I dont care

''Luke.. M-my brother.'' I stuttered as the blonde boys hands traveled down my waist.
''I don't care about your brother...'' His words rolled of his tongue sending shivers down my spine.
I couldn't bare it any longer.. Our lips brushed against each others before he was ripped off me, stood there was non other than my furious brother his self..


32. 33

Claire's POV (Bet you weern't expecting that.)

I sighed and walked around Jenna's hotel room. I was suppose to come and meet her for the concert tonight, but the show is only like an hour away, Ashton's still knocked out, Luke's in prison, Jenna's gone to bail him out and well the other two, the other two are in the police station which leaves me all alone here with Ashton.

Don't get me wrong, I love it here with Ashton, I mean all I want to do is cuddle him! He reminds me of a... Of aaaaa... A MARSHMALLOW! Okay I don't even know why that popped into my mind it was weird, but seriously, I think I may have feelings for Ash, and they aren't going nowhere. But for now all I can do it nurture him and make sure he's okay for when he wakes up.

Jenna had texted and told that she was on her way back with Luke she asked if Ash was awake and I felt really bad when I had to reply with no. I got no reply after that but Ashton suddenly started stirring about and groaning slightly. ''Ashton..'' I whispered walking over to the couch and kneeling down next to him, I was invading his privacy or anything, I was making sure I was giving him the space he needs.

His amazing hazel eyes fluttered open showing the glistening orbs I was originally met with.

(A/N Ha Orbbbbbbzzzz! Sorry but I had to use that word pmsl I'm laughing harder than I should!)

''Claire?'' His husky voice mumbled as he raised his hand to his head where his cut was. I felt butterflies flutter inside of my stomach and shoots of shock ran through me. ''Hey don't touch it, it's okay, Jenna's just gone to pick up Luke.''

''Why? What happened to Luke?'' He sat up abruptly making me wince. ''Careful..'' I whispered calmly. ''Luke went to the police station, they're on their way back now though.'' I watched as his amazing glistening eyes searched mine.

''Claire... You're beautiful you know that.'' He mumbled leaning closer towards me. I felt a hot blush grow on my cheeks. Dammit. I blush so much!

Ever so slowly we were leaning in towards each other, I felt like I was dancing on the inside but I have to keep it cool, I wonder what Ashton's thinking? I mean it's not too soon to do what I think we were going to do? Is it? Ever to softly Ashton's warm lips landed on mine. I felt the sparks flying about that you couldn't imagine and his hand raised up to my cheek, hesitating a little I brought my hand around his torso.

He fell back so he was resting against the couch and my legs some how wrapped around his waist.

Just as we were getting into the kiss the door swung open and I jumped off him looking at a shocked Jenna at the door. Her face broke into a grin as I watched Luke pull up next her and his facial expression was the exact same. I watched as my best friend wiggled her eyebrows and Michael and Calum pulled up behind them.

For some reason Jenna reminded me of Ashton when she did that. Yes. Definitely siblings. ''I knew it!!'' Jenna exclaimed jumping. I watched as Michael whispered something to them all making them fall into fits of laughter. Jenna turned a shade of deep red and I could tell she was embarrassed from what he was saying.


Ashton's POV

That kiss. That kiss. God. It was stuck in my head. I couldn't help but think of anything else but that kiss. And with Claire as well... Wow! She was just... Perfect... Well to me she was, in every single way. She was funny, bubbly, clever, smart, beautiful, friendly, everything I could ever wish for. As corny as this sounds I have a feeling Claire is the one. Like my mum said, you know the one when you see the one. I miss my mum. I wish she could come and see how far we have all come within these past few months. I wish she could meet Claire. I know she would love her.

Although I am not physically able to let Claire meet my mum or see her, I know she will always be here with me, my sister and everybody mentally. Oh god I'm going all emotional know.

''Ashton we need to talk!'' The manager of the touring program thing said. ''Sure.'' I spoke and walked over. ''I heard about that kiss you had... With Clara was it? No Claire, anyway since you two seem to be getting along I feel like it's best if Claire could stay with you for the last day, and then the rest of Europe and then in LA.''

I felt my heart beating quicker than ever in my chest. ''Seriously? Are you being serious?'' My grin taking over half of my face. ''I am! Now go an get her!'' He smiled shooing me off smiling. ''Thank you so much dude!'' I exclaimed and ran off. I have to tell Claire this. Not only will she like this, so will Jenna! I mean I can tell how lonely she get's with boys company, I mean she would like some girl time as well.

Trust me I know alllll of this shit! I may act like I don't. But secretly I do!


Woop woop so moreeeee updates coming today :D

That was a bit of Ashton's and Claire's thoughts for you, I have got a really cute chapter coming up next for Jenna and Luke :)

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