I dont care

''Luke.. M-my brother.'' I stuttered as the blonde boys hands traveled down my waist.
''I don't care about your brother...'' His words rolled of his tongue sending shivers down my spine.
I couldn't bare it any longer.. Our lips brushed against each others before he was ripped off me, stood there was non other than my furious brother his self..


5. Chapter five

Jenna's POV

1 Week Later

I hummed softly to Mc Fly's five colour of her hair, I've always loved that song, ever since it first came out I would always be singing, humming, miming in the mirror or listening to it and I never got sick or tired of it. I guess it's just one of them songs ya'know. Once I had done with my makeup, I blow dried my hair until it was fully dry and walked downstairs. ''Hey you.'' Michael tapped my head with a loaf of bread. (It was still in it's wrapper.)

''Michaelllll!'' I swatted his hands away and Ashton walked over with a serious expression. ''Uh Jenna.. There's something I need to tell you..'' He wouldn't make eye contact and I felt my smile fade. ''Oh.. Okay..'' I gulped and followed him into the room where he shut the door behind him. Odd. Ashton never shuts the door..

''Ashton what's happened?'' I asked and I felt that weird empty pit in the bottom of my stomach. A bad feeling..

''Jenna... Our house is being repossessed, you know what that means?'' He sighed. ''Y-yeah, I wasn't born yesterday.'' I stuttered. That might of sounded rude but it wasn't.

''Look... The boys and I have talked... Since you're only sixteen, you're not allowed to stay alone, so we talked and decided you should come touring with us, so what do you say?'' He had a hopeful little smile on his face.

I was going to say yes, like it was my first instinct, but then it hit me, Reality always comes in the way.

''No... Ash I can't.'' I saw his smile drop. ''What! Why!? We want you to come though!'' He exclaimed.

''Ashton look, I really want to, but I will get in the way and stuff-''

''Jenna no! Where else would you go, I mean come on you're the only person from family I have left... Please.'' His brown, hazel eyes burned into my blue ones. Something else we don't have in common, Ashes are brown like my mums and his dad, while mine are a light blue colour like my dads... I don't like that though. I just want to look like my mum, nothing like my dad, he's a horrible person and I NEVER want to be like him.

''But Ashton.'' I sighed.




''Fine, fine.. Okay.'' I sighed. I feel like a burden.

''Yes! YES! Wooooop!'' He jumped. Oh by brother sometimes..

''Anyway why did you look so unhappy earlier?'' I asked. ''Well because some other people are moving into the house...'' He replied.

''Oh.'' I spoke not really knowing how to react to that. Ashton threw his arm over me and squished me a little. ''Ow!'' I chuckled and he smiled weakly. ''But then I do have some good news for you.'' He smiled. ''Oooh tell me!''

''Nope, it's a surprise!'' He grinned laughing. ''Ugh I hate you!''

''Love you too.'' He smirked before we walked back into the kitchen with everyone else.

''Jennaaaa!'' Calum grinned from ear to ear. ''Calummmmmmm!!'' I mimicked the boy. ''Luke has something to tell you!'' Calum pushed my towards Luke who had a spoon half way into his mouth. ''I do?'' Luke's face turned a bright red colour and he ate the remaining cereal from his spoon and put it onto the counter.

''Yeahhh! Lukey poo you doooo!'' Michael teased him in a funny voice.

''I don't know what you're talking about!'' Luke defended. ''C'mon Luke! Just tell her!'' Calum spoke.

''But I don't have anything to tell her!'' He hissed.

''Do it or I will!'' Michael said and I was honestly so confused. What did Luke want to tell me?

Mikey turned towards me opening his mouth to say something, but Luke softly grabbed my shoulder so I would face him. I felt like.. Tingles were his hand was.. That's weird.

''Jenna! Don't listen they're lying! I don't! I don't!'' He jumped like a five year old in front of my face. ''Woah! Woah! Woah! Okay, guys what's going on here?'' Ashton walked in. AND THE BROTHER SAVES THE DAY! YIPEEEE!


''STOP! No I don't no I don't!'' Luke jumped up and down like a toddler having a tantrum.

