthday, Even tho it's not today, but because we'll never see each other again" he said smiling.

"Th.. Thanks" I said blushing.

Ashtons Pov

She looked so cute when se blushed, I mean I've never been falling for anyone this fast, but just her brown hair, and those amazing green eyes...gosh I really like her.

wanted so badly see her again, I wanted really badly give her my kik name so I could talk to her sometimes again...

"This is it, this is my house" Ashley said, her eyes lightning up.

"Alright cool, I'll come with you"

"Why?" Ashley said confused.

"Just to make sure you get in"

She blushed and said "Sure"

She knocked on the door, no one comes to open. She tries again, no answer to it either.

She tried to call her mom, no answer, what happend? Why didn't they answer?

A tear fell of her eye. "Ashley come here" and I hugged her to make her feel better. "Sorry" she said with a shaky voice.

"It's okay"

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