I dont care

''Luke.. M-my brother.'' I stuttered as the blonde boys hands traveled down my waist.
''I don't care about your brother...'' His words rolled of his tongue sending shivers down my spine.
I couldn't bare it any longer.. Our lips brushed against each others before he was ripped off me, stood there was non other than my furious brother his self..


33. 34

Jenna's POV

''Do you know when he will wake up?'' Liz cautiously asked the nurse. We were still in the airport in the nurses office ans we were still waiting for Luke to wake up, it was almost impossible to see him like this. I mean why did he just faint? Was he nervous about something? Was he too warm? I don't know. I softly stroked his hair out of his face as he twitched making a little noise like he has been doing for the past 10 minuet.

''Hopefully any time soon, you should be able to catch your flight in time..'' The nurses Italian accent flowed out as her eyes scanned her clip board. ''Judging by what's happened he got over heated and had an anxiety attack is this regular?'' She looked over to Liz who looked devastated. I was pretty confused at this moment, Luke? An anxiety attack?

''Oh no.'' Liz sighed putting her two fingers at the bridge of her nose. ''He used to have them when he first started out performing and in closed up spaces or when he was nervous about something. I have no idea what caused this one though.''

Luke used to have them? How come he never told me about it? And what was he nervous about? There were fans screaming and stuff, also it was warm but anxiety attack? Maybe he was thinking about something..


It must of only been about 2 minutes but it felt like 2 hours, Luke finally started to show signs of waking up, right now I have no worries about missing the plane to the US, I was just worried about Luke for now. ''Luke.. Luke..'' I whispered as his eyes fluttered open. I realized that it would be best if I just didn't bombard him with questions about how he had this or why he didn't tell me, I just need to let him rest.

''I'm sorry! I didn't mean to, she got onto me! I swear! I love you Jenna!'' He shot up and I knotted my eyebrows together. She got onto me? What does he mean by that. He didn't mean to? Oh.. I could feel my heart beating faster and faster and I looked around. I was so confused but for some reason I was expecting the worst out of something.

''W-what? What do you mean Luke?'' I stammered and he looked down. ''Yesterday after the concert we k-kissed me. I-i'm so sorry!'' He choked out and I just sat numb, he kissed another girl. W-why would Luke do that.

''Come on Jen.'' Ashton took my arm and I could feel the tears starting to roll down my cheeks. ''W-why would he do that Ash?'' I started to sob and my brother pulled me in for a hug along with Claire rubbing my back.

''Don't worry, that girl got onto him first and Luke panicked, he was crying after, Jen he still loves you!'' Ashton exclaimed and I paused. ''W-why didn't you tell me about it if you knew?'' I sniffled and I heard our flight being called.

''He wanted to tell him his self, that's why he had an anxiety attack, please don't stay mad at him.'' Claire spoke and I nodded. Luke... Oh Luke..

''I-i just need some time to think but I won't.'' I sighed and watched everyone walk out. My eye caught Luke's before he hung his head low.

''Okay.'' Ashton and Claire both replied sighing.

On the plane I was sat in one of those things where you can pull the side up for privacy on your seat which I found amazing. I had no idea who was next to me and I didn't bother looking. I was afraid it would be Luke. I know it's silly hiding/ running away from your problems but I'm just scared of what I will find out. Reality.

It must of been half way into the flight when I decided to go to the bathroom. Next to me I saw a sleeping Ashton and Claire with each other! Awh! I need to take a picture of that!

Once I was done in the bathroom I opened the door to see none other than Luke Hemmings stood with a shocked expression; I'm pretty sure mine was the exact same.

''L-luke.'' Is all I made out. ''Jenna.. I know you probably hate me, trust me I hate myself, if you just let me explain...'' He spoke and I sighed knowing there was no way out of this.

''Go on...'' I whispered looking down. ''I really didn't mean to kiss her! She just came up to me and I tried to get her away, I really did! She just came onto me I-i panicked I'm sorry!'' He stammered messing up on his words. I looked up and saw the guiltiness/ sadness in his eyes.

''A-and Jenna you're the only person in my life I will ever love, nobody else!'' He was almost beginning now. I couldn't bare it anymore.

I opened my arms and hugged him tightly I could feel his uneven breathing patterns as he was probably on the verge of tears. He had never cried in front of me before..

''It's okay, it's okay.'' I whispered Luke's words mashing through my mind

You're the only person in my life I will ever love, nobody else!

Does he really mean that? I mean I really feel like that towards him too, I wasn't expecting him to say that. ''I love you too, and you're the only person I will love as well.'' I whispered looking up at him. My chin was resting on his chest so I was facing him. ''And.. A-and I'm sorry for being a bitch and ignoring you I really should of been with you.'' I spoke as his bright blue eyes searched through mine.

''It's okay... You weren't a bitch.. I guess you want to know about the anxiety attacks then..'' He spoke and our hands met as we made our way back to the seats. ''If it's okay with you, I mean I'm not forcing anything out of you.'' I whispered as he lifted my hand and kissed it. ''You deserve to know..''

He then explained to me everything to when it started and what triggered this one. ''Luke you're so strong.'' I whispered and cuddled onto him on his lap.

''Well..'' He wiggled his eyebrows. ''I do work out.'' He smirked and lifted up his top to show a six pack. I could feel the blush crawling onto my cheeks and I giggled. ''What? I don't see anything.'' I joked and he pulled me down so my head was on his chest. ''Well maybe tonight you will.'' He winked and I smirked. ''Maybe.'' I whispered back and hugged him.

''I love you.'' We both spoke at the same time. I smiled and looked at him. ''You're so cute Luke.'' I smiled and he winked before I rested my head on his rising and falling chest. It was good to have the same old Luke back.


Awh I can't wait to update again, and Luke and Jenna's little argument/ fall out was their first :(

But they're both okay nowwww :D:D

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