they say opposite attracts. is it true? we were different but same. but will it last? this is how Caleb fell in love in Lola


3. still not over you

-Four years later


i stood in my elevator and walked out to the nearest starbucks. i needed coffee badly. it was beautiful morning in New York and i needed my Morning cafe after the meeting was finally over. if you didn't know. i run my own business what i created with my good friend Tony back in College. and it was going well. who was i kidding it was the top of the country and i was making pretty good money. the coffee shop was full of people and trying to find to spot to sit after i got my coffee. i walked on someone or i mean she walked on me but so my cafe went all over her shirt and my suit. "shit." i groaned as she said. "oh my god, i'm sorry." familiar voice spoke. she lifted her head up from her shirt and gasped as her eyes met mine. she still looked same. of course she had grown and lets just say she had turned to beautiful woman even that she was pretty hot back college. but she was just curvier and lets just say it took my breath away like she always did. "omg." she quietly said. "Caleb?" she asked. "Lola." i said. "i have to go." she said but i crapped her hand. "no way you are running away again." i said softly. "oh Caleb." she said. "where did you go." i asked. "i had to go." she said. "where? why you left me like that? you know how much i liked you." i said. "don't say that it didn't hurt me. but i couldn't stay. i just couldn't take it anymore." she said. "take what?" i asked. "its long story." she said. "i have time." i said. "yeah right." she said. "Lola. don't you understand. you are the reason why dating every girl was so freaking hard cause i always though of you. and how i missed you. i missed you like hell. no one compares to you. and knowing that you left without telling why and where. i lost you." i  said. she was quiet only looked me. "it's been four years." she said. "are you over me? tell me? don't you feel anything. if you don't i will let you go." i said. "i don't feel anything." she said. "you don't? what if i do this?" i asked and kissed her. her hand crapped my suit pulling me closer as she kissed me back. i couldn't help but smile against her lips. even that it was four years. four freaking years. the tingling feeling what she gave me jumped back to my stomach. "gosh how i have missed your lips." i groaned. and she giggled.  


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