I dont care

''Luke.. M-my brother.'' I stuttered as the blonde boys hands traveled down my waist.
''I don't care about your brother...'' His words rolled of his tongue sending shivers down my spine.
I couldn't bare it any longer.. Our lips brushed against each others before he was ripped off me, stood there was non other than my furious brother his self..


47. 48

Jenna's POV

''Dallas!'' Luke exclaimed quickly making me jump. ''Woo!'' Michael grinned along with Calum, Ashton was too interested in his girlfriend. I knew they would make a good couple, they're adorable!

''Shit Luke you scared me!'' I laughed and he laughed entwining his fingers with mine.

''Boo!'' He whispered in my ear sending shivers down my spine and butterflies to erupt into my stomach.

''Keeeeeeek!'' Ashton exclaimed and I laughed hiding behind Luke, I don't want everyone seeing me after I have just been traveling for 20 hours. I need a shower and my makeup has probably washed off bleh!

''You look beautiful, why are you hiding?'' Luke's low voice smiled and I blushed covering my face. He softly prided my arms off my face and he set them on his own waist making me smile. ''See, gorgeous.'' He smiled pecking my lips and I rolled my eyes scoffing. ''I mean it.'' He mumbled and we carried on walking our hands occasionally swinging back and forth.


''Ugh I'm fed up off this..'' Luke mumbled and I knotted my eyebrows together and walked over towards him. ''What do you mean?'' I wrapped my arms around his chest and he placed his hand on my arm causing it too go all warm.

''I want to be able to spend a WHOLE day with you rather than a couple of hours a day..'' He sighed and I weakly smiled, it's true, but I guess it's better than nothing.

''Well it's better than nothing I suppose.'' I sighed saying what was on my mind.

''Yeah but I just wish there was some way I could see you more.'' I could tell he was becoming more and more impatient and frustrated by the second.

I made my way around the front of him so I was knelt down our facing almost touching.

''Calm down okay..'' I softly whispered putting my hand on his face, ''when we get back to Sydney we can see each other almost everyday.'' I smiled and I saw one appear onto his face as well.

''Do you think...'' He began and broke eye contact. ''Do I think what?'' I asked.

''Do you think if your mum didn't um... You know pass away; do you think we would be together?'' He started to look into space and I felt tears stab into my eye.

I didn't reply too him or say anything, I didn't want to know he had made me cry so I just simply shrugged facing towards the floor.

''Aw come here baby, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to make you cry.'' He whispered and pulled me onto his lap.

''Everything's ok, ok, she wouldn't want you too be crying, I'm sorry.'' He whispered planting a kiss on my temple and I let out a deep heavy breath and spoke up. ''It's okay, it's not your fault.'' I whispered trying not too hiccup.

''Shhhh, shh.'' He whispered soothing me from crying. His warm touch comforted me until I had no tears left. ''I-i just miss her..'' I numbly spoke as he rubbed circles on my back. ''I know babe, I know, but you have to remember that she's always with you here?'' He pointed to my chest.

''What my breasts?'' I let out a laugh along with him.

''Nah, nah in your heart... I'll be the one in there.'' He mumbled not meaning for me to hear it. I slapped his arm playfully and I saw his face turn bright red.

''Alright well I gotta go perform after I'm taking you for a walk.'' He smiled standing up, as he stretched the bottom half of his stomach showed making me pat it lightly. He giggled like a little school girl and I gave him a 'what the hell was that?' Look. ''What!?!'' He asked innocently, ''it tickled!'' He laughed making me chuckle a little and I patted his bum. ''Go on, don't want to miss your show.''

''Ooh don't fall asleep because I want to take you out!'' He mentioned walking towards the door with me on his tail.

''Don't worry, I won't.'' I smiled as he pressed his lips up against mine. ''Now go kill em babe.'' I smiled as he waved walking down the hall too the arena. I wonder where he wants to take me. But as for now, I have 2 hours too kill. I have no idea where Claire is. I might as well skype call some friends back home anyway.

Johanna and Lainey. Eeep! I've missed them two a shit load. And they're finally online.

