they say opposite attracts. is it true? we were different but same. but will it last? this is how Caleb fell in love in Lola


1. messed up

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Caleb                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               As i entered to empty sports hall guys were still at locker room. our teacher was carrying basket balls to hall and left we still had 10 minutes and then our period would start. the noise from further locker room told that girls were also here. they were always so loud. in our class weren't so many girls that would be my type. but i liked Lola she was different from others and she wasn't trying so hard. you know many of girls acts differently around guys than they act around their friends. they try so hard to be cute and the tone of their voice turns to girly talking. but Lola isn't like that. someone opened the door from girls locker room. "gosh its like zoo in there!" i heard familiar voice groan as she closed the door. she saw me and Jack standing there and gave small smile. "hey boys." she said as she walked closer. "you have basketball?" she asked as she noticed the balls. "yeah." i said. "cool, we have Volleyball. it's boring." she said and took basketball. "Volleyball is fun." Jack said. "it is okay, but it's boring cause everyone just stands so there is no sense to try." she told as she made her way to basket. i took basketball and followed her. she drew the ball to basket like a pro she never failed a shot. "you are pretty good." Jack said. "nah." she said. soon we heard giggling and talking. "hey Caleb." Susan purred as she walked over me."hey." i said sounding bit rude. "Uum, Lola, we have volleyball." Susan snapped. her voice was so different when she talked to me or to girls. "i know." Lola said with duh voice. "then why do you have basketball?" she said. "you aren't my mum i don't need to explain you everything i do." Lola groaned. "what is happening here?" Evelyn and Annie walked over to Susan. "Shes turning to guy,again." Susan blabbed. "shes turning to guy,again." Lola mocked with silly girly voice and i laugh. "shes so annoying." Lola said as she put the basketball back when their teacher came. "yeah." i agreed. "see you Cal." Lola waved as she run to other side where their teacher was. as boys played basketball and girls played Volley ball at the other side of the hall i looked Lola occasionally.  Susan was at same team with her. and when i waved to Lola i saw Susan glare Lola after that Lola was trying to hit the ball and Susan looked her and i saw evil smirk appear to her face and she tackled Lola with force and Lola fall on the ground. "what the fuck?" Lola yelled looking Susan who smiled evilly as Lola Groaned on the floor. "didn't see you there." Susan said. "no you did that on purpose!" Lola said. "what happened?" their teacher asked as she walked to them. "Susan Tackled me." Lola said. "No i didn't. i was trying to hit the ball but she was on way." Susan said. "is that what happened?" Teacher asked from other girls."yeah, that's what happened. Susan didn't do that on purpose. what the hell? "that is bull shit,all of us know that she wouldn't ever try to hit the ball cause her manicured nails would be ruined,she cant even play she just stands." Lola said. "i tried. shes lying." Susan said giving sad face to teacher."Enough. Lola behave and say you are sorry to Susan." Their teacher said."what the hell?! i'm not saying sorry for that bratty lying bitch." Lola said. "LOLA SAY YOU ARE SORRY." Their teacher said angrily. "you know what? fuck this shit!" Lola said and stormed of. when the teacher left i saw Susan laughing with the others. girls were mean. Susan was a bitch. gosh. after the class ended and it was the last class so i changed quickly and got out. i saw Lola standing outside. she looked different. usually she was really positive person and didn't care about Susan. but she looked really serious as she stood further with some older guys and girls. she looked sad and depressed. i always saw her as strong person, but maybe i was wrong. she was human too not some emotionless robot. "yeah,shes a fucking bitch, i will so rip her fake blonde hair out of her." some girl said."no need." Lola said. her voice was cold and harsh. i really felt sad for her. and it made me angry to see her hurt. "i'm just tired of this shit." Lola said. and put her hand over her mouth and put the cigarette between her lips and breathed the poison out of her lungs. was she smoking? i hate smoking. i really though she would be better than that. i was athlete,smoking was bad. her eyes met mine and her face changed, she noticed my staring and looked me and bite her lip and looked away. like she was ashamed and like i wasn't there. "Lola will you come over?" Some guy asked for her."yes i will, Logan." she said her voice wasn't so sad. i didn't like the happiness in her tone as she said 'Logan' . her friends were year older and they were known as the schools kings they were the cool guys. "there she is." Lola said. as i saw Susan walking with Annie and Evelyn. "awwn here you are Lola you stormed of like little kid." Susan smirked evilly. "eew who are you? Don't you ever dare to touch my girl again." The Logan guy spatted as he took few steps towards Susan and gave her the meanest glare. "you are so in deep shit. bitch! you fucking stupid bitch, if i ever hear that you have touched Lola again, i will fucking kill you." Some girl screamed to Susan who looked like she had just shitted in her pants. "you messed with the wrong person bitch!" other girl said. "it's enough, Tasha she isn't worth it." Lola said to her friend. "can you give me cigarette?" Lola asked from Logan. "sure babe." he said giving her a cigarette. was they together. i felt jealously shoot through my veins. did i like Lola? no i can't she wasn't my type. she was far away from it. you two are from different worlds. 


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