I dont care

''Luke.. M-my brother.'' I stuttered as the blonde boys hands traveled down my waist.
''I don't care about your brother...'' His words rolled of his tongue sending shivers down my spine.
I couldn't bare it any longer.. Our lips brushed against each others before he was ripped off me, stood there was non other than my furious brother his self..


10. Chapter ten

Im just going to keep updating all day!! I've already finished anyways haha!! Thanks to everyone who's reading!! Share this story to please! <3


Jenna's POV

Spinning, spinning, spinning, SPINNING!

Woahhh I feel like I'm on a roundabout. Wait no?



Oh no... What? What? I'm falling. Plummeting into nothingness below me. Until THUD.

''Ahh!'' I gasped and shot up. ''Wha?'' My hand shot up to my head as everything was spinning around. Slowly everything was joining together... It was dark and I was in my room... There was someone next to me... Light snores were visible and I already knew by their positioning that the person didn't mean to fall asleep. Maybe it's just my brother.. Yeah... Ashton...

I shuffled around only to see dark blonde hair, styled up into a quiff, red thin lips, slightly parted with a black hoop around the bottom lip. Luke? I lightly moved around the person and Luke jumped up immediately onto his feet again. ''I'm sorry! I didn't mean to-'' He was cut off by the door bell ringing. I watched him make a run for it , and I was just left confused.

''Luke.You're home. Where's Jenna? '' Ashton's voice was the first to speak, although it seemed a little off. I couldn't really hear properly. I mean why the hell was Luke asleep next to me? I mean I can't say I didn't like it because it just felt so... Comforting and nice. Okay that's sounds weird, but it's true. But then when we almost kissed so I guess that just made everything more awkward for him.

Luke's POV

I felt someone lightly move me about and I shot up quickly remembering what had just happened. I decided I would go back to Ashton's place,but when I did nobody was home. I just kind of shrugged it off and got changed since it was pouring it down. Once I walked into the kitchen about 5 or so plates were all smashed on the floor, had the house been robbed? No? Everything just seemed a little odd around here.

I tidied everything up and packed it away making sure there was no exes glass left on the floor. It might of seemed weird for me to do this, but I think I'm already on Ashton's bad side for a while after what happened. I just want to turn that around.

There was this weird noise and the door and for a moment I thought someone was actually breaking in so I ran over to the door just to see Jenna stood with rain drops soaking her body and she looked startled.

''Jenna?'' I asked as I walked over towards her as her eyes closed and she started falling. Oh shit.

I quickly ran over towards her holding her up right in my arms. She's really light, I'm not kidding she really was.

I picked her up fully and shut the door behind me before taking her upstairs. I didn't really know what to do, and there was no way I was taking off her clothes. But she will be soaking? Plus she's shivering. Just do it Luke. No. Yes. No. I have no.

I decided to just leave on her shorts because that would be awkward, all of her clothes were all packed away and I didn't want to go through all her stuff and invade her privacy so I just gave her one of my tops.

There... Once she was dressed she was much more warmer that before. I lightly pressed my lips onto her cheek and wrapped the covers around her. She was so beautiful. That sounds really weird but I couldn't help but stare. I just wish we did kiss earlier. And with what happened in the car earlier. God. That was so awkward.

I could feel my self dozing off, and that's what happened.

Ashton and everyone came back and I kind of just stood there not wanting him to know that I had just fell asleep next to his sister.

''Luke.You're home. Where's Jenna? '' I could tell Ashton was in a mood with me and I didn't want to make it any worse so I just stared at the ground. ''She's upstairs.'' I mumbled. I totally forgot she was wearing my shirt. Oh shit, shit, shit, shit!

Jenna's POV

''Ash!'' I saw my brother walk through the door. ''Are you okay? Why are you in bed?'' He asked. I explained the full story and he then looked at me like I had two heads. ''Who's top it that?''

I knotted my eyebrows together in confusion and stared down and saw that I had one of... Calums? No Luke's tops on. What the hell? I was still wearing my shorts and bra, but just a different top. Wait. Luke did this. No, no not in a bad way, I mean when I fainted I must of been cold so he was clever and kind enough to change me. I mean he didn't see anything did he, that would just make things awkward.

''Jenna, why wearing Luke's top?'' His voice came out raspy and angry before he huffed and stand up. ''Ashton! No!'' He slammed the door and.. Locked me in!?! Oh my god. He's totally lost his temper this time. But that's not what happened!!

I pounded on the door hoping someone would open in. I couldn't hear anything until the door clicked open and stood there Calum with a horrified expression. ''Calum, what's happened?'' I asked as he walked in shutting the door behind him. He gulped and looked over to me. ''Calum..'' I spoke and he opened his mouth to talk but nothing came out.

''Did you and Luke have sex?'' Okay. That was something I never expected him to say. ''What!? No!'' I cried out, and the full story just kind of slipped out.

''What! You fainted?'' He asked. ''Well I think I did, I mean everything just kind of went black and it happened earlier as well when I slipped on the glass..''

''Shit? Jenna why didn't you ring us.''

''Well I couldn't really when I had fainted? Anyway what's Ash doing?'' I frantically spoke.

''A-ash... Ashton... H-he... Um.''

''Spit it out.''

''Ashton thinks you and Luke have had sex or something, and now he got really angry because in the car Michael accidentally told everyone about him liking you and now Ashton's angry and he's going to beat Luke up!'' Calum's words were more like jumbled up letters that speech.

''Wait what?''

''Look Luke likes you and in the car it might of slipped out of Michael's mouth, and then Ashton got really angry and then they were saying things to each other before Luke left the car, and then when we came back to the house Luke ran downstairs and Ashton came up to talk to you and noticed you had his top on and now.. Um.. Now.. Ashton's really angry..'' Calum spoke and I felt my heart beating rapidly in my chest. Luke likes me? He likes me in that type of way? But why would he like me.. I mean I'm just Jenna.

Snap out of it Jenna, you're brothers probably attacked Luke and now you're the only person that can stop him. Unless he's already done something. No. No he wouldn't hurt Luke.

''Oh no..'' We quickly dashed off but not before I saw Luke walk past giving me a sad glance and he rushed off to his room. ''I better go and see him, you go talk to Ashton alright.'' Calum's warm hand placed on my shoulder and I nodded as he slipped me into a hug. ''Thank's Cal.'' I whispered. ''For what?'' He softly replied. ''I don't know, for just being here.'' I sighed and he pulled apart softly giving me a small smile which I returned.

''No problem.'' He replied quietly before we ran off our separate ways..

I hate to admit this but I was actually scared at what I was going to....


New stories coming soooon :D

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