''Wassuup bitchez!'' I grinned towards the camera as they both squealed smiling and waving. ''We've missed you!'' Johanna's outgoing personality took over making me miss the two even more. I noticed also she was wearing her Marvel shirt that I bought her for her birthday. She loves Marvel and DC, hmm so does Calum.. Hmmm.

''We need to catch up, gosh!'' Lainey appeared on her screen with her pink, purple and blue hair, she was more chilled back, more like Michael. Hm I think I have a bit of a shipping thing going on in my head here.

''I know! So how are you doing....''




Two familiar voices started to get closer and closer and finally two boys burst into my room. ''Heyyy!'' I exclaimed and saw Michael and Calum. Hm just the people.

''Who you talking too? Oh hi!'' Calum exclaimed and plopped down next too me. ''Calum, this is Johannah, Johannah this is Calum-'' Yeah I introduced everyone like that until I saw Luke waving at the door. ''Okay, well you guys can.. Mingle, I'm off now taddaa bitchez.'' I ran out leaving the four together. Let's see what that creates.......


Oh ew not in that way! Ha. Ha... I'm so awkward...


''So where are you taking me Hemmo?'' I saw him smirk at the little nickname I had given him.

''Anywhere we end up Ir-win-iny-in-in.'' He scrunched up his nose like he was thinking. ''No it would be Irwiny.''

''Wait, no Irwin-in?''

''Ir-'' I cut his blabbering off by landing my lips onto his. ''Woah.'' He exclaimed and I rolled my eyes playfully.

''You're such a little dork.'' I giggled as he wrapped his arms around my waist.

''Oh trust me you're worse!'' He smirked nibbling my ear. ''Only because I was reading.'' I blushed facing the ground kicking a few rocks out of my way. It was a hot, humid night where everything seemed to just stick too you. Ew, gross I know it's just... Sweaty weather. I hate it. But anything that will cool you down is like heaven.

''Hey Jen look.'' He put his hand on my back as we saw a lighten up lake. Why the lights were there I have no idea. Was this all set up or something? It was beautiful, and there was no doubting that. Just. Wow. Breath taking honestly. As I looked around I noticed not a soul in sight and for some reason, I wanted to go... Skinny dipping? I mean it's so refreshing and there's only Luke who's seen me before so.. Hey why not live a little?

''I want to go in.'' I smirked deviously at him and I saw the light reflect off his excited face. ''What are we waiting for then.'' He chuckled as we both started to strip running along the wooden peer, as my feet neared the edge I felt a rush of excitement pass through me making me jump straight into the refreshing water, it wasn't too cold, but it wasn't warm either... It was just right really..

Luke let out a shout as he splashed into the water next to me. ''Haha! Lukee!'' I groaned throwing my hair into a messy bun piled onto the top of my head, I honestly don't care about it getting wet, it's just the fact that it's all knotted and full of seaweed after you get out, it's just *shudder* Wait we're not even in the sea dumbass we're in a lake. Still it's full of trash.

''The pieces of us both, under every city light, and they're shining as we fade into the night.''

Luke whispered a few lyrics, too 'Besides You' which made me smile wrapping my arms around his neck as his hands fell onto my waist. ''I love you Jenna.'' He whispered his deep voice sending vibrations through me. ''I love you too Luke.'' I whispered and rested my head on his chest listening to his heart beat pound softly in rhythm.


''You cold?'' Luke asked as he tugged our clothes back on. ''Nah I'm fine.'' I replied throwing my top over my wet body and bra which clung too me because of the water which was still dripping off both of our bodies.

I released my hair from it's messy hold letting the aroma of coconuts surround the air. ''Your hair smells so good.'' Luke whispered wrapping his arms around my waist. ''Are you sniffing my hair?'' I chuckled and he smiled burying his face into the back of my neck. ''Maybe.'' He mumbled pressing his warm lips up against my neck. ''You're so cute you know that Luke.'' I whispered smiling and he giggled as we started walking along the sandy path way back to the hotel, we're leaving to Chicago soon.

Judging by the traffic, (google said this) 15 hours, but it's usually like 14 1/2. I bet most of us will sleep the wholeee way. *Cough* Mikey * cough*


Awee cute Juke chapter for you all.

Thank you all so much for commenting and hearting, and fanning me, 84 fans woah that's a lot last week I only had 40. Thanks guys so much! I will update tomorrow <3

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