I dont care

''Luke.. M-my brother.'' I stuttered as the blonde boys hands traveled down my waist.
''I don't care about your brother...'' His words rolled of his tongue sending shivers down my spine.
I couldn't bare it any longer.. Our lips brushed against each others before he was ripped off me, stood there was non other than my furious brother his self..


34. 35

Jenna's POV

''USA, USA, USA!'' Me and Claire both chanted as we walked off the plain the freshening air hit us. I think it was like Spring in America, it wasn't too warm but it wasn't too cold either, perfect really. ''It feels so nice to be back on ground!'' Claire spun around in circles and collapsing on the ground making us all laugh.

''Hey wait you misses!'' I remembered what I had saw between her and Ashton on the plain; I grabbed her hood lightly pulling me back and gave me a look as if to say 'what?'

''I saw you and Ashton cuddlingggg!'' I smirked watching her cheeks turn red. This girl blushes a lot. And when I say a lot. I mean a lot! ''That was nothing!!'' She smiled at the floor.

''Ah, ah, ah! You tell me what that was!'' I giggled making her laugh along. ''Okay, okay! We were cuddling that's all!'' I could tell she was hiding something. ''You're hiding something!'' I exclaimed poking her side. ''Maybe.'' She tried to hide the smile on her lips and I knew what had happened. ''You kissed! Awh! awh!!'' I squealed jumping around.

''Sh! Sh! You don't want the whole world knowing!'' She quietened me down. ''Oh pul-ease, when you-''

''Okay, okay, just shhh.'' She blushed furiously. Aha, awh but I'm not kidding, I ship Cashton so hard. That's pretty weird coming from me, but it's trueeeeee! Hehe, oh god I swear I'm not on drugs.

I felt a hand slip into mine and I smiled to see Luke as we walked into the airports building. There were no fans until we got into the actual arriving bit if you get me. Whatever aha. I smiled towards my boyfriend and I went to plant a kiss on his cheek but he turned his head. ''Cheeky.'' I giggled and he winked.


The Hotel Room.

Me and Luke weren't aloud in the same room as each other to sleep in, in case we did 'stuff' that would make Luke tired :(

Okay I'm not bothered about having you know what with him, but I just like him there because he makes me feel so safe and secure when I'm hugging him. ''I wish Luke was here.'' I poked out my bottom lip. I wasn't to see him for another 2 days. I don't want to sound clingy or anything, but we've never been apart so it's kind of weird.

''Gurl, you are hella whipped!'' Claire threw a pillow at me so I groaned picking it up and throwing it back. ''But you can't say anything, I mean Ash-''

''Okay! Okay! But that's different.'' She sat on the end of her bed. ''Whatever you say.'' I wiggled my eyebrows causing the pillow to come flying back into my face making me fall onto the floor while we both burst out with laughter.

One we had stopped laughing Claire stood up, ''well I think I'm going to take a bath.'' She stretched. ''Wait that's the 2nd on in the past day? And we've only been here since this morning?'' I asked and she laughed throwing her head back. Yes. Claire has her scary funny moments.

''I prefer to think it as a Jacuzzi!'' She laughed her soft hair flying behind her because of the air conditioning. I giggled and shook my head, she would probably be in there for the next 2 hours or so knowing her. *Le roll of eyes.*

Just as I heard the water start to run there was a knock at the door and I heaved myself up off the bed glancing in the mirror making sure I looked okay. ''I'll get it!'' I exclaimed. ''Okayyyyy!'' Claire replied the echo from the bathroom probably heard from all around the hotel.

I was expecting the security or one of the boys- ''Jed?'' I gulped stepping back my ex's face making my heart race faster.

''Baby, please I miss you! I can't get over you please don't forget me, we can make this work! Just please!'' He begged and I started to shut the door before he jammed his foot in. ''J-just leave me alone! I-i already have a boyfriend!'' I stammered.

''You have a boyfriend?'' His nostrils flared in anger. Oh shit, shit, shit! All I could do was simply nod. ''Where is this asshole then Jen, huh?'' He folded his arms.

''Don't call me that!'' I hissed. He should never ever call me Jen. ''Oh I'm sorry Jenna but you didn't answer my question, where is he?'' His voice was full of cockiness and anger. Please don't lash out. Oh please don't.

''He's-h-he's.'' I stuttered looking around. What should I say? I mean he's down in the arena.. Performing to be exact. Or he should be at the end of the boys and his show.

''He's not here is he? Precious Luke huh?'' He snarled.

''How do you know his name?'' I hissed back hiding the fear behind my voice.

''Oh please I'm not dumb now you will dump that rotten sod and come with me!'' He spat reaching out for my arm but I jerked it back away from him. Please come out. Luke, Ashton, Michael, Calum, Liz, security, anybody, Claire!

''CLAIRE!'' I shouted but her music was too loud and blurred me out. ''CLAIRE!'' I screamed again. ''Shut up bitch!'' Jed yanked my hair pulling me out so the door slammed shut. ''J-just let me go!'' I sobbed looking around he deserted hallways.

''Let you go! Let you go?'' He hysterically laughed making me cringe at the spit flying of his teeth. Talk about crazy ex. I let out a sob as I fought back his arms. ''NO! No! HELP!'' I screamed for anybodies attention.

''SHUT UP!'' Jed shouted evil snaking around his voice. He through his disgusting hand over my mouth and I managed to bite down on one of his fingers, kick him in the knee making him fly backwards and all of a sudden I heard someone shout. ''HEY!'' A familiar voice screamed. I spun around to see Luke stood furiously storming towards the boy laid on the floor.

''Do you mind telling me what you were doing to her?'' Luke heavy breathing was giving away how angry he was but apart from that he was acting calm. Mysteriously calm. I couldn't tell.

''So you're Luke?'' Jed pulled his self up off the floor limping over to Luke. I stood trying to hold back my tears that kept on falling while watching the two.

''And I guess you're Jenna's ass of an ex.'' Luke hissed rage glinting in his eyes.

''Apart from the ass bit yes, yes I am.'' Jed sniggered and I watched Luke go lunge forward too him but I dived in front of Luke so he wouldn't do anything. My hand fell onto his chest and and I could feel his hot shaky, out of time breaths on my hand. He was beyond fuming.

''L-luke come on, we have bett-'' The next thing I knew Luke was lightly pushing me into my room and then he swiped the key off the desk next to me door and closing the door so I was locked inside. Fuck you.

''LUKE!'' I pounded on the door hearing the two smashing and breaking stuff. ''LUKE!'' I could feel my self starting to cry again as I was fearing the worst of what was outside my door.''LUKE!'' I shouted again as Claire rushed out of the door. ''What! What's happened!?!'' She looked so panicked and worried. ''J-jed t-turned up an-d tried t-to take m-me, b-but L-luke came a-and n-now th-ey're fighting!'' I sobbed and her eyes widened. ''I-m calling Ashton!'' She stammered.

Suddenly I remembered my hair grip and I quickly pulled it our sticking the point in the key hole. I've seen this on movies which are fake so d- Click!

I pushed open the door to almost faint at the sight.l Laid on the floor was a bloody lifeless Luke..


I didn't like writing that last bit :( I might update again tonight or tomorrow :) x

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