I dont care

''Luke.. M-my brother.'' I stuttered as the blonde boys hands traveled down my waist.
''I don't care about your brother...'' His words rolled of his tongue sending shivers down my spine.
I couldn't bare it any longer.. Our lips brushed against each others before he was ripped off me, stood there was non other than my furious brother his self..


46. 47



Jenna's POV

''Hey Ash.'' I smiled as my brother stood leaning over the island on the tour bus. I don't think anybody else is awake (apart from the driver obviously.) I got up to get a drink but turns out Ashton is up still.

There was no reply from him apart from a few sniffles. ''Ashton?'' I asked making my way over to him.

Why was my brother crying? What's happened? Who's done this? ''W-what's wrong?'' I stuttered but he wouldn't turn towards me. ''Nothing. Nothings wrong.'' He turned away his rock figure making it almost impossible for me to budge him.

''I know something is wrong Ashton, if you don't want to talk about it, that's okay, but you're going to have to tell someone sooner or later.'' I whispered putting my hand on my brothers arm. I just hope whatever it is, doesn't carry on, I don't want my brother like this. What happened if him and Claire argued or something, no, no. They wouldn't or we would of been woken up by it, plus Claire's still asleep or she would probably be with him.

''They want me to die.'' He mumbled out and I felt my stomach sink. Hate. I've seen the hate being given to him before, has it carried on? Shit.

''Look, they want me to cut my wrists again an-''

''Ashton, you can't listen to them, they're nothing but low life people who are a waste of space by sitting behind their computer screens typing out a load of untrue bullshit that you shouldn't believe, these people don't know what they're talking about Ashton, millions of people love you and you can't let like what? 1? 2? Get too you, they're jealous, they're jealous Ashton of your talent and fame, you just can't listen to them.'' I ranted and I saw he was looking at me with tears in his eyes which made them all glossy and they reminded me of mum.

The next thing I knew I had pulled my brother in for a hug. Everything was racing through my mind about Ashton at this point, I was getting paranoid and I was worrying. Shit. I shouldn't worry it just makes things worse.

''You can't leave us.'' I whispered and his grip tightened around me. ''I-i won't, I wont go anywhere.'' He sniffled. Maybe I should get his mind off this for a while... But what happens if he wants to talk about it. Hm.

''So you, what's happened with Claire?'' I asked and I saw a smile and a blush form onto his face.

''I haven't asked her out yet...''

''Well you need toooo!!!'' I squealed clapping my hands together like and excited teenage girl. Well I am. Oh okay. That didn't really work out haha.

''But when? I can't just go straight towards her and say-''

''Yes you can Ashton! I know you want too!''

''But what happens if she says no?!?''

I pulled a 'really' face towards him and scoffed folding my arms over my chest. ''She loves you and you love her. You know that Ashton don't play dumb with me!''

He was fighting against the smile on his face which kept tilting up every now and then.

''Now go! Go ask her!''

''What? She's asleep?''

''Wake her up..''

''I'm not that annoying.''

''No comment... Haah I'm only joking, anyway as soon as she wakes up then.''

''As soon as she wakes up then.'' He agreed and I giggled. ''Yay!''

Claire's POV

As I let out a small stretch and a yawn I felt the bed which was once occupied by Ashton empty besides me. I felt the smile fade off my face a little, maybe he's just gone to the toilet or something...

Speaking of that. I seriously need the toilet! I crept out of my bunk landing on my feet and not on my bum like Jenna did earlier, hehe that was funny! As I went to peek around the corner into the bathroom I heard voices... Jenna and Ashton's.. I knew I shouldn't be eavesdropping but for some reason I couldn't help myself.

''Now go ask her!'' Jenna instructed/ giggled. Ask who? Who was Ashton going to ask, a girl as well? Me? I have no idea.

''What? She's asleep?'' Ashton mumbled but there was a hint of excitement in his voice. Was he talking about me? I felt jealousy spring to my heart if it wasn't me, half of me is saying they're talking about someone else, and the other half is chanting, 'Claire, Claire, Claire!'

''Wake her up..'' Jenna replied.

''I'm not that annoying.'' Awhhhh Ashton!

''No comment... Haah I'm only joking, anyway as soon as she wakes up then.'' Jenna laughed, wait so they were going to wake up a girl. Who is preferably sleeping, too ask her something?

''As soon as she wakes up then.'' Ashton sighed and Jenna clapped her hands together. ''Yay!'' I couldn't really work out anything else they were saying but footsteps made me dart back to the bed scrambling back onto the bunk, Calum probably got a foot in his mouth but oh well. It stopped him from snoring.

I ripped the covers over me and I heard someone clear there throat. ''Urhm Claire?'' Michael's voice laughed and I gasped. ''Oh shit! Sorry Mikey!'' I heard him let out a snort of laughter, oh that was embarrassing. Wrong bunk!

When I slowly jumped off I noticed Ashton stood there staring.. ''I-i got the wrong bunk..'' I mumbled a blush crawling up onto my face before he burst into bubbles of laughter, it stopped when Luke groaned for us all too shut up, it kind of came out as a slur making him sound drunk, but he was probably half asleep.

''Oooh this is why I love you.'' Ashton chuckled and I felt butterflies crawl into my stomach. Love you? He loves me? I-i never expected him too like me back...

His eyes went wide and I saw his cheeks change the same colour as mine as his head faced the floor. ''Ashton..'' I whispered and the next thing I knew my lips were on his. Woah. I was kissing him. I was kissing Ashton. This was amazing. It was only a small but sweet kiss and our heads leaned together after. ''Will you be my girlfriend?'' He asked and I couldn't help but let the smile attack my face.

''Of course.''



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