It is about a grandma who shoulders many responsibilities out of her deep love for the family.


1. Grandma

The little lady with sharp nose and bright eyes

alas! slipped on basement steps!

911 flashed by, sped the lady to ER;

the whole house in big turmoil.


Mama burst in tears, her head in her hands,

papa distressed and frustrated,

the little kids in both his arms

screamed and struggled.


Nobody knows at home

how things will run with out grandma;

the solid grand old pillar

bore the weight on her tiny shoulders.


Young Nanny confused more than ever

a sinking ship with out sail,

ran hither and thither

every thing upside down!


The strong willed little lady,

made it in a month, her leg in bandage,

came back pushing walker

and soon hopping on her stick.


Weak in body but strong in mind,

up she rises at the crack of dawn,

brush, bathe and pray;

an energetic star on household horizon.


Hurrah! the whole house alive again!

mama's lovely laughter,

papa's winsome whistles,

Nanny's low humming tunes. 


Order restored in every body's life,

farewell kisses, gone mom and dad,

loving hugs lingered,

grandma back from play school-

 rushed for unfinished tasks.


Pitter patter of four  tiny feet,

Elsa and Teddy bear in tight hugs,

little girl's dancing feet kissed the floor,

little boy's blocks jumped all over.

All hullabaloo-loud laughter and wild music!.


Art classes and science lab,

Piano lessons and fairy tales,

Tennis practice and Soccer games,

Wow! every thing back to normal

and grandma behind!

`And joy and relief in mom and dad's busy schedule.`


Soft and low,lovely tunes on Piano,

eyes missed nothing around,

the grand old queen back on her throne,

ruled her kingdom in calm and composure.


Duty with zeal,

love for the family,

guidance for grand kids, 

zest for life!

`That is grandma all over!`


p.s.`The value of Normalcy- when restored back in our lives.`


(Dedicated to my sister-in-law, `Satya`-Grandma The Great`.)




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