I dont care

''Luke.. M-my brother.'' I stuttered as the blonde boys hands traveled down my waist.
''I don't care about your brother...'' His words rolled of his tongue sending shivers down my spine.
I couldn't bare it any longer.. Our lips brushed against each others before he was ripped off me, stood there was non other than my furious brother his self..


16. 16

Jenna's POV

''I can't believe I agreed to this.'' I mumbled as we pulled up to the top of the bungee jumping. Yes. The boys were taking me bungee jumping. ''Well there's no turning back now.'' Michael grinned nudging me as I jumped a little closer towards him scared from the drop. ''It's alright, I've got you.'' Luke smiled as he wrapped his arms around me. I smiled lightly and brushed a piece of my hair out of my face.

''To be honest I'm a little scared too..'' He chuckled nervously. I was kind of glued to the ground, or I hoped I was, I mean what happens if I trip or something.

Luke's hot minty breath sent shivers down my spine as I let out an awkward chuckle, oh Jenna, stop being so awkward!

''Right, Jenna, if you come right this way we will start strapping you up.'' The instructor smiled and I felt nervous butterflies erupt into my stomach. ''I'm right behind you, remember that.'' Luke mumbled before the nervous feeling was filled with the ones you get when you're around the person you like.

Oh here we go.


''I hate you. I hate you all.'' I gasped as we walked back over to the car. ''Oh but you love us really, anyway did you see your face! You shit yourself!'' Ashton laughed and I rolled my eyes.

''Well wouldn't you if someone told you that there rope had snapped?'' I laughed.

''Knowing Ash he would probably laugh.'' The cute blonde boy, otherwise known as Luke, came up between us two. ''Shut up.'' Ashton grumbled giggling and messing up his hair.

''Hey!'' He swatted his hand away before walking next to me. ''Anyway you should of heard what Luke was saying!'' Calum laughed and Luke's head shot over to the boy. ''Why? What happened?'' I laughed as Michael fell over a piece of grass and I gave him a hand up.

''I didn't say anything!'' Luke exploded out. ''Yeah, yeah I heard it too!'' Ashton walked in front of us turning to face us. I would laugh if he fell or crashed into anything.

''You totally panicked and you looked like you were about to cry, and then you kept of saying you loved her, and then you found it was only a joke and you hid away like you said nothing!''Ashton spoke and I felt a blush crawl onto my face. ''You're lying!!'' Luke exclaimed. Okay I don't know what's going on right now, but is it true? That he said that he loves me? Or is Ashton lying. Something inside of me was hoping he actually liked me.

''You did!!!'' Calum teased him. ''Shut up!'' Luke grumbled. ''Guys stop.'' Michael spoke. ''So do you love her?'' ASHTON! GRRR! I'm right next to him... I didn't really know what to do. ''I'll.. Um meet you guys in the car.'' I awkwardly shuffled in. ''Yeah me too...'' Michael said.

They were all outside of the car having a discussion while Mikey turned up the radio. ''You know what he said was true... Just don't tell him I said that, he wanted to tell you himself, and is he found out I said anything he would blow up. But Jenna he does love you.'' As soon as Michael spoke up I felt my heart pounding faster and faster in my chest. ''L-luke loves me?'' I said exactly what was on my mind.

Michael nodded once more before the boys opened the car door. ''We're only messing around with him Jenna.'' Calum smiled but I could tell he was lying. I decided to go along with it and pretend Michael didn't say anything. I nodded and smiled a little looking towards Luke who had his head hung low.


''What the hell?'' I murmured as I noticed one of my favorite pictures had gone. You see it was one with me and a group of my friends on. That included Jed and Skylar. Don't ask me why I kept it, it just held so many memories especially from the ones with my real friends in that haven't betrayed me.

The last time I saw it was when the boys were here. This morning to pick me up for Bungee jumping. That was easily 9 hours ago. I felt my self starting to panic. It was my favorite picture! Okay it might not mean much but as well as my real friends in... Its.... It's the only picture with Jed I have left as well. I know it's so wrong to keep it but I can't help it. I miss him... And seeing that picture... I just don't know..

I decided I would go ask the boys if they had seen it. Once I knocked only Luke answered. ''Hey.'' He gulped. ''Hi Luke, uhm is anybody else in?'' I asked. ''Nope it's just me, do you need anything?'' He smiled.

''Um.. Yeah.. I lost this picture.. Um of me and a group of my friends... I was wondering if any of you had seen it..'' I looked up at Luke's who's eyes went wide before he cleared his throat and didn't make eye contact with me. ''O-oh... That one.. U-um with your boyfriend in?'' He stammered leaving me more and more suspicious at where it was.

''Yeah that one..'' I narrowed my eyes together slightly. ''Have you seen it?'' I asked. ''N-no w-why. I-i mean. I-I haven't, l-look you better go I-i have to um.'' Before he finished the sentence he started closing the door and I knew he had something to do with it.

''Why are you so nervous?''

''I'm not nervous!''

''Yes you are you keep on stammering Luke, look if you have seen it just please tell me.''

''Why does it mean so much with you? All it is, is you and your cheating ex kissing in the middle of a load of people.''

''Well Luke maybe that's because they're my friends.'' I paused for a moment. ''So you have seen it?''

''Yes I have! Okay Jenna, I have the picture, but you-''

''You stole it from me!!!'' I exclaimed. ''No! No!''

''Then why the hell did you have it?'' I hissed.

''Jenna! Look-'' He cut his self of a little. ''All that pictures going to do is remind you of your ex, it's like you want to see him all the time..'' His voice died down as I stayed silent.

''You still like that ass don't you?'' As Luke's words spilled out I suddenly felt really angry. ''Just give me the picture.''

''You don't need it!'' He hissed. ''Just give ME the picture.'' I repeated my self.

''No.'' He folded his arms. ''Luke! That picture means so much to me, why can't you just give me it?'' I felt like crying.

''Jenna, you need to move on, get rid of him completely from your life, you deserve someone else.''

He opened his mouth again to speak before taking my hands. My head hung low as I felt sobs coming my way.

''If I could give you the picture.. I would... But I can't.'' His voice was barley a whisper and my head shot back up again.

''Why? What's happened to it?'' I asked.

He didn't reply to me, just stared at his feet. ''Luke. I said what have you done with it?''

''Burnt it.'' He mumbled and I pushed his hand off mine. ''You WHAT!?!'' I screeched in hysterics. A single tear fell down my face. ''You BURNT IT!''

''Look! Jenna! I'm so sorry okay! I got jeal-''


''LOOK JENNA YOU NEED TO MOVE ON FROM HIM! HE'S NOTHING! YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL, AMAZING AND YOU'RE TO INNOCENT FOR HIM YOU NEED SOMEONE ELSE! SO MANY PEOPLE WOULD KILL TO BE WITH YOU, AND YOU JUST DON'T SEE THAT! OH AND ALSO ONE OF THEM PEOPLE is me..'' His sharp voice engaged me in his dark blue eyes which had turned the colour of a dangerous dark murky blue ocean. His few last words were so quiet and left me shocked.

He turned around and walked back into the apartment but I lodged my foot into the door before he could close it. ''Luke.'' I put my two fingers under his chin and slammed my lips against his. He didn't hesitate to kiss back and we were in the middle of a heated make out session until he pulled apart walking away. ''I can't.. I've been such an ass to you.. I'm sorry.'' I was left with my mouth gaped open and that craving feeling of his lips on mine again..


Oohhh what's going to happen, and WHO SHIPS #JUKE???

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