I dont care

''Luke.. M-my brother.'' I stuttered as the blonde boys hands traveled down my waist.
''I don't care about your brother...'' His words rolled of his tongue sending shivers down my spine.
I couldn't bare it any longer.. Our lips brushed against each others before he was ripped off me, stood there was non other than my furious brother his self..


13. Chapter thirteen

Jenna's POV

Things couldn't be more awkward between me, Luke and my brother. Well not really between me and Luke but between us and Ashton, if you get me. Anyway as I said it was really awkward and blah blah, blah. We were moving out of the house today. I guess I wasn't really that effected until now. I didn't cry. But I wanted to. I mean come on I've had so many memories here. And it's just odd to leave. Especially after my mums death. It's going to be really hard. Harder than I expected.

''Cheer up!'' Mikey nudged me while eating some toast. Ew Vegimite. I'm the ONLY person who hates that stuff. *Shudder.*

I gave him a weak smile and sighed. I opened my mouth to say something, but I heard the door slam open and some unfamiliar voices speak. ''Well kids, here it is!'' A mans deep rusted voice spoke with a hint of laughter. In sync mine and Michael's chair scraped across the wooden floor and barged out of the door staring in disbelieve.

''Oh looks like the old people are still here...'' A family with what looks like a mum, dad and two moody teenagers along with a normal, irregular girl who was stood blushing furiously at the back stood there. ''Whatever I'm going to find my room.'' The youngest girl who had horribly bad eyebrows (which were drawn on) walked upstairs swaying her hips. What was she? Like 13?

''Um excuse me, we're not ready and packed up yet.. Y-you weren't suppose to come for another 2 hours!'' I awkwardly butted in. All eyes were fixed on me apart from that girl at the back. She seemed nice. Or was she? I don't know. She definitely didn't look like she fitted into this family at all!

I mean all the other family members hair were a deep rich black color, from what looks like it piercing green eyes that almost made them look like aliens and they were all pretty short too! While on the other hand the girls blonde long hair swayed by her side, she had a baby face. But something. Just something seemed familiar about her... I couldn't point it out though.

''Oh dad! We're so stupid!'' I think I'll call her blondy. Blondy's voice sounded oddly fake and it was familiar too.. Who is this girl?

The next thing I new the woman who was wearing a bright pink minny outfit, who looked horrendous, started hissing at blondy.

''Bianca! It's not our fault it's these things! Just go find your room, you too Frank.'' BIANCA! AS IN BIANCA ROSE! HOLY SHIT!

I felt my breath hitch and I HAD to make sure Ashton didn't see her. But oh my god! What's she doing here! This is just going to break my brother! Even though I wasn't in the best terms with my brother at this point, I still didn't want to see him hurt and broken like last time! Oh.. Wait a second... That texting... Ashton's still talking to her. Why? I have no idea? I remembered that text followed by the argument we had.


Ashton's words flickered through my mind. She sure has changed in look ways, but not personality. Fake. Fake. FAKE!

''Things?'' Michael stepped forward. ''I'm sorry but who are you?'' The man asked obviously 'sticking up' for his wife or whoever.

''We live here!'' I exclaimed. Not exactly true, but you know.

''Well not anymore you don't! So I expect you to leave!'' The man hissed stepping closer to me and grabbing my arm. What the fuck. Who does he think he is.

''Don't fucking touch her.'' A deep husky voice hissed from behind us. I snatched my arm away and all of us spun around to see... Luke? What the hell.... He.. H-he... He was... He looked different..I mean.. Wow! He looked amazing but... Wow.

His black skinny jeans tightly hugged around his legs and a black, white and grey vest top slung over his body making his toned body visible a little. A leather jacket topped all of the outfit along with his piercing which was doubled on his lip which made him look more attractive, oh and I couldn't help but notice the cigarette he had which balanced on the bottom of his lip.

He took a long drag from it before puffing out a cloud of the smoke letting his float and slowly fade above us. Smoking? Another piercing? I couldn't help but be attracted to him.. But I mean, what happened to the cute little Luke?

''L-luke?'' I stuttered and I saw Michael stare in disbelieve at his friend before shouting for Calum and Ashton to come down. Luke's toned arm pushed my behind him. ''Disgusting.'' The woman murmured. ''This house is going to smell like cigarettes, and who knows what else! Just perfect!'' She rambled to her self.

Luke let out a low, grumbled, laugh making my heart beat faster and he dropped the fag stepping on it before letting out a cocky phrase. ''Enjoy the house.'' Before that his hand slipped in mine and I quickly dragged him up the stairs wondering what the hell was going on.

''What the hell!! What is this!'' I let out a nervous chuckle.

''You love it really.'' He smirked and wrapped his arm around my waist and pulled me closer so our bodies were touching. I have to admit that I did like this, but I like Luke for who he is, and now... What's happened? ''Get off me!'' I hissed and pushed him off. He blinked a few times before smiling being cocky again. I mean seriously what the hell? He's reminding me of Jed.

''I knew all guys were the same! You're just like my ex. Fucking assholes!'' A boost of confidence hit me as I watched Luke's smile fade and his eyes seemed to sink down into sadness.

''Jenna wait!'' He panicked and grabbed my arm but I shrugged it off and walked into my room. The least thing I expected was Bianca to be in my room.. With Ashton.. KISSING!

I let out a startled cry and quickly ran out a single tear falling down my cheek. As I leaned against my door Luke stood there and I let out a sob. ''Jenna please!''

''Get away from me!'' I choked out and ran into the only place free.. The bathroom. Well it was more like a room with a bathtub, shower, sink and toilet now. Like a public one or something.

Why has EVERYTHING bad have to happen in my life?

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