Death is just the beginning


3. awkward conversations

The silence persisted until my brother decided to break the silence.

"Are you okay, do you need anything? I mean I couldn't get it for you obviously" he laughed nervously, both of us aware of Luke's cold eyes staring at the both of us. This was always the worst, when I was as vulnerable as a toddler.

"So you can see them too, you can see them and you never told me?" Luke exclaimed, self pity dripping form his voice, "I thought I was crazy, all these people approaching me, asking for help, stalking me, I tried to tell someone but I finally realized that no one else could see them. I hated it I hated...." he trailed off as I stood up, seething with anger.

"HARD? You know what's hard, watching your brother die and then die yourself and then see him. His death was my fault and I never can forget it, he's always here reminding me" I paused as the full realization of my words dawned on me. I turned to stare at my brother.

"No! I didn't mean that I wish you had passed-" he faded away into nothing, a trick he learned from his years around me. Fighting usually ended with him disappearing, and sadly I was used to it.

"That went well" Luke smirked, the anger continuing to boil up inside of me. How dare he find humor in this. I sighed and grabbed my bags.

"Wait where are you going?"



"Oh sorry I didn't know I had to give an explanation for every move I make to you." I turned around and moved towards the street to look for a cab.

"It's not that, it's just... Do you wanna get some coffee or something, and talk. Share experiences?"

"Not especially" I spat, walking faster.

"You shouldn't talk to it y'know" I rolled my eyes, hoping my brother was around to hear this.

"And why is that?"

"It needs to move on, if you just ignore them they will go away" he explained, acting all high and mighty. I whistled earnestly, viewing an empty cab.

"I love my brother and he is not the type of person to leave just cause you ignore him." I hevaed my suitcase into the trunk of a yellow cab and climbed into it.

"Oh my god get out" How stubborn could he get? Crawling into the cab after me? That is some major creepiness.

"Listen, if you have coffee with me for one hour and you talk about this then I will leave you alone, forever. Admit it, I kinda deserve it with the whole saving your life."

Great, just great. An hour of talking about the thing I've been trying to hide for my whole life.


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