I dont care

''Luke.. M-my brother.'' I stuttered as the blonde boys hands traveled down my waist.
''I don't care about your brother...'' His words rolled of his tongue sending shivers down my spine.
I couldn't bare it any longer.. Our lips brushed against each others before he was ripped off me, stood there was non other than my furious brother his self..


22. 22

Jenna's POV

''Ay, ay, not dating my arse!!'' Calum grinned nudging me playfully. ''What are you talking about?'' I blushed trying to hide my face. ''We all saw that kiss you know, I think you should date.''

''Oh Calummmm!'' I groaned embarrassed. ''Don't deny it I know you want tooooo!'' He seriously sounded like a 16 year old gossip gurl!

''You sound like a teenage girl.'' I giggled ruffling up his hair. ''Oh bitch please I'm fabulous!'' He scoffed and I chuckled lightly at his silliness.

''Hey, what are you talking about?'' Just the man, Luke Hemmings walked over making me jump. ''Jenna said I was like a teenage girl!'' Calum fake cried and I giggled to myself lightly.

''No comment.'' Luke smirked as I felt his eyes glued on me. ''My own best friend!! Lizzz!'' Calum ran off fake crying again.

''So you.'' Luke kicked the rug a little as we walked up to our rooms. ''Mmmh.'' I hummed in response.

All of a sudden he pressed me against the wall and his lips were hovering over mine. I couldn't hold it anymore I grabbed his T Shirt and pulled him close staring into each others eyes. My eyes fell onto his pink lips before he licked them and just as they attached a door slammed open along with a scream.

''GET AWAY FROM MY CHILDREN!'' This Irish woman screaming pulling two younger kids only about 7 and 4 away along with what looked like a newborn baby. Following the woman was a man who was in his 20's or so with a smashed beer bottle in one of his hands. ''YOUR CHILDREN MAY? I THINK YOU MEAN MY CHILDREN, GIVE THEM TO ME OR I WILL FUCKING KILL YOU!'' The petrified woman's eyes flickered towards me and Luke. ''Please! Please help!'' She begged as the young children squealed in fright.

''Jenna go get the boys I don't want you anywhere near this guy, go GO!'' Luke shouted slightly pushing me. ''I can't lea-''

''Go!'' He cried out and I ran to the end of the hall as fast as my legs would take me screaming for the boys name. First one out was my brother and frantically I tried to scream out words but I was panting to much. Shit I need to get fitter. ''Calm down, calm down what's going on?'' He put a hand on my shoulder and the other two boys started to appear at the door. I pointed down the hall and heard a woman scream. ''This guy! He's drunk! Help!'' I didn't know what to say so I just ran back over where they were all following.

This guy was holding the oldest girl (she only looked about 7,) while holding the bottle up to her little neck. ''No!'' I gasped and I looked around to see Luke ending closer to the man. ''You come any closer and I will kill her!'' The slurred mans voice hissed while Luke took a step back. ''NO!'' The frantic woman screamed. ''Mummy!!'' The little girl sobbed. Oh shit, oh shit... I need to help.

''Jenna, take the kids to the room lock the door and call the police.'' Luke instructed and the woman handed the child and baby to me. At first I was a little unsure but then I remembered all the times I had baby sat for people so I just did what I did then. I took them to my room my heart beating fast for every body stuck with the monster out there. I locked my door and sat the young boy on the couch with the TV and the baby in my arms. She was crying frantically and as I picked up the phone to call the police there was a bang at the door. I dialled 999 even faster and then Luke's voice was clear. ''Jenna! Jenna! Open the door! Quick!'' He cried. The phone rang and in walked everybody including the woman with her little girl.

All of a sudden the drunk guy ran through smashing the glass over my head sending everything to go black..

''NO!'' I screamed jumping back up.

''Jenna? Jenna, baby are you okay?'' Luke spoke. Baby? ''L-luke? What happened?'' I sat up slightly. ''You started to drown, I thought, I thought you were joking, I-i.'' He stuttered at looked down. Wait so that whole kissing and drunk man was a dream?

''It's okay.. It's fine.'' I softly rubbed his hand. ''I'm okay now.'' I soothed him. ''I'm sorry.'' He rubbed his eyes and I sat up to see I was in a hotel room with my hair still damp. Luke was also topless. Ohh lord of all penguins.

That means this didn't happen long ago. Huh. That's odd. Feel's like agessss ago! But I mean that kiss in the dream though... It seems so... Real... How could it of been fake? It's weird! And just felt so... So... Realistic..

''Does anybody else know about.. What happened?'' I asked and he shook his head no. '' I didn't have chance.. Um I had to give you um.. CPR.. And umm I thought it would of been awkward if.. You know..''Awh he was all nervous! I let out a tiny piece of laughter and his eyes caught mine. Lightly he brushed a piece of my hair out of my face and I felt a light blush crawl onto my cheeks.

We then started leaning closer and closer to each other.....

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