I dont care

''Luke.. M-my brother.'' I stuttered as the blonde boys hands traveled down my waist.
''I don't care about your brother...'' His words rolled of his tongue sending shivers down my spine.
I couldn't bare it any longer.. Our lips brushed against each others before he was ripped off me, stood there was non other than my furious brother his self..


23. 23

Jenna's POV


Our lips connected, it was perfect just like the one in the door, in fact it was better if that's even possible.. It just felt so.. Perfect and asdfghjk. Okay now I sound like a fangirl, but hey? Who isn't ;)

Our lips were moving in sync and his tongue swiped against my bottom lip begging for entrance, I teased him for a while until he lightly bit down on my lip making me moan giving him chance for his tongue to slip in. Our tongue's fought for dominance while his hands traveled down my back and I ran mine through his tangled wet hair. He began leaving trails of kissed down neck leaving me quietly moaning his name until he moved back up to my lips

''Jenna...'' He moaned. ''Jenna, stop.'' He whispered and I softly pulled apart embarrassed that he didn't like it. ''I'm sorry...'' I whispered. ''No, no it's just that I feel like I rushing you into things, plus the boys are at the door.'' He sighed sadly looking at the door. I heard giggles and footsteps run away and I shook my head laughing.

''It's okay you aren't rushing me into anything..'' I smiled standing up. ''Anyway I better be going.. Oh um.. Thank you for you know.. Saving me.'' I whispered pecking his cheek and I saw a blush appear onto his cheeks and then as I looked down I saw the... Bulge in his pants. Oh god now I'm blushing.

He awkwardly shuffled about and nodded up at me. ''Anytime.'' He winked and I chuckled lightly. ''I'll see you later yeah?'' He asked. ''Yeah sure.'' I smiled and waved before walking out.

As I leaned against my hotel room door I smiled to my self. I couldn't be happier at this moment. I felt like I was... Was in heaven. Wait was I even alive? I pinched my self and jumped after. ''Ow.'' I mumbled rubbing my arm. Yes. Yes I am definitely alive.

Bloody hell.

Once I had taken a shower and got ready I noticed about five hickey's covering my neck! Arhh poop! It was even to much to cover makeup with. Ugh. I tried my best but in the end I just ended up putting on necklaces so they weren't as visible. What happens if Liz see's them? That will be embarrassing.. LOL

While we were sat in the hotel restaurant Luke was sat next to me and I leaned over to him whispering. ''Have you noticed my neck yet?'' I nervously giggled. ''Haha! Yeah I noticed as soon as you sat down.'' He laughed quietly. ''Do you think anybody else has noticed?''

''Only Cal and Mike, Ash probably has but doesn't want to say anything, I don't know my mum though she's too wrapped up in a conversation with the security.'' We turned back to see Liz talking to everyone. Phew. I let out a sigh of relief and nodded.

''Can you see them really bad though?'' I bit on the inside of my cheek. ''I'm not going to lie but you can.'' He snorted with laughter and I sunk into my seat with a smile and embarrassed blush on my face. ''I'm only messing with you, don't worry about it, my mum won't even think about it.'' He smiled rubbing his hand on my lap making shivers run up and down my spine.

After The Boys Show.

So the boys had got ready and showered after their show since they were all sweaty and stuff.. Ew. And anyway they were taking me out clubbing. They gave me a fake ID card! I was honestly shocked but oh well it's not something I haven't done before but don't tell Ashton that.

''Ashton protecttt meeee!'' I hid behind my brother as a gust of wind blew. ''Seriously I can't believe I'm letting you sneak in.'' Ashton laughed and I shrugged smiling.

''But.. But it's cold.'' I fake cried and poked out my bottom lip. ''I'll keep you warm!'' Luke walked over and wrapped his arms around me making me blush. ''Warmer?'' He smiled. ''Yeah thanks.'' I whispered looking up at him and snuggling into him. ''Okay, okay what's going on between you two, I mean first the pool, then the making out, then the hickey's AND now the cuddling huh?'' Michael smirked ticking off almost everything that's happened today.

