I dont care

''Luke.. M-my brother.'' I stuttered as the blonde boys hands traveled down my waist.
''I don't care about your brother...'' His words rolled of his tongue sending shivers down my spine.
I couldn't bare it any longer.. Our lips brushed against each others before he was ripped off me, stood there was non other than my furious brother his self..


25. 25

Jenna's POV

''Wake up, wake up, WAKE UP!'' My phones alarm screeched. I mentally cursed my self for setting my alarm clock as that I must of screaming/ recording my phone for what must of been an eternity while people stared at me. Yes I was in public. Yes I didn't care if I was making a fool out of my self. It was last year. Thing's change within a year.

I clicked on the button and groaned stretching. I have to sleep on a tour bus tonight. With four rowdy boys. I don't mind them it's just than girls need privacy; I mean one minuet they will be playing on the Ps4 or whatever, the next thing you know they will searching through my luggage!


I stepped out of the bathroom running my hands through my damp hair, god it takes to long to dry!

I wondered around checking under my bed making sure I hadn't forgotten anything and grabbed all my bags checking through them, hey I really have OCD when it comes to this, I mean if I loose something then I'm fucked!

I turned off the TV and dragged my suitcases out into the hall where the boys were. I peered down the hall only to remember that dream. *Shudder* that was horrible. ''Have you got everything?'' Ash asked. ''Yeah, I hope so.'' I replied looking down at my bags. ''Okay well we'll go down to the hall and we'll meet you guys there.'' He shouted back down to the boys who all replied with okay, or see you there.

''Ugh Ash you're squishing me.'' My brother was huddled up against me as he walked into the lift which was small. I hate lifts.

''Oops! Sorry! Anyway I need to talk to you.'' He pressed the main hall button on the wall. I watched as we started to move down from the glass lift he started talking. ''You and Luke.. You're pretty close right?'' Oh no, is this what he's going to talk about.

''Go on..'' I mumbled.

''Remember what I said about no dating? Well.. Jenna I-I mean that.. I hate to do this but what happens if you two have some kind of like argument and make things awkward, Jenna this won't work okay, it may seem easy now but trust me it get's harder.''

''What? Ashton you can't rule my life! And what do you mean 'it get's harder' I don't care, it's me, not you, you can't tell me what to do Ash! I#m fed up of this, and who even said we were going to date anyway?'' I frantically threw my hands in the air as the lift stopped to a holt outside of the floor we were getting off at.

''The hickey's on your neck say something else.'' When his words came out I threw my hands up to my neck. Acca-awkward.

''That's non of your business..'' I hissed dragging my cases out over to some seats.

''I'm your brother.'' He spat back. ''But you're not me, or Luke! So stop interfering Ashton! One minuet you were fine the next your telling me what I can and can't do in my life, I'm sick of it.'' I seethed. He rolled his eyes.

''Fine, but when you're hurt don't expect me to do anything.''

''Whatever.'' I rolled my eyes. This had gone wayyyy to far! I mean me and Luke aren't even dating! He's just so... Ugh sometimes. Stupid brothers. I love him and everything but I wish he would just stop meddling with my life.


On The Bus.

Me and Ashton didn't talk at all. We just sat our separate ways not talking. ''Hey tour buddies.'' Michael popped through the door with his camera making me jump and giggle slightly. He stopped the filming and stood at the doorway. ''What's wrong with you two, come on you need to make up!'' Mike smiled weakly and I sighed.

''Talk to each other, talk, talk, talk, talk.'' I knew Michael's skills. He was going to try and annoy the fuck out of us until we talked.

''Fine.'' We both broke out at the same time.

''Okay, baiii!'' He ran out leaving us. ''What now?'' I asked and he shrugged. ''Are you going to even talk?'' I asked and he shook his head no.

''So childish.'' I mumbled. ''Childish?! I'm the childish one! God Jenna, grow up.''

''Ha I made you talked.'' I cockily spoke and he rolled his eyes. ''But seriously I'll do what I want with my life, I don't need your stupid comments Ashton.'' With that I got up and left to my bunk I would be using for tonight.

''You okay?'' Asked Luke walking over. ''I don't know really..'' Should I tell him what Ashton said?? ''Is it about Ash?'' He sat down across from me on the opposite bunk.

''Yeah, I'm just fed up of him telling what I can and can't do with my life.'' I blurted out. I wasn't one of them people to tell others about my problems, but for some reason I felt like I was able to tell Luke.

''Go on, I'm listening.'' He softly spoke making my heart flutter.

''He keeps on um... He's saying.. Um about us...''

''As in You and I?'' He slowly spoke and I nodded.

''I don't care what your brother thinks okay.'' His voice was all dark and sexy causing a smile to grow on my face.

''Besides he'll have to get used to us together won't he... Wait we're not even together... ''Jenna, will you be my girlfriend?'' His voice wobbled a little making him sound nervous. I felt my heart beat faster and everything suddenly changed from black and white into colour. ''Yes, I will.'' I lightly pecked him and he smiled taking my hand.

I'm his girlfriend. Me! Jenna Irwin! With just an amazing looking guy like this with a perfect personality. Wow.

''He'll just have to us together won't he.'' Luke's words from earlier circled around my mind. Yes he will Luke. Nothing can break us. Not even Ashton. He will just have to get used to us.



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