I dont care

''Luke.. M-my brother.'' I stuttered as the blonde boys hands traveled down my waist.
''I don't care about your brother...'' His words rolled of his tongue sending shivers down my spine.
I couldn't bare it any longer.. Our lips brushed against each others before he was ripped off me, stood there was non other than my furious brother his self..


28. 28

Jenna's POV

The Next Day.

Why the hell is all the boys looking at? By all of them, I mean only Calum and Michael, they were sniggering and look at us. Luke's hand tightened around mine, and I remembered last night. Shit, shit, Ash didn't hear did he? ''Luke talk, minuet.'' Just the man came and swept Luke away. Uh oh. Ash better not do anything or say anything.

''So how was it?'' Calum nudged me. ''What! Ew!'' I exclaimed pushing him away lightly but laughing at the same time. ''It must of been good from the sound of it!'' He mumbled smirking under his breath. ''You were listening to us? Eww!'' I cringed.

''Well it was impossible to not hear you, Ash looked so furious! In fact I think the whole hotel could hear you, oh and the people below you have probably complained about the noi-'' Michael began. ''Oh ew! Um okay.'' I quickly moved away. This. Was. So. Awkward.

''Wait a sec, you did use.. Protection.'' Michael whispered. ''Yeah, yeah we did.'' I blushed embarrassed. ''Oh god.'' I whispered.


I saw Ashton and Luke walk past with an almighty smile on Luke's face. I guess something good happened.

''How come you're so happy?'' I smiled as he pecked my cheek. I wrapped my arms around his waist and he grinned down at me. ''Ashton said he's okay with us two.'' He planted another kiss on my lips and I smiled. ''That's great!'' I whispered hugging him tight. My stomach was fluttering around like crazy. Nothing I have felt before, it was... Like butterflies, yeah. But more than that. It was just so odd.. Huh.

Luke has weird effects on me.

''So Paris?'' I smiled as the announcer called the flight, ''Paris.'' Ashton nodded not making eye contact with me. So. Awkward. Like I said earlier, I mean think about it can you imagine hearing one of your siblings and your best mate.. Urhm.. Um that? I know I wouldn't like to hear Ash- you know what I'm just going to shut up now!

''You never told me you were a book worm?'' Luke smiled and I blushed cuddling him. ''There's nothing else to do, plus it's a really good book.'' I giggled. ''The fault in our stars?'' He read it and I nodded. ''We should go and see the movie to that, I've heard a lot of our fans talking about it.'' He smiled pecking my cheek. I couldn't help but wrap my arms around him and cuddle deeper in his top. What!?!? He was so cuddly! I couldn't help it!

The plain seats were really uncomfortable but Luke some how made it better. ''Yeah, that sounds nice.'' I softly smiled letting out a yawn. ''Come on you better sleep.'' He whispered and I nodded. How did I become so lucky to get a guy like Luke?


Once I woke up again we were definitely still on the plain, but when I turned next to me I saw Luke reading my book awhh. ''Having a nice read there?'' I smiled once I was fully awake and I watched him jump as he closed the book. ''I-i was just making sure it wasn't.. A-anything bad.'' He stammered obviously lying. ''Awww Luke you're such a cutie!'' I poked his nose. ''And where you really?'' I smirked raising an eyebrow.

''No.. I was reading it.'' He blushed and I smiled and planted a kiss on his cheek. ''I love you.'' He whispered and I felt the butterflies in my stomach arrive again. ''I love you too Luke.'' I whispered back and he leaned his head on my shoulder.


I sat on my balcony smiling up at the Eiffel tower. It was so pretty. I was pretty much alone because the boys were... Well who in the world knows where the boys are, performing probably, and all the staffs down there. I wasn't really feeling too good so I just staid in, in need of hot coco. Out of all the days my you know what decides to come. FUCK FUCK A CRAMP! Holy Jesus this pain his horrible.

There was this man and he was walking around in circles just doing nothing and he was severely pissing me off. I'm not kidding the anger was boiling inside of me and this is why boys and girls I hate having a fucking hormonal period! The next thing I knew I was crying about the beautiful view.

You see this is why I would rather be alone.


Once I had taken a nice long bath there was a knock at the door. I walked/ limped over looking through the peep hole and I saw Luke stood with a bag. Hmmm. ''Hey.'' I smiled as we kissed softly shutting the door behind him. ''I guessed what was wrong with you, so I brought you all of this stuff!'' He held up a bag full of Ice cream, chocolate and flowers. ''Oh Luke, you're so amazing. I love you, you really didn't have to.'' I pulled him in for a hug.

''I know I am.'' He winked. ''I love you too, and yes I did have to know where are the spoons- AH!'' Shit what just happened. ''Found them.'' He smiled making me chuckle and shake my head. ''You scared me, I thought you stabbed yourself or something.'' I held my hand on my heart and he just simply smiled. ''I'm fine baby, nothing to worry about.'' He handed me a spoon and we started digging it.

When I say Luke is the best boyfriend EVER I genially mean it! He's sweet, charming, has an amazing personality, get's on with everyone, he's good looking, protective, beautiful, amazing and I just.. Ohhhh. I'm whipped. Dude.

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