I dont care

''Luke.. M-my brother.'' I stuttered as the blonde boys hands traveled down my waist.
''I don't care about your brother...'' His words rolled of his tongue sending shivers down my spine.
I couldn't bare it any longer.. Our lips brushed against each others before he was ripped off me, stood there was non other than my furious brother his self..


27. 27

Jenna's POV

''Oohh fuck youuuu!'' He groaned throwing his self onto the couch. ''What!?!?!?!'' I exclaimed innocently.

''You made me come all this way for nothing, and seriously, you're going out with Luke, you're not going to do anything like that are you?'' He asked. ''No, no Ashton! Please just help me wear something..'' I looked down to see he was in a sulk. Bleh Ashtoonnnnn!

I was a grin form onto his face. ''Ashtoonnn!'' I teased playfully poking his side. ''Ashtonnnn!'' I spoke again and I could see he was fighting back laughter. ''ASHTON!'' I shouted making him laugh. ''Okay, okay but remember I am a boy so I'-''

''Pfft whatever makes you sound manly now go chooooose!'' I pushed him over to the closet full of nice clothes. Don't worry there were no underwear or anything in there. That would just be embarrassing!


''BOOM!'' Ashton pulled off the blanket over the mirror. ''Ashton!'' I gasped. ''I swear you should be a clothes stylist when you're older.'' I wrapped my arms around my brother.

''Don't tell anybody about this will you, I mean pe-''

''Don't worry Ash your secret is safe with me, anyway thank you! So much! You're an amazing brother.'' I hugged him and totally forgot about our past. ''And you're an amazing sister and I believe a certain boy is here for you.'' He looked up as the door was knocked on.

I felt nervous/ excited butterflies as Ashton walked over opening the door for me. Please don't say anything. Please don't.

''You've dressed up pretty nice.'' Ashton grinned lightly punching Luke's arm. ''Thanks.'' He smiled as his eyes landing on me. I saw his half smile appear and I blushed looking down. Luke looked amazing. His hair, clothes, eyes everything. Perfect.

''H-hi.'' He stumbled over his words and took my hand. ''Hey.'' My voice came out as barley a whisper.

''Well you two enjoy your self's, have fun.. But not too much fun.'' Ashton smirked walking out of my room handing me the keys.

''Oh Ash.'' I groaned rolling my eyes playfully.


''You look beautiful.'' Luke whispered tracing his hand on my knee. He was such a gentleman and respected my privacy, if you get me.

''You don't look to bad yourself Mr Handsome.'' After I said they I heard him let out a snort of laughter. ''Mr handsome, great name!''

''But it's true!'' I giggled. ''You're such a cutie.'' He poked my nose and I grinned playfully.

Once we got to the Italian restaurant Luke took my hand and walked me in. He took me up to an empty room which was beautiful! It was all candle lighted and it was in a conservatory which made the moon light shine through sparkling the room which my eyes were engaged to.

''Oh my! Luke it's beautiful!'' I gasped wrapping my arms around his waist and planted a kiss onto his pink, plump lips.

''Like you then.'' He mumbled against my lips. I scoffed lightly and he looked at me. ''It's true.''

''Thanks L-'' He cut me off my kissing my lips. ''Sh.'' He whispered and we walked over to the chairs.


''Haha!'' I laughed lightly as Luke cracked a joke. ''I have the best jokes.'' He winked playfully. ''Of course.'' I smirked back as our two hands laced together. ''Have you liked it tonight?'' He asked nervously. Awh why was he nervous, ''I loved tonight, Luke, I will never forget it, thank you. So much.'' We both stood up and I wrapped my arms around him burying my face into his neck. I en hailed Luke's scent which made me fall 1000000000 x more in love with him than I already had.

Wait did I say love? Well yeah.. I guess it just feel's so.. So right.

''I love you.''Luke's words took my off guard but he spoke what was exactly what was on my mind. I smiled and hugged him tighter.

''I love you too Luke.'' I beamed up at him and I saw him smile happily. I felt so alive and happy and like I could scream off a roof top about my love for Luke Robert Hemmings, it sounds crazy but it's true.

''So where are you taking me now huh?'' I asked as Luke walked me down a path. ''A park. Quick run.'' He smiled as he took my hand and we started running and running, I couldn't take the smile off my face when I was around Luke, it was like.. Puppy love. Haha. I'm being serious, it was really nice how I felt around Luke.

Just as we got outside the park I made a run for the swings followed by Luke. ''The highest wins!'' I giggled swinging my legs back and forth.

''Oh you're on Irwin.'' He smirked getting a head start as he pushed higher off.


''Lukeee!'' I squealed as I fell off onto the floor hurting my ankle. ''Ow!'' I chuckled nervously. ''Shit, are you okay baby?'' He sat next to me. ''I'm fine.. I just fell funny.'' I giggled a little. It didn't hurt a lot but it did a little it's nothing severe.

''I'm carrying you back.'' He picked me up. I immediately felt self conscious. ''I like holding you, you're my baby.'' He smiled and I blushed kissing his cheek.

''But you know it-''

''Sh.'' I laughed at his stubbornness.


''Uh oh ! UH OH!'' Calum's voice echoed. ''Why is he carrying you? Make sure you use this!'' Calum threw a pink packet of condoms at me. ''Ew Calum that's gross!'' Luke flicked the condoms away. ''What having sex with your girlfriend?'' Calum knotted his eyebrows together and I let out a little bit of laughter before Luke put me back down on my feet. ''You okay?'' Luke whispered. ''I'm fine, thanks.'' I whispered kissing his cheek.

''No, no Calum not that, just, ugh.'' Luke laughed awkwardly not knowing what to say.

This boy. This boy has stolen my heart.


Aw! How was that chapter? Don't worry there will be a lot more stuff coming up soooooon!

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