Michael's words flickered through my mind. Luke likes J-. Luke likes. Luke likes someone. Luke likes someone. Why does that affect me so bad? It's not like I have a crush or anything on him.

Hold up a moment..


I can't though? After what's just happened a little more than a week ago, I could like him and just get hurt again.. This is bad.. Raally, really bad. I mean Luke is my brothers best mate. I don't care. Wait what? Of course I care. I've just been cheated on and I may have a crush on someone I have known for a little over a week.. Arh!

''Who do you like.. Spill it Luke!'' Ashton excitedly spoke pulling a chair out. The boy some how reminded me of a teenage girl in high school, wanting to know the latest 'gossip.'

''She's nobody.'' Luke stubbornly folded his arms over his broad chest and looked at me making me feel those weird butterflies.

''What was that?'' Ash narrowed his eyes slightly. ''What was w-what?'' Luke stuttered his eyes darting about. ''When you looked at her.'' Ashton grrr.. He just made me want to curl up and hide into a ball. ''What are you talking about, he didn't look at me Ash, you must be mistaken.'' I quickly helped Luke out.

''Are you sure?'' Ashton nervously laughed and I nodded. ''I am.'' I replied. ''Sorry mate.. But still all of you stay off my sister!'' Ashton apologized to Luke but then looked around at all the other boys who all awkwardly nodded shuffling about uncomfortable. Over protective much.

''Um I'm going to go now.'' Luke quickly rushed off and went straight out of the front door.

''Where's he going?'' I asked and all the boys who shrugged in union. Freaky much!?! ''Who know's with Luke, he'll be back soon.'' Calum spoke dramatically like it was some kind of movie or something like that.


As I slowly walked along the beach, I felt the slight coldness from the sea brush against my feet making me curl them up into the sand. You see for the past few days I have been coming and walking along here. You know, just to get my mind clear and stuff, plus alone time can be nice as well. When Ashton and I were younger mum used to always take us on little walks/ bike rides on the beach, or we would just come to go swimming, it was nice. And being here brings good memories back.

As I looked forward I saw a teenage boy in the distance, I didn't think much of him until I got nearer. I wasn't looking where I was going, and then I was knocked straight onto my bum in the water. ''Oh my god.. I'm so sorry, wait Jenna!?'' He exclaimed and gave me a hand up.

''Luke??? I-it's okay.'' I smiled not expecting that to be him.

''Yeah it's me, look I'm really sorry! I didn't see you!'' He exclaimed chuckling a little.

''No, no it's not your fault, I should of been watching where I was going, sorry.'' I smiled a little and rubbed the back of my head.

I could feel the cold breeze harshly nip my back where the water was.

''Here, it's a bit wet, but it will help.'' Once I looked back up at him he had his red and black plaid top wrapped around me along with his arms. ''Luke no, you'l-''

''I've not fallen into the sea though I have I?'' He smirked sassily. Hmmm.. Sassy Luke. I like it.

I could feel a warm blush, that I couldn't control, appear onto my face and I hid by using my hair to fly in the wind over my face.

''So how come you're out here?'' I asked him as we started walking. ''You know.. Just clearing my mind from things.. You?''

''Same really... I just like it on here..''

''Ah so this is where you've been coming every night!'' He smiled as I nodded a giggle passing my lips. ''What's funny?''

''I don't know... I just... Laugh sometimes..''

''I like you.'' He smiled and for some reason that made me heat up inside and outside.

''Well I like you too!'' I smiled poking him. ''You know...'' He spoke. ''I knowwww?'' I indicated for him to carry on. ''You know you're like the first girl- friend I've ever had, I mean I've had a girlfriend before, but not a girl that's a friend.''

Oh. He's had a girlfriend before... That kind of made me... Jealous.. Why? I don't know.

''Same really, I mean you, Cal and Mike are like the first boys I really hang around with..'' I thought about it for a while as we trailed along the beach, kicking the sand from our feet.

We carried on discussing small little things which made me happy for some odd reason. There was one thing that was obvious to me though... And what was that?


I have feelings for Luke.

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