I dont care

''Luke.. M-my brother.'' I stuttered as the blonde boys hands traveled down my waist.
''I don't care about your brother...'' His words rolled of his tongue sending shivers down my spine.
I couldn't bare it any longer.. Our lips brushed against each others before he was ripped off me, stood there was non other than my furious brother his self..


42. 43


Jenna's POV

''THANKYOU LA WE LOVE YOU ALLLLLLLLL!'' The boys all screamed into their mics before running off stage since I was stood straight into their pathway Michael crashed straight into me making me burst out laughing. ''Sorry!!'' He exclaimed giving me a hand up before pushing me towards Luke. ''I think I was the one who was suppose to be on top of you?'' He mumbled into my ear seductively. I slapped his arm lightly causing him to smirk cheekily.


The next day.

''I say we all go down to the pool!'' Calum exclaimed and guess what... That's where we went! Well no shit Jenna, duh; seriously I am so dumb sometimes.

''Hurry up Luke!'' I giggled walking into the room too where he was dancing and singing to 'isn't she lovely' in front of the mirror, he grabbed me and started dancing and singing to me making me laugh. ''Oh Lucas.'' I smiled hugging him and pressing my lips up against his bare chest.

''Hey guys, you can have sex later, but not now.'' Calum knocked on the door making us jump. ''We weren't having sex.'' I blushed. ''Hah, whatever come on.'' He giggled earning a smack on the back of the head from Luke. When we got all our stuff I noticed Claire and Ashton holding hands. ''Are you two dating yet?'' I blurted out.


''W-what? N-no.'' Ashton nervously giggled and they both blushed. ''Hmmm..'' I hummed in response. They will. They will soon, and I am positive of that.

''Hurrry upppp!'' Michael aka the vampire ran past more like flashed past, he was so eager to get into this pool, I'm surprised, he's usually the one who would want to stay and play on the computer!

When we got down the only people who were down there was a group of buff boys who all looked like they were showing off and ugh. Assholes.

As me and Claire walked past them I heard wolf whistles and I rolled my eyes. ''Just ignore them.'' I instructed and Claire nodded walking right by me, but that wasn't the end of it. Oh no.


I was currently sat on the sun bed waiting for my tan too kick in when I noticed them making there way over towards me, the leader of them all came and sat on the opposite sun bed of mine which was Lukes..

I don't care if he had a buff body or amazing abs, nothing was attractive about him. The only person I was attracted to was Luke. These boys just looked like... Cocky jocks or something.

''Um can I help you?'' I asked pushing my sunglasses onto the top of my head.

''Well.. You could by meeting us tonight at room 60-''

''I think I'll pass... Oh and I have a boyfriend.. That's his bed so if you excuse me-''

''Oh come on only for a drink birdy, it will be fun!'' I mentally gagged when he called me birdy. ''I don't think my boyfriends would like that, now if you excuse me-'' I stood up but I was cut off.. Again.. Grr. These boys just won't give up will they.

''Your boyfriend doesn't have to know! So what do you say huh?''

''I'm saying no!'' I sassed folding my arms and the other 3 boy oooohed. ''Well what happens if I make you.''

''You won't make me because I'm pretty sure my boyfriend will beat the shit out of you, how does that sound?''

''Fine..'' The guy huffed before walking away. I smirked knowing that I had defeated them and laid back again. When the hell is Claire getting back with them drinks- oh never mind... Snogging Ashton..

I watched as someone ripped a towel off the bed next to me in anger and I saw Luke. ''Oh hey Luke!'' I smiled and he just ignored me drying his hair. ''Luke?''

''What!?'' He hissed.

''I-i.. What's wrong?'' I knotted my eyebrows together standing up as he started walking away.

''Why don't you ask them guys over there?'' He spat harshly not looking me in the eye. ''What? Oh Luke..'' So was this what this is about?

Luke's POV

''Okay, okay let me get a drink!'' I exclaimed climbing out of the pool, as I turned around to go to the pool bar I noticed something in the corner of my eye. Jenna... Gathered around her were about 4 boys all talking to her.. What? They all had body built- bodies and were tanned with stubble and easily looked in their 20's. W-why was she talking to them?

As soon as they went away Jenna smirked pushing her sunglasses on and I felt a mix between jealousy, sadness and anger pass through me. Storming over I snatched my towel off the bed and she sat up.

''Oh hey Luke!'' She chirped. Screw her and her beautiful voice, face, hair, oh fuck everything. Everything that is too good for me.

I just simply ignored her not knowing what would come out if I talked. I ran the towel through my hair as I spiked up the ends before she stood up behind me. ''Luke?'' She asked again and I snapped before turning around to face her; ''what?'' I harshly snapped and started stomping like a spoilt child over to the empty part of the beach that wasn't swarming and over loaded with teenagers, adults and kids.

''I-i.. What's wrong?'' Her confused voice spoke. There was no way I was going to tell her I was jealous. ''Why don't you ask them guys over there?'' Oh shit I just blew it.

''What?'' She asked as I spun around towards her. ''Oh Luke!'' Her voice softened and she tried to put her hand on my arm but I shrugged it away. I'm not thinking. I'm being a dick.

''That was nothing, I was trying to get them away, I told them I had a boy-''

''Then why were you smiling after!!!??''

''Because I got rid of them, look-''

''You know what? Just leave it you mean nothing to me.'' I sharply snapped oh shit what the hell did I just say? That's so fucking far from the truth, without Jenna my world is nothing! Her face sunk and drained white before someone tapped my shoulder.

''So that's your boyfriend huh? He's not very nice is he now?'' This random guy who must of been that dude from earlier exclaimed cockily. I was much taller than him so I kind of pushed out my chest and stepped forward a little feelings more confident.

''No! He WAS my boyfriend! He NEVER will be anymore!'' I heard a painful cry from behind me and the next thing I knew she was running.. Running away.

''Haha well done lad!'' One of the guys cried out sarcastically and I flashed him my middle finger before chasing Jenna back into the hotel. ''JENNA!?'' I shouted/ asked. I was seriously panicking I'm such a dick! Why would I even say that? She means the world to me.

''Luke!? What's wrong? Where's Jenna?'' Ashton's voice made guilt seethe through me. ''A-ashton...'' I gulped and her brother turned towards me.

''Dude, what's wrong?'' He asked and I kind of just stood there like an idiot.

''I said Jenna meant nomfffmmfsnnfn..''

''You said Jenna meant what?''

''I said Jenna meant nothing to me..'' I watched Ashton's face turn into pure anger and I spoke up again. ''I-i really don't mean it! I swear! She means everything too me I-i need to find her!'' I stammered and Ash's face relaxed.

''It's okay Luke, I understand, come on let's go Luke dude.'' He patted me on the back and we raced up the stairs.

After at least 10 minuets of looking I was already inpatient and I felt a tear run down my face. Why was I worrying.. She'll be okay.. I'm sure of it.


Oooh where is Jenna guys?


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