I dont care

''Luke.. M-my brother.'' I stuttered as the blonde boys hands traveled down my waist.
''I don't care about your brother...'' His words rolled of his tongue sending shivers down my spine.
I couldn't bare it any longer.. Our lips brushed against each others before he was ripped off me, stood there was non other than my furious brother his self..


7. Chapter seven

Jenna's POV

''Anne-Marie was a lovely best friend, daughter and mother.'' Mums friend Debbie sobbed into the mic. ''She will never be forgotten, and I will always remember the lovely memories I have shared with her. She's been taken away too soon and not enough people have got to know how beautiful and amazing this woman was.''

I wiped a tear away from under my eye and carried on listening to her speech.

''Earth's lost a princess but heavens gained and Angel, and I'm sure she will we watching down on us all drinking a glass of wine and laughing.'' She said some more stuff but I was un able to listen properly as my tears were stopping me from doing anything else. I had to keep back by sobs to avoid noise so I just sat there. Helpless.

Ashton was doing a speech after this, so I was prepared for more tears on the way.

As Debby walked off stage Ashton stood up from next to me, ''I'll be back in a minuet, okay.'' He whispered and I nodded watching him walk onto stage. My brown strands of curled hair blew in my face sending the aroma of Strawberries to fill the air around me.

My head shot up when I heard Ashton's voice speak, his was was crackly and broken. I don't know why he decided to do a speech, I mean I was going to do one but I knew I would just cry all the way through it, and nobody would be able to understand me.

''Mum was an amazing mum...'' Ashton began and I felt the tears flow again and again and again. Is this just my tears or Niagara falls?

A warm pair of arms slipped around me and I saw Luke who gave me a weak smile and I rested my head on his chest. He made me feel warm inside and it was weird.


We payed our last respects and goodbye's to mum and then we watched her being cremated before being given the Ashes. It was weird. My mums in this vase. I was extra careful with holding it and I didn't even trust my self so Ashton carried it for me. Wait... Should I be saying she? Or mum... I don't know.. I just didn't like calling mum 'it.' It sounded funny....

''I'm in my room..'' I dumped my coat and walked straight up to my room not even bothering to take off my shoes. ''Me too...'' Ashton mumbled and he gave me a tiny smile before walking into his room and so did I. I didn't lock the door just closed it. Nobody would walk in without knocking anyway.

I took a shower and changed into my pajamas, and just laid on my bed. I was numb. I couldn't cry or anything, nothing came out, I was just laid there laying.

There was a knock at the door and I sat up. ''Come in.'' I whispered and laid back down when I saw it was just Mikey. ''Hi..'' I spoke and he raised his hand. ''Are you okay?'' He asked and slowly walked over. ''I don't know..'' I sighed and sat back up to face him.

''Anddd that's why I came here.'' He said and I turned my head sideways.

''What do you mean?''

''So I can make you feel better, hey I've got an idea, how about you and Luke both go to-''

''Woah what? Me and Luke?'' I asked a little confused.

''Jenna, c'mon we all know that he likes you!'' He giggled and I couldn't help but have that stupid little smile on my face.

''No he doesn't!'' I exclaimed. ''He does! And you like him too don't you?'' He raised his eyebrow.

''What? No? Luke's just my friend.'' I messed around with my fingers trying not to stumble over the words or anything. Yes I do have feelings for Luke and it's really... Odd..

''And I'm sure you'll be more than that by next week...''

Little did I know that what Mikey said was going to be true. . . . . . . .

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