Death is just the beginning


2. home for the holidays

December 10 2014 Dear diary,

Coming home for the holidays. Not my favorite thing in the world, definetly not in the top ten, or twenty, or maybe even fifty, yet here I am, sophomore in high school, returning home from boarding school, and not looking forward to it.

"Come on move you lazy ass"

"Can't you just cross over, I thought I was done with you" I shivered in the cold New York winter air.

"That's not very nice" I turned angrily towards my brother, his pale face grinned at me as I sighed in exasperation. I had helped many spirits cross over, mainly because once they found out I could see them they wouldn't leave me alone. I pressed my phone to my ear, so I could pretend to talk to someone.

"No really, I love you and you know that. It's just that why are you still here. You don't need to stay for me" This argument came up every time I came home for the holidays, my dead brother following loyally behind me.

"Because I am not ready. There is one more thing I need to do. I'm not ready" He choked on his words, his translucent eyes full of pain.

"You've explained this to me. As my older brother, by eight years-"

"Was. I was your brother. You're older than me. I died, I'm gone. You can't forget that, okay?" now I was about to cry, I hated this conversation. It didn't feel like he was dead. It always seemed so unreal, that he was here. But he wasn't he was actually gone. I turned down an empty alley and faced him.

"But you're not, you are here and all of these people are here and they all talk to-"

"Put the phone up to your ear and turn around" I did as I was told and turned to face a pale guy around my age with short brown hair, a really close buzz cut. He was attractive, but his eyes looked void of almost all emotion.

"Alex?" he questioned.

"Do I know you?" I responded hesitantly, I was in a alley in New York City, naturally a creep would find me.

"I'd hope so" he smiled, and it hit me. The brown hair, the hesitant smile, the barrier between him and the world. This was Luke, the guy who saved me from the river, the one who saved my life.

"I'll leave you guys alone" I resisted a much needed eye roll as my brother began to leave.

"Is that?" I smiled in confusion, "Is that him?" I turned around to shoot my brother a curious glance. Suddenly Luke boldly walked up to my brother, my brother shooting me a concerned glance.

"I don't know why you're haunting her. Leave her alone, she can't help you. Just cross over, you are not needed here" my brother and Luke crossed their arms in unison, which looked ridiculous. Lets be clear, as I grew older my dead brother didn't. He acted older but he still looked like the sixteen year old who got in a car crash. Actually he never lost the trickle of blood that came from under his hair and down his cheek. Instant death, brain damage.

"Luke, who are you talking to?" I whispered, knowing it had to be too good to be true.

"No one. Sorry, honestly, my medication sometimes makes me get a little weird."

"Luke..." I kept staring at my brother in awe.

"Alexis, don't, it's the medication Luke, it's just the medication"

"You know that's not true, idiot. Just leave her-" my mouth opened before my brother could protest.

"You see my brother don't you?" Silence hung in the air as I began to sob, my brother lunged towards me at the same time Luke lunged towards him.

"Don't get close to her"

"No, Luke, she sees me too" Luke exclaimed, crumpling next to me, crying as well. He tried to wrap his arms around me, managing to solidify his right arm enough that I could feel it. I sat in the middle of the alley, blubbering, with my dead brother consoling me. Could life get any better?

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