I dont care

''Luke.. M-my brother.'' I stuttered as the blonde boys hands traveled down my waist.
''I don't care about your brother...'' His words rolled of his tongue sending shivers down my spine.
I couldn't bare it any longer.. Our lips brushed against each others before he was ripped off me, stood there was non other than my furious brother his self..


12. Chapter twelve

Jenna's POV

''A-ashton!'' I stuttered full of surprise and worry. His hand gripped tightly onto Luke's top and I stumbled onto my feet.

''I thought I made it clear to you.'' Ashton ignored me and sharply turned towards Luke who gulped. Luke was taller than my brother by maybe a few inches or so, so I just don't get why he doesn't stand up to him. I mean yeah they're mates and everything, close actually. But still....

''Y-you did, I-i wasn't thinking..'' Luke stuttered not really knowing what do to. His nervous blue eyes flickered around the dark room before landing on me. ''You were going to kiss weren't you?'' Ashton asked. Luke's eyes narrowed suddenly and he turned towards my brother, ''yeah, yeah we were.'' Woah? Luke's confidence in his voice sounded just as cocky as earlier, 'I don't care about your brother.'

I felt my heart start to beat faster as Ashton dropped Luke back onto the bed with not a lot of force.

''Why?'' Ashton spat out. I never thought of that? Why? ''Because.. B-because we wanted to!'' I stood up a little towards my brother.

Ashton was about to say something else when I spoke up again. ''Oh wait Ashton, earlier you said, 'Do what you want' and what's this your doing now?'' I cockily asked.

''Sorry...'' Ashton mumbled towards Luke and turned around, I was expecting him to say the same thing to me or whatever, but no. He just barged straight past me! I decided it would be best to follow him but he shut the door in my face. I sighed and pulled my hand down onto the door handle until Luke's voice startled me. ''No! Where are you going?''

I turned around and I saw his face relax a little, ''sorry... It's just I wasn't expect you to leave so soon.'' He mumbled. ''You don't have to be sorry it's fine and um..''

He then caught me right of guard by pressing his lips up onto mine. Butterflies were literately flying in my stomach. Okay well maybe not literately, but it sure did feel like it! His hand was resting on the back of my head slightly tugging on my hair which I found really attractive and his other was set on my hip. We were kissing for a good 30 seconds or so until my brothers face strung into my eyes, and then so did Jed. Warm tears hit my eyes and I pulled apart softly from Luke.

Too many thoughts were spinning around my mind, it was like someone had just opened my skull and poured in a load of bad thoughts. What happens if I get hurt again. What happens if it was only a kiss. And only ever will be. Nothing else. I mean it's got to mean something else.. Right?

''L-luke I can't, I-i-'' I was lost for words and I was regretting pulling away from the kiss. If I could turn back time I would hesitate to do it, but then again I wouldn't hesitate to just spring out of this room and lock my self in mine before burying myself under my warm, comfy bedding. Oh and not to forget the cookie dough ice cream and Netflix. Everything a girl needs at this point.

''No, no it's okay I understand, anyway you need sleep.'' He spoke as I lightly opened the door. ''Thanks so much Luke.'' I whispered. ''No problem, sweet dreams.'' He planted a kiss on my cheek which I found sweet before I carried myself to my room. Wow. Just wow.

Luke's POV

Did she not like it? Was she freaked out by me? She did kiss back though... That's a good thing... But what happens if she felt pressured to? So many events have happened in this day. So much drama and EVERYTHING!


Was I too awkward for her? I mean should I of even kissed her or not? She probably hates me. How can I get her to like me? Her boyfriend was pretty bad ass right? Well maybe she likes that type of guy.



Sorry this is so shit and short :p x

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