I dont care

''Luke.. M-my brother.'' I stuttered as the blonde boys hands traveled down my waist.
''I don't care about your brother...'' His words rolled of his tongue sending shivers down my spine.
I couldn't bare it any longer.. Our lips brushed against each others before he was ripped off me, stood there was non other than my furious brother his self..


51. 52

Jenna's POV

''We just gotta get out.'' The boys finished their song before shouting thank you and running off stage. ''Oh shit, Luke you're all sweaty don't expect a hug from me!'' I exclaimed playfully backing up. I saw a devious smile plaster on his face and I let out a shriek and started running. ''Come on babe... A hug wont hurt!'' He grinned and I giggled running up some stairs. ''Yes it willll!'' I playfully smiled and he started running behind me.

''CAL! CALUM!'' Luke shouted/laughed and the next thing I knew an equally sweaty Mr Hood followed behind Luke only this time he was topless. ''Oh don't you dare!'' I gasped looking for a way too go. Lock myself in a dressing room? Run down the hall. Run down the hall. That's my only option since the dressing rooms are on the other side of the arena. Gosh I must sound like I'm in a horror movie or something.

''You can't run from ussss!'' Calum called from the other end of the hall and I giggled lightly covering my mouth with my hand to prevent noise until I landed in this little corner. Oooh the boys couldn't fit down here.

''Boo found you! Heyyyy!'' Calum smirked pulling the rape face.

(A/N I don't mean to offend anybody by using that xox)

''Haha, Calum what the hell is that face?'' I laughed and he could only fit his hand in but that was enough to pull me out. His hands dug into my side which made me squirm about laughing, did I mention I was extremely ticklish?

''Rape faceeee!'' I shouted and picked me up making me squeal. ''Ew! Ew! Calum you're all sweaty!'' I cried out causing him too laugh even more. ''That's the fun about it!'' He replied and started running.

''I swear if you drop me-''

''Oops!'' He then dropped me onto a sofa where Mikey was laid. ''Hey Mikey!'' I grinned before jumping back up and chasing Calum down the hall.

''Oh it's on Hood.'' I rolled up my sleeves and I saw his eyes widen. ''What are they?'' He asked grabbing my wrist. I managed to tug the sleeve back down. ''W-what are what?'' I know they were old from that time Luke and I.. We.. Argued.

''S-scars.. Does Luke know about this?'' Calum rolled up my sleeve running his hands along them causing me too wince.

''Y-yeah.. They're from a while ago. I'm sorry..'' I whispered and he put his fingers under my chin. ''You don't have too be sorry. Okay, it's alright.'' He smiled and pulled me in for a tight hug. ''Thanks Cal... Anyway I better go find Luke, where's he gone?'' I sighed and Calum shrugged. ''I have no idea, go on, I'm going to Skype Johannah anyway.'' He spoke and I wiggled be eyebrows. ''Oh shut up.'' He laughed his face turning red.


Once I got outside of the dressing rooms I knocked on half on them but they were either empty or occupied by some random set person. Once I got outside the one that had '5 Seconds Of Summer' on I mentally slapped my self for being so stupid.

I knocked lightly but to only be greeted by silence. I sighed and pushed the door to find a sulking Luke sat on the couch with his arms crossed over his chest.

''What's wrong with you?'' I chuckled lightly and he sighed. ''Why aren't you with Calum?''

''What?'' I let out a little bit of laughter. ''Why's it funny?''

''Luke, we were messing about... Are you? Are you jealous?'' I asked and he shook his head, ''no.''

''Awwh Luke! Calum's just my friend! Look we're nothing else, please don't me like this.'' I smiled sadly putting my hand on his arm. ''I just keep on thinking that you would leave me for someone better..'' He looked blankly at the wall.

''Luke.'' I sighed and I moved over to him. ''There's nobody on this earth better than you for me. No matter what anyone says, I love you okay.'' I whispered and planted a soft kiss on his lips.

''Okay..'' He whispered and hugged me. He's so cuddly, like a big teddy.

'' I love you Luke.'' I whispered and I saw a smile appear on his face. ''I love you too baby.'' He hugged me closer and I smiled until everyone came in ruining the moment.

''Ah leave us alone!'' Luke groaned throwing a pillow at the door. ''Well hello to you too Lucas.'' His mum laughed and he blushed. ''Oh. Hey mum!'' He smiled sitting up with his hand wrapped around my waste.

''Your mum is the best, she got me Panda Express.'' Michael spoke with his mouth full. It's hard too think that this boys turning 19 this year.

(A/N Sob.)

I giggled shaking my head. What a bunch.


Sorry that's short xox

-couple more chapters until it's over:(

Yes there will be a sequel💕💕💕

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