I dont care

''Luke.. M-my brother.'' I stuttered as the blonde boys hands traveled down my waist.
''I don't care about your brother...'' His words rolled of his tongue sending shivers down my spine.
I couldn't bare it any longer.. Our lips brushed against each others before he was ripped off me, stood there was non other than my furious brother his self..


17. 17

Jenna's POV

''HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!'' The three boys finished the last line of 'happy birthday.' Yes. Only three. Luke's been blanking me, again. I'm seriously fed up of it and I have started to know my feelings towards him. I definitely like him. A lot. And there is no denying that. It's weird though, I've felt like crying because when he's not around I feel so... Lonely. I don't like it.

But you know what? I'm not going to let him ruin my birthday.

'' I still can't believe you're 17!'' Ashton spoke messing up my hair. ''Well I still can't believe that you're turning 20 this year!'' I chuckled swatting his hand away.

''WHY DO WE HAVE TO GET OLDER!'' Michael screamed making me jump. ''Michael!'' I laughed. ''The whole of Australia probably heard that.''

He shrugged playfully and then Luke walked through. ''We're leaving to England in two days.'' He brushed past me sending shivers down my spine and I gulped stepping forward away from him.

''Yeah, but as for now we're going to PAR- TAY!'' Calum shouted the last word making me chuckle. Loads of my friends are going to this big hall area where we're having a party. I'm still not legal to drink, but hey. What's a party without a little booze? It's not like we're going to get wasted or anything, I mean I actually have never been drunk before. Or tipsy. But shhh. I'm not telling anybody that.

That Night.

''HEY!'' I shouted over the noise to see my friend Lola.


'' THANKS!'' I chuckled and my friend Jake jumped over throwing his arms over our shoulders. '' I LOVE THIS PARTY!'' He shouted and I chuckled. He had obviously been drinking a bit. You could smell it on him.

''HAVE YOU BEEN DRINKING?'' Lola asked into his ear.

''YES! HERE TRY SOME OF THIS!'' He reached over to a table and handed us two blue shots.

I smelt it before I tasted it, and it was a bad idea because it burnt my nose leaving me choking. ''Ew! What the hell is this!'' As I turned towards my two friends they were already chugging it down. I shrugged and let the burning sensation crawl down my throat.

At first it tasted horrible but I got used to it and after a while I had about three and I felt so... Alive. Like I had never felt like this in my life. All the pain in my history had gone and I felt like I could fly!

A certain blonde boy caught my eye, and I totally forgot we had a bad history for the past few days.

''Lukeeeeeeeeeeeyyyy!'' I giggled putting my hand on his chest running his down his stomach. I was totally unaware at what I was doing.

''Come dance with meeee!'' I squealed and I didn't even look at his facial expression before dragging him onto the dance floor.

I started dancing around and laughing and I felt him all stiff and worried. ''Slack down! It's okay!'' I grinned and I saw him let out a smile. We started dancing and grinding on each other. Like I said. I was totally unaware at what I was doing.

''Why don't we go somewhere else?'' Luke asked and I grinned as he took my hand.


That was the last thing I remember from the night. Nothing else was clear to me and I woke up with a pounding headache. When I sat up I was the only person in my bed thankfully, with still my clothes from last night on. As I looked around a black Nirvana top sprawled across my floor. Holy shit? That's not mine... That's... That's.. Lukes!!

What. What. What.

What the hell did we do? Oh no, oh no, this is really bad.

I felt my breathing get faster as I looked around and saw a glass and tablets next to me on the table. Oh thank the lord or whoever left this here for me. As I picked up the water I noticed a little white note with scruffy hand writing on it.

Jenna, I'm probably in the kitchen while you're reading this ~Luke

The kitchen? Well I'm not going out looking like this.

I quickly took a shower changing and I saw Luke with his head on the island asleep. He was topless as well.

''Luke?'' I lightly asked walking over to him. Poor thing must be knackered. ''Luke.'' I asked again and put a hand on his shoulder. He gasped and jumped up. ''Oh! Hi! Sorry.''

I let out a weak smile and noticed he looked like he was in pain. I gave him some water and tablets before sitting across from him. I couldn't help but notice the hickey trails down his neck. Had I left them? What the hell did we even do last night?

''W-what... What happened last night?'' I stammered.

''We.. We uh...'' Don't say it. Please don't say it. ''We didn't do it did we?'' I nervously asked.

''No, no, no! I couldn't take advantage of you like that. We just got... Carried away... I didn't let us do anything more that..''

I let out a sigh of relief. ''Thank you so much Luke.''

''No problem.. Anyway aren't you a... Um a... You know a virgin..'' His last word was quieter and I felt a red blush crawl onto my cheeks. ''Yes..'' I mumbled quietly. ''Oh.. And um I'm sorry about.. You know the other day..'' He awkwardly said and a small smile formed on my lips.

''It's fine... Oh shit!''

''What! What is it?''

''Ashton!! He's going to be crazy if he-'' Just on cue the door opened and in walked a clumsy Ashton. ''Get under!'' I quickly whispered and Luke crawled under the table thing.

Please don't get caught, please don't get caught!

''Heyyaaaaa! How was your birthday?'' My brother asked. ''Crazy, great, so many things!'' I blabbered out.


''Nothing? Why?'' I quickly belted out.

He gave me a funny look. ''I-i mean.... Just sitting around.. Being 17.'' I winked mimicking one of Harry Styles tweet.

He rolled his eyes playfully. ''You're and Irwin. Not a Styles.'' Phew.

''Haha, whatever.'' I chuckled it off. I remembered Luke was dangerously close to Ashton's feet. Quick. Quick. Think!

''Ashton!!'' I exclaimed making him drop his apple. Shit! Shit! SHIT!

I quickly ran over picking it up and handing it back to him before he could say anything. ''Ew!'' He held it by the tips of his fingers. He walked over to the bin and just as he did Luke let out a quiet sneeze. I closed my eyes and threw my hand over my mouth making it look like I sneezed.

''Bless you. Anyway why are you acting so weird? Where you drinking last night?'' He narrowed his eyes.

''Me? I'm not acting weird? And only a little why?''

''Hmmm...'' He hummed and walked over to my bedroom. ''Why are you going to my bedroom?'' I asked quickly running in front of him. Luke's top was still in there! CRAPOLA!

''You're hiding something from me.'' He pushed past me and barged into my room. I turned around and frantically pointed for Luke to run. Which he did. Not before stumbling a little. I let out a little chuckle and followed Ashton. ''What the fuck. Jenna.'' His voice came out angry and confused.

''W-what?'' I knew he had seen it.

''This is Lukes??... Look I know you had something going on but you slept with each other? What the fuck?''

''No, no, no, no! We didn't sleep together! Ash really!'' I jumped trying to snatched the clothing out of his hands.

''Don't lie to me. I'm going to beat that little shit!'' He stormed past me despite my pleads and cries for him to stop.

Slamming the door against the wall it was already clear that he had caught every bodies attention. The first person that caught my eye was Luke. Ashton marched over to him but I quickly jumped between the two. ''What the FUCK were you doing SLEEPING WITH MY SISTER?'' My fuming brother totally ignored me and tried to throw a punch at Luke.

I grabbed his fist and Ashton flared his nostrils glaring at me before snatching his hand off me.

''What! We didn't sleep together!'' Luke's confused expression stared back at Ashton.

''Well why was your SHIRT THERE?'' He started to raise his voice making me wince.

He pushed me off and the next thing I knew Ashton's fist came in contact with Luke's panicked face....

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