I dont care

''Luke.. M-my brother.'' I stuttered as the blonde boys hands traveled down my waist.
''I don't care about your brother...'' His words rolled of his tongue sending shivers down my spine.
I couldn't bare it any longer.. Our lips brushed against each others before he was ripped off me, stood there was non other than my furious brother his self..


6. Chapter six

Jenna's POV

''What the hell? Where were you too? Why are you wearing his clothes?'' Ashton's voice boomed many questions flooding out of his mouth.

I heard Michael or Calum let out a wolf whistle from the back causing me to let out a little snigger rolling my eyes playfully.

''No, no, it's nothing what it looks like, it's just a long story.'' Luke spoke laughing a little.

''I have time.'' Ashton folded his arms stubbornly. I sighed and rolled my eyes. I was seriously pissed off at him. What's his problem? I mean it's not like we did anything. God. ''Well...'' Me and Luke both had to explain the story to everyone which was pretty annoying, but funny because Calum and Michael kept on making dirty jokes along the way.

''Jenna, talkkk!'' Ashton pulled me into the room as I let out a groan. ''What now? Seriously Ashton N O T H I N G is going on between us.''

''Explain these then.'' He held out his phone to see a picture of a 'selfie' of his. I let out a giggle and hid my face embarrassed. ''Oh uhrm..'' I knew he couldn't help but laugh.

''Here this.'' There was a picture of this dude and girl kissing on a bridge over the view of a bridge. For a minuet I thought it was me and Luke but then I saw the white dress she was wearing and I wasn't wearing that. ''Haha! Ashton that's not us!'' I exclaimed. ''Don't play dumb with me!'' He kind of froze for a sec.

I made my way over the he fridge aka Heaven and pulled out a pepsi can. ''Believe what you want Ash, but that's not me, nor is it Luke.'' I took a sip from the fizzy can letting the cold liquid run down my throat. I was in need of a drink, and it felt so good to finally have one. (That sounded very weird and yes I am aware of it.)

''It look so like you though!'' He laughed. ''Yeah, but remember what I was wearing earlier? Shorts and a top, she's wearing a white dress... And!'' I took his phone. ''If you scroll in the-'' I was cut off by a text coming threw from... Bianca...

''A-ashton? W-why's Bianca talking to you?'' I asked. She fucked up almost a year of his life and I'm not letting that happen again.

''Jenna, come on she's not that bad I-''

''Not that bad!? Ashton, she fucked up your life, made a fool out of you, AND don't forget how that argument all started.'' I hissed raising my voice a little.

''BIANCA'S CHANGED!'' He shouted becoming scary. I hated this side of my brother. I was actually a little afraid.

Oh and also this is where Ashton's dad's genetics kick in..

Both our dads were horrible and vile men, I hate them and I will never call them my dad.

''OH COME ON ASH, REALLY!'' I exclaimed and he knocked a plate off the table getting angry.


''WELL YOU CAN'T CONTROL MINE EITHER! SO JUST LET ME DATE OR HANG AROUND WITH WHO I WANT!'' I cut him off staring at his twisted bulged eyes, flared nostrils, clenched fists and his puffed out chest which was quickly rising and falling.

''JUST STAY OUT OF MY LIFE, AND I WILL STAY OUT OF YOURS, ALL YOU ARE IS A MISTAKE!'' Ashton spat and I knew he didn't mean to call me that or anything so it didn't really effect me but my words I spoke next were the worst possible things I could of EVER said to my brother.


I stormed off up the stairs and bumped into someone on the way. ''Just leave me alone.'' I sniffled and saw Luke.

''Please.'' I mumbled trying to get his grip off my arm. ''Give me a hug, please.'' He spoke and wrapped his arms around me before I could really respond. That weird feeling came back inside of my stomach before being dragged out and when Ashton walked near us.

''Go to your room don't talk to any of my friends.'' He took my arm and pulled me to my room. I didn't say anything as I new he won this argument, and just let him drag me away. ''Ashton. No!'' Luke spoke and Ash tensed before dropped hold of my arm. My heart was beating faster than ever in my chest as I was worried what I had just caused.

''Give us a moment Luke.'' Ashton's was was all muffled as he hung his head low. I desperately wanted to lock my self in my room, but I knew that, wasn't an option at this moment. ''I shouldn't off shouted at you like that.'' He said. ''No, Ash I shouldn't of invaded your privacy like that...''

''You didn't though, I mean I know I shouldn't of been texting her, she's a bitch. She only wanted me for the money but I couldn't help it...'' He said and I couldn't help but put a hand on his back. I hate was that cow had put my brother through.

''Am I really like my dad?'' He asked and I immediately felt guilty. ''No.. No, no, no. Ash you're nothing like him.. It just kind of.. Slipped out... I'm sorry... I didn't mean it.''

''It's fine, look I'm sorry about what I said, you're not a mistake.'' He sighed messing up his curly hair. ''It's fine.'' I replied and engulfed my brother in a hug. My mums face suddenly popped into my mind and I couldn't help but think..

''Ashton, when's mums f-funeral?''


Eeeeek A Janoskians announcement, I'm so excited :D:D:D

Wait no. I'm nervous.

I don't even know at this point.

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