I dont care

''Luke.. M-my brother.'' I stuttered as the blonde boys hands traveled down my waist.
''I don't care about your brother...'' His words rolled of his tongue sending shivers down my spine.
I couldn't bare it any longer.. Our lips brushed against each others before he was ripped off me, stood there was non other than my furious brother his self..


21. 21

Jenna's POV

''Hey I think I see her.'' Michael spoke and pointed to a woman with blonde curly medium length hair walking towards us. She was really pretty and kind of had the same face of Luke. That must be Liz his mum, I mean who else could it be? Obama? Haha. No. So anyway we were in Dubai as we had just finished the first half of the flight, the next one we would arrive in England which I am pretty excited for.

''Hiii!'' Luke waved and his mum didn't hesitate to pull him in for a hug and kiss him repeatedly. I mentally awhed and smiled at the mother/son moment. I wish my mum was still here. No. No Jenna don't think like that. Mum will always be with me. I have to remember that.

''Mummmmm!'' Luke groaned from his mothers sloppy kisses. ''Oh Lucas you love me really.'' I love Liz already. She greeted all the other boys before walking over to me. ''And you must be Jenna! Luke's told me a lot about you!'' She smiled and pulled me in for a hug. ''It's nice to meet you Mrs Hemmings. And only good things I hope?'' I chuckled.

''Oh please, call me Liz, and oh yes! Very good things!'' She replied turning to Luke and winking he flushed a pinkish colour and moaned a little. ''Mumm you're embarrassing me!''

''I'm your mum that's my job!'' Oh my mum used to say that to me all the time!

''Flight 102, Dream flight to England now boarding at Gate 6 I repeat Flight 1o2, Dream flight to England now boarding at Gate 6 thank you.'' The woman's voice came over the airport speaker thing and we walked over to Gate 6 before taking our seats again.


At the hotel.

''THERE'S A POOL!'' I shouted as we walked past. ''Ow! I'm right next to you!'' Calum laughed. ''Sorry!'' I giggled feeling all excited after the drinks me and Luke had. ''I'm going innnnnnnnnnnn!'' Luke sang before we got into the lift. ''Right what exactly did you two drink?'' Liz laughed.

''This Dubai drink!'' Luke exclaimed. ''It was called the sugar rush actually!'' I pffffted and Luke bent down whispering something into my ear. ''You should be called the sugar rush.'' His voice came out seductive and I could feel my blush creep onto my cheeks and this was bad since his mum and my brother was in the same lift as us. ''Wait are you two dating?'' His mum asked and I mentally cursed, did she hear what Luke just said?

''N-no, we're just friends.'' I awkwardly chuckled at Luke's mischievous grin from next to me.

''Hmmmm.'' Liz smirked and oh god was I embarrassed!


At The Pool.

I was sat in my green rubber ring while Luke span it around in circles. I let out a shriek as Luke jumped on top of me so he was laid across my belly and he grinned up at me as we continued so spin around in circles. We slowly started to slow down and I was all dizzy! ''Ugh. So. Dizzy!'' I chuckled and Luke grinned pushing me off the float. ''Lukeee!'' I stuck out my bottom lip playfully and laughed splashing him.

He hit loads of water back at me and I ducked under water to prevent him from doing so. I don't get why though I mean if I was under water I was going to get even more soaked. Maybe I could pull a few pranks or so.

I stayed under for as long as I could before Luke tugged me up to the surface. ''Jenna! Jenna!!!'' His voice came out panicked and I felt a small smile appear on my face. ''I guess I'll have to give you CPR huh?'' His voice was more calm and full of lust. I didn't move but in my head I was begging him to do so. I felt him sit me up on the pool side and press his lips up against mine.

After maybe 2 seconds or so I wrapped my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck. His hands rested on my waist as our lips moved in sync. ''I've been wanting to.... Kiss.. You... For so... Long.'' Luke moaned out against my lips. His words were muffled from kissing but I could still understand.

I didn't reply just deepened into the kiss. God was I enjoying this. The kiss was so romantic and I didn't want it to end, but everything has to end soon. Our kiss broke apart and our heads leaned against each other. ''We should go find the others now.'' He whispered hit hot breath tickling me.

''Yeah, but I think they've already found us..'' I giggled lightly to see three heads popping up from the balcony. ''Ugh.'' He scoffed playfully and I chuckled.

I was still love struck by the kiss, so nothing was clear to me, never mind thinking!!


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