I dont care

''Luke.. M-my brother.'' I stuttered as the blonde boys hands traveled down my waist.
''I don't care about your brother...'' His words rolled of his tongue sending shivers down my spine.
I couldn't bare it any longer.. Our lips brushed against each others before he was ripped off me, stood there was non other than my furious brother his self..


31. 32

Jenna's POV

''Heyyyyy!'' I jumped as the entrance for She Looks So Perfect started playing. ''Shit you scared me!'' Claire held her hand to her heart. ''I love this song!!'' Michael spoke sounding like an adorable 5 year old. ''Hey guys, so...'' Ashton held up his camera. Bless, he's so dedicated. ''He's recording again.'' Michael grumbled playfully.

So we were on our way to Six Flags America, and let me tell you this. I. WAS. SO. EXCITED! Okay, okay you may call me childish and whatever but I am! As we started to pull up outside the entrance of the road thing we all started squealing and jumping about like we were on a school trip. ''Ugh we're stuck in traffic...'' The taxi man spoke turning around and I clipped my seat belt off and stood up looking out of the window. There was a long line of cars, well actually less than I expected, anyway holding us up was a crash. A big car crash. Shit. ''Woah.. There's been a crash.'' I spoke as people started to follow what I was doing.

A lorry had tipped over crushing a car and I was cringing and thinking the worst of what had happened between the people in it. A sad silence fell between us all before slumping back into our chairs and looking at each other.

''Hey!'' Calum jumped up, he had been pretty much quiet for the whole ride, listening to his music or sleeping, but now he decides to jump up making us jump.

''Hey!'' Mike mimicked him earning a punch on the shoulder from Calum. ''Why don't we just pay here, and then run to the entrance?''

''Yeah! Go on you kids, and have a good day.'' The taxi driver smiled and we handed him all our money owed and got out of the car with all our bags and headphones, phones ect.

''Thank youu!'' We all spoke before running like hooligans towards the entrance. We heard today was the least busiest day to visit the park plus the boys have a day to rest today, but they said they would rather come to the park with me and Claire instead.

''Hey wait up!! Jenna you're turning into Usain Bolt, babe.'' Luke gasped laughing. ''Sorry.'' I smiled sticking my bottom lip out and letting everyone else catch up.

''Hey you guys, so chessy ass couple stuff!'' Michael warned. ''Yeah I agree!'' Calum walked forward.

''What? So you're saying I can't do this?'' Luke smirked before grabbing my chin and kissing me with so much passion, a smile played up on my lips as we pulled apart gasping for air. Even Claire and Ashton looked horrified at what they had saw. ''Oh come on let's just goooo!'' I giggled and Luke and I entwined our fingers together.

''Woah..'' Calum spoke as we stared up at this huge roller coaster.


''Jenna! Jenna!'' Luke ran over holding two big penguins. A blue one an a pink one. ''Awh!'' I squealed. ''I won this for you, I wanted one as well so I won my self one, but they match! Here.'' He handed me one and I smiled, ''it's the best, you're the best, thankyou Luke.'' I smiled pecking his lips. ''Oh here!'' I remembered the HUGE gummy bear I had gotten.

''What the fuck! Is it real! Oh my god thank you!'' Luke gasped already taking a bite out of it. ''There's one more ride I want to take you on.'' He whispered as we stuffed everything into our bags. The penguins wouldn't fit in so we just carried them. Luke's arm was securely around my waist as he took me down into a tunnel which had glowing love hearts on the top.

The roof started getting lower and lower, and because Luke is really tall he hit his head against one of the wooden planks. ''Aha! Aw Luke! Are you okay?'' I tried to hide the fact that I was laughing. ''Only if you give me a kiss.'' He mumbled. ''And what happens if I don't.'' I playfully joked. ''Then I will cry.'' He giggled lightly and I planted a kiss on his head. ''Better?'' I smiled as we got outside of the cue, it was really dark down here..

''A lot better.'' He wrapped his arms around me and we just cuddled. I love cuddling. But sadly the two penguins weren't letting us cuddle properly.

We got into a little cart putting our bags and everything into the bottom of it and I sat with Luke's arm around me while I leaned my head on his shoulder and we swept away into the darkness of the ride. Soft music was playing and these doors opened into an aquarium. ''Luke!'' I gasped to see he was already looking at me which made me blush.

''It's beautiful.'' I whispered sitting up and looking around. ''You're beautiful.'' He mumbled and slowly we were leaning closer and closer. Okay no this wasn't a first kiss or anything, but whenever I do kiss Luke it makes it feel like it was our first one all over again. It's such a nice feeling and I don't think anybody could make me feel this way apart from Luke.


I was expecting paparazzi to be stood around us but then I remembered we were on a ride.. And nobody could get on.. Unless you were in a cart, anyway I looked up to see a camera at us that they usually take on rides. Perfect.

''That's a keeper.'' Luke whispered sending tingles down my spine.

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