I dont care

''Luke.. M-my brother.'' I stuttered as the blonde boys hands traveled down my waist.
''I don't care about your brother...'' His words rolled of his tongue sending shivers down my spine.
I couldn't bare it any longer.. Our lips brushed against each others before he was ripped off me, stood there was non other than my furious brother his self..


52. 53


Jenna's POV

''Last day in New York, what's all your plans?'' Asked Bill, the manager of the tour. ''Being tourists.'' Ashton spoke as Claire beamed down at him on his lap. Aw they were so cute!

The other two boys mumbled yeah's and okay's apart from Luke who shuffled nervously next to me. ''I'm uh busy....'' He spoke sharing glances at me. I let out a sigh and looked around, ''I guess I'm a tourist then.'' I let out a smile, I wonder what Luke's doing. I'm not one of those clingy girlfriends who raid there boyfriends privacy, but I felt like I wanted to know since he was so nervous about it.

''You are? What are you doing hunny?'' Liz asked and Luke once again shared some glances at me. How come he was looking at me like that? It wasn't bad or anything, but it was weird.

''U-ugh I-i'm meeting up with s-someone.'' He stumbled over his words which just made it 100x worse. Who's he meeting up with? I know that's none of my business but still....

''Oh, that's okay.'' She smiled strangely calm. Everyone was sharing glances around the room especially at Bill as if to say 'shut up' and boy was I confused! ''Oh yeah! Sorry I forgot about.. That.'' He sighed. ''Anyway moving on..''

My mind darted to mine and Luke's 3 months anniversary (A/N I know it hasn't been that long, but let's just pretend :) x) s

It was today, but so far Luke hasn't brought it up or anything. This morning I got him several things, chocolates, this ring, flowers, boxers, I mainly tried to get everything he wanted but I guess he just forgot..

Oh well, just having him here with me is good enough I guess.

Luke's POV

Gosh I must seem like such a bad boyfriend right now. I haven't forgotten mine and Jenna's 3 months anniversary in fact that's the only thing that's been on my mind for the past week or so. When Bill asked us what we were all doing I thought I was screwed, because tonight I'm taking Jenna up to the statue of Liberty at night, I know you're usually not aloud but I managed too persuade the people who own it or whatever to let us up.

I just wish time would hurry up and go faster so that I can show Jenna that I haven't forgotten, I mean earlier on she got me practically everything that I wanted and I felt so bad because I had to sit there with nothing to give too her and watch her beautiful smile fade away.

It's only 2 PM and I have to wait another seven hours. Ugh maybe it's best if I just give her the necklace now? No that will ruin everything.

You see I got Claire to help pick out a dress that she knew Jenna would like and so I'm going to quickly sneak away after the show and put the dress on her bed along with a note, then I have too change and go up to the statue and wait for her there. It sounds so cliche and stuff but I want too make this really special for her.

''Hey babe.'' I smiled as I walked past her on the bed, ''hey.'' She glumly spoke and I laid next too her, ''what's wrong?'' I asked and she perked up a little. ''Nothing, I'm fine.'' I knew she was lying. Ugh I wish I could tell her but then it would be no surprise.

I threw my arm around her and dug my hands into her sides making her let out an adorable squeal, ''L-luke! S-stop!'' She exclaimed and I was happy to hear her laughter again. As cheesy as this sounds it was almost magic, and could make anybody smile.

''But you're cute when you laugh!'' I exclaimed playfully and she rolled on top of me trying too hold my hands down. ''You're not that strong Lucas!'' She exclaimed trying too push my hands down which just left me in fits of laughter. ''You sound like a seal, you know that.'' She finally gave up and rolled next to me.

''Maybe I am a seal.'' I playfully grinned and she scoffed playfully, ''whatever you say.''

I couldn't help but notice how perfect Jenna was, her eyes smiled whenever she did, her naturally long eyelashes battered against the top of her eyelids whenever she blinked or looked around, her cherry-coloured lips didn't even need any lipstick or whatever girls wear, they were just such an amazing colour, a lot different from everyone else's. Her flawless, straightened hair bounced and flicked about as she moved, perfectly sculpted features made her almost impossible not too look at.

And how can I forget them eyes. God. That's what I fell in love with when I first saw her, they changed colour sometimes which I noticed, whenever she was happy they were a deep blue colour with green flicks in, they also have that glow to them which make them shine every time she faced the sun.

I was just honestly and 100% in love with this girl, and as weird as this sounds I want too spend the rest of my life with her, get married- maybe I could propose.. When? Her birthday? Nah that's too far away.. I can't wait until next March.. How about valentines day? Nah. Christmas.. Christmas I guess is the best day...Sounds good too me..

She won't be my girlfriend.. She would be my wife; just thinking about it makes my stomach go all crazy.

''What are you thinking about Mr Hemmings?''

''You, Mrs Hemmings.'' I watched as her face turned bright red which was another thing I loved about her, oh too many things too count!

Later On.

Jenna's POV

I let out a sigh as I trudged back up too mine and Claire's room, Luke had left early after the show and didn't bring up one thing about our anniversary. I guess I wasn't expecting it, but at the same time, deep down I know nothing would happen. I wasn't angry at him, I mean Luke's a busy guy, preforming almost every nights, barley getting any sleep, traveling around the world, so how could I blame him?

But then again he could- you know what, I'm just going to have an early night and forget about it all.

But after all the presen- just shut up Jenna.

When I opened the door too my bedroom all the lights were turned off and it was completely pitch black. ''Hey Claire, have the maids come?'' I asked back too her, ''nope why?''

''Oh.. Never mind.'' I switched on the light and laid on my bed was a beautiful white and peachy coloured dress which made me gasp. ''CLAIREEEE!'' I squealed/ screamed through the hotel room. ''Hehe, read the note.'' Not? What note?

I looked around and found a small piece of white paper which I must of accidentally dropped on the floor when I picked up the dress.


Take a shower, get ready, meet Ashton outside your room at 9, ps wear the dress

love you, your prince Luke xox

I blushed at the note and froze, so he hadn't forgot. Where was he taking me?

''Okay you get a shower, I'll get everything ready!'' Claire instructed.


Once I was done I felt butterflies erupt in my stomach thinking about Luke and I stepped out of the hotel room where Claire was, ''Jenna!'' She gasped and I became really embarrassed! ''What?'' I giggled blushing.

''Jenna you look amazing!'' She gasped and I smiled walking over too the mirror. I hate to admit this but I actually did look good, I mean what I saw wasn't Jenna, the ugly boring Jenna, I was... I just looked... It...

''I love it!! Oh god! Thank you so much Claire!'' I squealed pulling her in for a hug. ''No problem, now I believe a certain person is waiting for you.. Well Ash- You know what I'm just going to shut up now.'' She smiled playfully and I blushed as she opened the door.

Ashton stood at the door texting on his phone until he dropped it looking up at me. ''J-jenna!! You look beautiful!'' He grinned and I blushed. ''Thanks Ash.''

''Jenna, you're going to be telling me everything that happened after so make sure you come back too this room not Luke's.'' Claire whispered and I laughed. ''Okay, I'll try.'' I smiled and Ashton linked arms with me.

''I can't believe how old you're getting.'' He laughed and I smiled ''Nawhhh I'll always be your baby sister Ash.'' I smiled hugging me tightly. ''Mum will be so proud.'' He whispered and I smiled. ''Our dads don't know what they're missing.'' I winked and he laughed. ''They really don't...'' He smiled.

So here I was ready too meet Luke, and honestly I couldn't be more excited.



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