Don't Forget Where You Belong

Ashley and her bestfriend were in a 5sos consert and her bestfriend was going to the bathroom and never came back, and she wasn't there when Ashley checked out where her bestfriend was, and then some clumsy guy spilled soda all over Ashley. It's not enough words to describe this fanfiction! Okay this is pretty drama mama fanfic ;)


1. Chapter 1

Ashleys Pov

"Ashleeey wake up!!!!" My bestfriend Beth screamed in my ear and jumped all over my bed.

"What?!! I was actually trying to sleep!!" I said with a annoyed voice.

Beth slapped me with her pillow and said "You lil dumbass, don't you remember??!!"

"What?!! And anyway why are you up so early?!" I said with a serious voice.

"Seriously?! You little potato it's 5sos consert todaaayy!!!" She said laughing.

Then it became this awkward silence... Then I took fast my pillow and slapped her face and she slapped back with her pillow...

Then we started this huge pillow fight and began to tickle each other. And just laughed so it came tears out of our eyes and couldn't stop laughing.

Then my mom rushes into my room and says with a little annoyed voice "Girls please be little more quiet it's only 8:24 PM, you can go with Bruno (our dog) out for a walk"

We agreed and took Bruno quickly and when we came out we just laughed so hard it almost hurted your stomach.

When we came home we just got ready for the consert and ate breakfast and then just went out to the park for a while

After The Consert

"OMG ashleey It was so fun, I'm just gonna go to the bathroom, I'll be right back" So I'll just wait here then I guess....

It had already taken over 15 minutes for her to be in the bathroom, I started to get worried, so I just went up to go in the bathroom.

But there was no one in the bathroom, Then I got really worried, so I started to overthink about everything like 'did she leave me?' Or 'is she just playing around to annoy me'

Then I saw a brunette girl with some blonde strikes, just like Beth has, so I ran into her but then I ran into some guy who spilled soda all over me.

"Oh my god I'm so sorry" he said with a familiar voice I had heard before, and before I realized it was calum.

So I looked slowly up to him, and gosh I just kind of stared at him...

"Umm... Are you okay" calum said giggling

"Umm, I think so yes" I said blushing.

"I'll help you just follow me" he said smiling.

And I basically just followed him, and the next thing I know I'm in the boys tour bus.

It was little dark so I couldn't really see so good and the clock was 9.37AM. Then I hear the other boys come in.

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