I dont care

''Luke.. M-my brother.'' I stuttered as the blonde boys hands traveled down my waist.
''I don't care about your brother...'' His words rolled of his tongue sending shivers down my spine.
I couldn't bare it any longer.. Our lips brushed against each others before he was ripped off me, stood there was non other than my furious brother his self..


38. 39

Jenna's POV

This whole Claire and Ashton is all okay now, Claire finally told her parents to leave her and her relationship life away, speaking of relationships, they aren't even dating yet, it's confusing me, I don't know what they are. Well I'm pretty sure that's how everyone thought of me and Luke!

We had gotten off the plain at San Francisco and it was so sunnnyyy! Which made me happpyyyyy! ''It's so sunnyyy!'' I grinned as Luke twirled me around his hands while looking down at his phone and smiling up at me. ''I love it when you're like this!'' He sniggered and twirled me back into his arms.

''What do you mean?'' I smiled as he kissed my nose. ''When you're all hyper and giddy, it's cute.'' He spoke before I wrapped my arms around him, his body heat making me feel all blehsidk inside. It was a nice feeling, knowing I can just hug and kiss him whenever I want too.

''You're cute all the time.'' I mumbled into his chest and he smiled but frowned at something on his phone. ''What's wrong?'' I asked as his hands fell loose from around my waist. His blue, sky eyes staring into mine a flash of anger/ sadness before they fell back onto his phone. ''Nothing.'' He quickly blurted out before walking over to his mum. Odd...


There was a knock at the hotel door and I smiled when I saw Luke. ''Jenna...'' He sighed his voice all shaky, I felt my smile disappear when I saw he was on the verge of tears.

''L-luke what's wrong?'' I stammered opening the door. Claire had gone to see Ashton (like usual) so it was just me and Luke. ''Don't you 'what's wrong me' Jenna I know you don't want to be with me!'' He hissed and I knotted my eyebrows together.

''Luke!!! What are you talking about? Of course I want to be with you!!'' I was so fucking confused what does he mean, I mean I love him more than anything! I can never loose him or I don't know what I would do.

''It's all over twitter! W-why didn't you just tell me Jenna...'' He looked down sadly. ''Luke.. What are you talking about..'' My voice softened.

He turned back up at me and pushed the table away causing it to go smashing onto the floor. ''Just admit it! Okay! If you're fed up and don't want to be with me, just tell me!'' I watched as a tear fell down his face. What is he talking about!?!

''Don't just leave me here like a fool where millions of people are laughing at me!'' He spoke and just stared into my eyes with tears falling down and his breathing was heavy.

''Luke!'' I cried. ''I seriously have no idea what you're talking about!''

''Stop bullshitting okay!''

''Why don't you believe me Luke?''

''Because!'' Stubborn. Hm. That's Luke for you.

''Because? So you're going to listen to the people over twitter who are talking rubbish rather than your own girlfriend!'' I felt a warm tear fall down my cheek an Luke gulped shuffling about.

''Y-yes.'' He stammered.

''Well if that's how it is then, then I think we should break up!'' I exclaimed not wanting to ever hear them words come out of my mouth, nor would I ever want them to come out of his. I saw a smirk appear on his face, but his sad, broken expression in his eyes stayed the same.

Why is he smiling? Does he think this is funny? I sobbed out loud again and looked back up at him. ''You're only joking with me?'' He spoke cockily but I could still hear the wordiness from behind his voice. I simply shook my head no and I heard his breath hitch; ''J-jenna n-no you can't do this!'' There were no hiding our cries anymore.

''I-if you can't trust me then what's the point?'' My voice cracked before I saw his expression change and his face go completely white. ''I'm sorry Luke.'' I shut the door locking it despite his knocks on the door, and the sound of his crying which made me almost go insane. He left about 10 minuets before his show and I heard Claire pounding against the door. ''Jenna! Jenna! Why was Luke crying? Why are you crying? Jenna open!'' I wanted to be alone but I can't just lock Claire out.

''Just leave me alone.'' I sobbed opening the door for her but I turned away to walk too my room. ''Nope. Jenna explain.'' She grabbed my top and dragged me over to the sofa/bed.

''Luke s-saw this thing on twitter a-about me not liking and wanting t-to b-break up with h-him, w-which isn't true, and-and w-we argued and- and.'' I broke down even worse than last time and Claire pulled me in for a hug. ''Sh, sh it's okay.'' She spoke and I took a deep breath.

''I-i broke up with him.''

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