I pulled a hand to my neck and hid my face into Luke. ''There's nothing going on, we're just friends.'' Luke awkwardly spoke and his grip tightened around me as I felt a little bit of sadness hit when he said we're just friends. Surly there's more than that, I mean friends with benefits? Is that all we'll ever be... Oh.

Once we were in the club we got served some drinks and straight away I began drinking. I got talking to this guy called Shaun, he was nothing else but a friend, he was really funny to talk to as well though. ''Want to dance?'' Shaun asked over all the noise. ''Uh, I don't know I have to meet my friends now..'' I checked the time on my phone to see I was suppose to be with them 5 Minuets ago.

''Well you're my friend for the night, come on let's dance!'' He grabbed my phone but I snatched away feeling a bit freaked out by this guy already. '' I said you're mine..'' He spoke through clenched teeth. I felt a cold hand grab my waist and I gulped scared what was going to happen. All of a sudden I started to feel like I was in a trapped room where I couldn't get out and everything started to get really cold even though I had the sweats and I felt like I was having a panic attack.. Oh shit... I haven't had one in ages. Oh my god, I'm going to die. I'm going to die.

Shaun dashed away from me and I was left stumbling around until I felt a pair of hands on my waist. ''Jenna? What's up? Come on let's go outside!'' Luke's soothing voice made me feel calmer but I was still calmer.

''It's okay you don't have to go back out there, I'm here, I'll stay with you, okay don;t worry everything's going to be fine.'' His reassuring words made my breathing slow down and I felt my dizziness slow down. ''Are you okay?'' Luke wrapped me in a hug.

''S-shaun tried to get me.. I-i had a pa-nic attack.'' I stammered out and I felt Luke's grip tighten when I mentioned 'Shauns'' name.

'' Who the hell is Shaun?'' He hissed. ''It's okay.'' I gulped. ''He's gone now.''

''He better be... I'm taking you back to the hotel.''

''Wha-t no? I-i'm fine, I'm not letting me r-ruin your night out.'' I tried to hide the fact that I was still shook up. There was NO way I was letting Luke take me back to the hotel.

''Babe, I would much more rather spend my night with you than at this slutty club.'' He folded his arms stubbornly. Before I could say anything he spoke again.

''We are going to watch movies, and eat our night away! How does that sound? Oh and how about later we go skinny dipping?'' He smirked. Cheeky.

''Skinny dipping?'' I chuckled lightly. Luke. And I, naked in a pool. I would feel so self conscious. ''Don't worry I won't be able to see you it's dark.'' He smiled and I smiled joining him.

''Now come on.'' He smirked and dragged me over to the bus stop. ''Or we could just spend our night waiting for the bus.'' He shrugged joking as it took ages to come. ''Uh Luke... You know that buses don't even run at this time...''

''In Australia, they don't, it's only in London!'' Just as he said that the empty bus pulled up and the old kind bus driver let us on for free. ''Thank you so much.'' I smiled and he gave me a warm smile as Luke and I took our seats.

''This is nice.'' I whispered as Luke hummed softly rubbing circles on my thigh.

''I know, it's even better because you're with me.'' He whispered planting a kiss on my temple, I felt my self blush and cuddle into his warm body more. I took a deep shaky breath feeling horrible about my panic attack earlier, everybody probably thinks I'm a weirdo and Luke's probably scared by me. I'm ugly when I have panic attacks, oh who am I kidding, I'm ugly anyway.

''Are you okay, you look like you're having war against your self?'' Luke lightly whispered as I felt the warm from his hand against mine. Why was he acting like this all flirty and nice. I couldn't deny anything though... I really liked this time with Luke and I didn't want to cause anymore drama than there already was.

''I'm fine..'' I smiled up at him lightly. Inside I was secretly having a war against myself.

But I need to push this all aside, I'm going to spend this night with Luke and I'm not going to let go of any opportunities.

Luke's POV

I think know I'm in love with Jenna.

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