I dont care

''Luke.. M-my brother.'' I stuttered as the blonde boys hands traveled down my waist.
''I don't care about your brother...'' His words rolled of his tongue sending shivers down my spine.
I couldn't bare it any longer.. Our lips brushed against each others before he was ripped off me, stood there was non other than my furious brother his self..


3. Chapter three

Chapter 3

Jenna's POV

''Urhm... O-one sec...'' I stuttered and answered turning as Luke watched me concerned.

''H-hello?'' I gulped. ''Jenna? Babe what's your brother and them dudes doing here?'' His voice was in a low tone and he was acting completely blind.

''I saw you! You absolute dick!'' I hissed trying not to cry. ''What? Beaut-''

''Don't call me that.''

''What are you talking about?''

''Y-you and Skylar? Kissing. Does that ring any bells?''

''What are you talking about?'' He chuckled. ''Why are you laughing?!?!?!?''

''Because... I was drunk and you're an idiot for not knowing that!'' Him calling me an idiot was nothing new. He would always call me something like that.

''I'm not an idiot!'' I stood up for myself for once. ''Yes you are.''

''Just shut the fuck up okay! I NEVER want to hear, see or even think of you AGAIN!''

''What are you going to do cry to your mum?''

''My mum is dead.'' My tone was harsh even I was shocked at it. I ended the call and took a deep breath, combing my hands through my silky soft hair. I totally forgot that Luke was in here until I saw him stood there messing with his fingers. He reminded me of a little kid. An innocent, cute one that's on his first day of school and is too nervous and shy to talk to anyone. I find it adorable.

''S-sorry about that um..'' I didn't really know what to do so I just sat there.

''Want to play 20 questions?'' Luke asked breaking the tension. ''Sounds good.'' I replied glad that he talked.

''Okayyyy well what's your full name?'' I asked.

''Luke Robert Hemmings, you?''

''Jenna-Louise Irwin, urhm how old are you?''

''17, how come Ashton's never told us about you before?'' Only a year older than me.. Huh.

''We kind of had this argument... Oh and he didn't really want me in the 'spotlight' if you get me.. Anyway do you have any brothers or sisters?''

''Two brothers, they're both older than me though..'' We kind of just chatted going way beyond 20 questions. It was odd. I felt weird around Luke. Like REALLY weird.. Not in a bad way or anything. It was just.. Odd..

I heard the door open and me and Luke both walked over to the top of the staircase. ''Ash?'' Luke spoke getting a view of them. I slightly walked half way down the stairs to see Ashton with a bleeding nose and a bruised eye.

''Oh my god!'' I gasped and I felt the other two boys, which must me Calum and Michael's, eye's on me.

''D-did Jed do that?'' I stuttered holding his hand down a little. Blood was gushing out so he held his hand back up. ''Yeah.. But Jenna don't worry.''

''Ash follow me.'' I ignored him and dragged him over to the island a trail of blood following him. The sight of blood doesn't really bother me, yeah it's disgusting and all but you've got to help the person, you can't just let them bleed to death. My mum was a nurse, to she taught me all this medical clever stuff. So that's why I know how to deal with this stuff.

''Are any of you boys hurt?'' I asked. ''Just cut my arm.'' The brown haired boy spoke holding his bicep.

''Is it bleeding?'' I asked not knowing if he was Michael or Calum, he looked like a Calum.

''Not a lot, I can sort it, you sort him out... Oh I'm Calum by the way, call me Cal.'' He smiled.

''Jenna.'' I smiled nodding my head a little. I guessed right. He is a Calum. ''Michael, but call me Mikey, or Mike, whichever you prefer.'' Michael with the colored hair spoke. ''Nice to meet you both.'' I smiled before turning my attention back to my bleeding brother. ''Does it hurt?'' I asked and he shrugged. ''Not a lot.'' He sniffed. ''Ash! Don't! It will just make it worse!'' I exclaimed.


''It just will.''

''So stubborn.'' His voice was all weird because I was pinching his nose. ''Do you think you could hold this onto your eye?'' I asked giving him an ice pack. ''Yeah.'' He pressed it on the white coverage soon turning into a deep think red colour. ''Are you a nurse?'' Asked Luke. His voice was much deeper than the other boys. Especially Ashton. For some reason his voice sounds higher to me.

''No.'' I chuckled lightly. ''I'm only 16, my mum was though..'' I frowned a little but focused on Ashton again. His nose had calmed down a little and I made him shove a tissue up his nose. ''Why don't you just use this?'' Michael handed me a tampon making us all burst out laughing. ''W-where d-did you get that from?'' I laughed.

He turned red and shrugged a little and held it out seriously. ''Oh here Ash.'' I chuckled and he scrunched up his nose. ''Ew no what happens if it's used?'' He held it by the blue string cringing. ''Oh yeah that's why it's got it's wrapper on dufuss!'' Calum spoke and I watched Ashton as he laughed away stuffing the tampon up his nose. Ew!


Once we had gotten to know each other I headed outside just to sit on the balcony for a while, it was a nice, warm peaceful night, there wasn't a cloud in sight, the moon proudly beamed over the Sydney, engaging my eyes to it and around the thick, rich, blanket of blackness around. Even then there were millions of twinkling stars out that looked beautiful. Every single one of them brightly flickered, and I knew the brightest one, that stood out to me the most was my mum.

My mum. The Angel, the star, help to lighten up the night sky with a few others help. It was truly astonishing.

''You alright out here?'' A deep voice startled me a little. ''I'm fine... It's really nice out here.'' I turned around to see Luke holding too mugs. ''Here.'' He smiled and sat in the sofa/chair next to me. ''Thanks.'' I replied feeling the steam from the-what-smelt-like hot coco.

''No problem... So how come you're out here?'' His chocolate deep voice which hadn't had a single crack or huskiness to it spoke out.

''Just coming for some alone time... You know... To think..'' I smiled a little as I sipped a bit on the coco.

''About what?''

''Nosy one you? Huh?'' I smiled and the light from inside glimmered against his cheeks which had turned a redish colour. Awh he was blushing.

''But mainly about my mum and stuff..'' I let out a weak smile. ''A star?'' He lightly whispered like he could read my mind.

''Yeah.... How did you know?'' I asked. ''My grandma.. She died a few months ago, I always used to tell myself that she was a star..''

I didn't really know how to respond to that. ''I'm so sorry..'' I whispered a little. ''Nah, it's fine, she was old and she died happy so I guess it's okay.'' I could tell he was a little sad so I hugged him. Yes. I am a very cuddly person.

''You like hugs huh?'' He smiled and I chuckled as he hugged me back. ''Yeah..'' I replied smiling a little, I was about to softly pull of but he still stayed hold of me so I was sat next to him.

''You sure how to make someone feel better.'' He spoke and I could feel a blush coming onto my face. Jenna-Louise Irwin! What is this blush you speak of?

''What are you too doing?'' Ashton's voice cut me off from my thoughts and we jump apart like it was a natural instinct to do so.

''Talking?'' I gulped knowing how protective he gets. ''Hmmm...'' He mumbled and pulled me up not meaning to but making me coco spill everywhere onto Luke. Oh god this was so embarrassing! ''Ash!'' I groaned and turned over to Luke.

''I'm so sorry!! Are you okay! I really didn't mean to!'' Luckily the coco wasn't that hot anymore. ''It's fine really! I'll just go change..'' He quickly rushed off and I felt like sinking into a whole. So embarrassing!

But now. Now. I have to face my brother who's probably going to ask me like a MILLION questions about all of this. Ugh.

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