I dont care

''Luke.. M-my brother.'' I stuttered as the blonde boys hands traveled down my waist.
''I don't care about your brother...'' His words rolled of his tongue sending shivers down my spine.
I couldn't bare it any longer.. Our lips brushed against each others before he was ripped off me, stood there was non other than my furious brother his self..


26. 26

Jenna's POV

The Next Morning

''Morning..'' A groggy voice from the side of me made me jump slightly.. I flickered open my eyes to see Luke topless and smiling at me from the side of me.. ''Hiya..'' He planted a soft kiss on my shoulder blade and I smiled lightly remembering Luke was now my boy. It sounds perfect. Jenna and Luke. Luke and Jenna.. Oh god Jenna remember you're a 17 year old not 10!

''Have a good sleep?'' He mumbled wrapping his muscular arms around me as I turned around snuggling into his toned chest, ''amazing... You?'' I kissed his chest a little. ''Same... So-''

''LUKEY- Jenna?!'' Calum exclaimed and we both indicated him to be quiet. ''What are you talki- what....'' Ashton's face dropped and I covered the sheets over my bare body.. Well I had knickers and a bra on.. Calum must of noticed because he winked smirking and I just turned a bright red colour as Luke's arms tightened around me and the bed sheets. ''What's going on here- oh my god! Haha I knew this would happen!!'' Michael pffted before walking straight past munching on some Vegemite toast. Ugh, ew.

''You, get ready, get out of his bed.'' Ash pointed to me furiously, inside I was rolling my eye's so much.. Gawd. ''And you I need to talk to you.'' He snarled at Luke and I felt like punching my brother for once. ''He has a name. Luke is your best mate. Our life's don't effect you Ashton.'' I hissed but he just carried on walking away.

''You better get ready.. He's angry..'' Calum pulled a 'oh shit, you're in for it now' face before walking off the opposite way from Ashton, I think it's best to let him calm down.. ''Are you going to be okay.. Luke don't listen to any shit he gives you. He doesn't mean it, he's your best mate..'' I turned towards my frowning boyfriend.. He looked so sad..

He nodded weakly and I sighed grabbing my clothes from the end of the bunk.. ''Now how are we gonna do this?''


It's been what felt like 2 hours (10 minuets) while Ashton and Luke were talking, I've only heard them raise their voices once or twice, but most of the time me, Michael and Calum where eavesdropping. I know we shouldn't, but I guess it kind of was part of my business..

Luke's POV

I don't want to sound like a pussy for anything but I really don't like what I have to go and do.. I mean Ashton's very.. Muscular and strong.. He has a loud shouting voice.. Alright now I sound like a 5 year old.. But seriously I think I may, well I know I love Jenna.. Even if it's early in the relationship..

''So you two are going out? Since when?''

''Lsat night..''

''You're not going to screw this up are you?'' I was a little offended that he would even think I would do that.

''No. I would never I swear.''

''You better not Hemmings..''

''I won't.. I promise.''

Jenna's POV

Later That Day.

''So you're alright with it?'' I giggled watching Ashton nod his head and fold his arms over his broad chest, I squealed and pulled him in for a hug. ''Yeah, yeah I'm fine.. But.. If he ever-''

''Yeah, yeah Ash I know, I know!''

''Good, just looking out for you.'' He laughed lightly before handing me over towards Luke, ''we should go on a date tonight..'' He whispered in my ear.''

''A date?''

''Yes a date.. When we get to the hotel, make sure you're ready I'll pick you up at 8.''

I felt my heart skip a beat, a date? Oh my god I was so excited!

''I'll be ready!''


In The Hotel Later That Day

Once I had showered, done my makeup and dried my hair I was juts a little puzzled at what too wear.. ''Dammit I need a girl here..'' I murmured out loud. But seriously maybe I could face time someone back in Australia? Nah.. I can't do that, it's like what? 5AM there? If I got Liz, wouldn't that be a bit.. Weird? Calum or Michael? Nah.. Ashton? Nah.. Or... Maybe Ashton.. Hmm..

''ASHTON!'' I screamed down the phone making him gasp loudly, ''what! What's wrong!"

''Get here quickly it's an emergency!''

Alright maybe I was over reacting, but hey! I couldn't find anything to wear!

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