I dont care

''Luke.. M-my brother.'' I stuttered as the blonde boys hands traveled down my waist.
''I don't care about your brother...'' His words rolled of his tongue sending shivers down my spine.
I couldn't bare it any longer.. Our lips brushed against each others before he was ripped off me, stood there was non other than my furious brother his self..


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I love you guys xoxooxoxoxxox


Jenna's POV

''Alright chill it you two, we understand you've just argued but you don't need to make out in front of us!'' Michael sassed laughing and Luke cursed him under his breath making me laugh. It was the morning after and me and Luke had made up pretty good. He hadn't noticed my wrist and to be honest I was really regretting even doing that, what the hell was I thinking?

We're in LA and it's too hot and here I am like a dummy with a long sleeved top on. ''Jenna hunny are you okay in that jumper?'' Liz asked worried and I mentally cursed. I thought too soon!

''I-i'm fine thanks.'' I smiled/ stammered nervously, I felt Luke's concerned glare on the side of my face but he kind of blinked it off when I turned towards him.

She nodded knowing something was wrong and Michael and Ashton kind of sat there uncomfortable and clearing their throats. Please don't tell, please don't tell. ''Hey Jenna am I aloud in the room tonight?'' Claire thankfully broke the silence sitting next to Calum which earned her a sad look from Ashton. Hehe whipped I tell you. Whipped.

Her little joke also earned me a playful death glare and then Luke from next to me spoke up; ''Jenna's sleeping in my room.'' His arms wrapped around me and I kissed his arms holding them. ''Don't be doing anything funny you two.'' Liz smirked and Luke's face started to turn red. ''Mummm.'' He groaned burring his face into my neck. ''Awhh Lukey.'' I giggled kissing his temple. He was so sweet, and amazing and cute and just ohhh! He was perfect.

Now I'm the whipped one.


Me and Luke were cuddled in the comfy, queen sized bed, it was pitch black until Luke switched on the light. I quickly hid my wrist so the cuts weren't visible anymore and I saw him turn towards me and sigh. ''Luke, what's wrong?'' I gulped and he kissed my bare arm. ''You know you can tell me anything right?'' He whispered making me feel bad.


''If I ask you something, you promise you will tell me the the truth?''

''The truth, and only the truth.''

''Why were you wearing that long sleeved T Shirt today?''

I could feel myself turning hotter and hotter, and I knew I had to tell the truth, but the truth would crush him and I don't want to see him like that.

''I-i wanted t-too...'' I stammered. ''I thought you would tell me the truth...'' He harshly sat up. ''L-luke I-i can't..''

''Hold out your wrist.'' He informed. ''What?''

''You heard me do it.'' I held out my clean wrist that was free from any scars or cuts. Hopefully he would just think of- ''and your other one.'' Shit.

I hesitated before slowly pulling out. His grip snatched my wrist and I gulped before he let it loose. ''J-jenna....'' His eyes filled up with tears. ''Turn off the lights.'' I spoke feeling sick. ''N-no. Tell me, why? Why?'' His voice was barley audible. ''Luke, please!!'' I begged but he was being stubborn. He picked up my wrist and planted several kisses on them.

''I-i thought I lost yo-u.'' My voice cracked which was the last thing I wanted it to do, so I just shut up. Words can't explain how I was feeling right now... It was just so.. Numb, and.. And odd?

''I'm right here baby, okay, don't ever hurt yourself again.. I can't... Just.. I love you too much okay..'' He finally switched off the lights and held me so close that our heart beats were visible to each others ears. ''I-i'm sorry, I-i promise I wont d-do it again.. I-i love you too..'' I tried to stop my cries as Luke drew circles on my stomach.

''Don't cry.. Princess it's okay I'm here now.'' His words kept on circling through my mind. He's here. He's with me and I'm safe from everything. All my worries, all my fears as corny as that sounds have left when I'm with Luke.


Little filler chapter for you there, sorry if it sucks, I have a plot twist coming up soon, and also could you read my other stories and let me know what you think:)

Thanks guys, love you xoxox

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