I dont care

''Luke.. M-my brother.'' I stuttered as the blonde boys hands traveled down my waist.
''I don't care about your brother...'' His words rolled of his tongue sending shivers down my spine.
I couldn't bare it any longer.. Our lips brushed against each others before he was ripped off me, stood there was non other than my furious brother his self..


9. Chapter nine


Luke's POV

I don't even know what to think right now.

I mean were we going to kiss? If Ashton didn't walk in on me would we of kissed? It felt so right, and Jenna... She's just so... Perfect. But I can't... She's my best friends sister. That would be so wrong and Ashton's always been telling us how non of us can date her and stuff.. But you know what... I don't care. I mean he can't exactly control her life and all. Ugh.

''You okay Luke, you've been really quiet.'' Mike nudged me. ''Yeah, fine, just thinking.'' I quickly replied. I hope they don't suspect anything. I mean Ashton's already a little suspicious and stuff..

''About what? A girl?'' Calum asked and I felt my cheeks turn all hot. Shit.

''Awhh! It's Jenna!'' Michael exploded out and I felt the car screech to a holt. ''As in my sister?'' Ashton asked his grip tightening around the wheel.

''N-no a different one.'' I stuttered. Really Luke, a different one? I mean I only know one Jenna, and Ashton knows that too.

''I thought I already told you that my sister was off limits!''

''She's not an object and she can think for her self, and so can I!'' This was the first kind of argument we've ever had.

''She's my sister Luke, she's just been cheated on, she doesn't want to go with you.'' I had heard enough, I know she had been cheated on, and I'm aware that he's her sister. ''If she wouldn't want to go with me, then how come we almost kissed?!'' I spat out, the words just kind of rolled off my tongue. I opened the door and didn't turn back expect once and trust me. Ashton looked horrified.

I stormed back down the streets, I don't even know where I was going. And I honestly don't care.

Jenna's POV

My eyes flicked open and I realized what happened.... Oh shit... Did I faint? Ow this hurts.

I started picking everything up and my phone made started ringing making me snap into reality.


''Jenna! Luke's gone! He got out of the car and now he's gone!'' Michael's panicked voice made me jump,

''What do you mean? He just got up and left the car?'' I pressed the phone up to my ear.

''Yeah! Is he back at the house?'' Michael's voice echoed down the phone. I could lightly hear the radio playing 'Kiss You' by One Direction in the background. I love that song.

''No... Hey look, I'll go look for him, I think I might no where he is...'' The beach popped into my mind.

''Okay.. Ring us if you find him.'' Mike's voice was worried and nervous.

''Yeah, I will, okay, byee.'' I ended the call, picked up my jacket, keys and beanie and headed out of the door. Oh god where in the heavens could this boy be?


I felt a tiny spring of hope hit me as I walked out side of the beach, but no.. It was deserted... Not a soul in sight. The sea roughly hit the side of the wall and I knew we were in for a storm of some kind. The aroma of sea salt hit me and I turned around flicks of the water patting against my back. A loud rumble of thunder made me almost jump out of my skin.

My world seemed to flash before me as a purple exotic bolt of lightening struck. I felt my heart pounding harshly against my chest and I turned around picking up my pace.

Just as I did rain started to patter against me and I huffed pulling on my jacket. As the rain got worse and worse I could feel the water soaking through my clothes and just then I saw a tall glum figure with his head hung low. ''Luke!?'' I yelled out hopefully. Please be him, please be him.

The figure stopped and turned around. I saw it wasn't Luke at he just carried on walking. ''Oh.. Sorry..'' I awkwardly spoke and turned the corner for another lightening bolt to hit. Fudge that was loud, a loud crackling noise was visible and I started running.

Once I pulled up outside the house the storm wasn't as bad but it was still pouring it down.

I swung open the door only for another wave of nausea to hit me..

''Jenna?'' Luke's face was the last thing I saw. At least he's home..

Darkness took over me once again...


Bleh I forgot I had to write about Jenna fainting, so it's shit, but I anyway :P

9 chapters in one day!! Haha woahhhhh!!

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